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Share IT review would show how this platform is a legit scam. However, the internet has a mixed reviews of this platform. You can not ignore many other red flags of the platform, which are lacking in most other reviews. 

Now, before we go into the platform details, let us first understand what we should look for to know about scammy platforms. 


  • You will struggle to find the legit owners of the company. 
  • No certifications or licenses are available. 
  • They constantly persuade you to deposit money. However, you will not find any wallet where your amount will be deposited. 
  • No educational material is available on how the site operates. 
  • You would not find any withdrawal methods or charges for withdrawing. 
  • The online chat system is slow and would not accurately answer your queries.

What is

They claim is a broker that trades on your behalf with zero commission. Furthermore, they claim that for a transaction to occur, it takes a millisecond that is fast execution, along with a secured broker. However, we will get into details of how secured they are later in the article. 

They have provided a wide range of investment assets like Forex, Bonds, Shares, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Indices, and Commodities. Review

Scam Alert!

They have mentioned these investment assets, but you will not find an answer to “How to deposit these assets?.” To even know this basic information, you will have to register yourself. What’s the point of registering when you do not even know what they do. Another thing that looks weird is that they provide no information on verification. No KYC and no asking for documents. Why? Is a legit question here. 

If we go by the reviews of people and users who register themselves, they are constantly called and persuaded to deposit money. So therefore, a big NO here. Review: Assets

As you can see in the image above, they have multiple investing assets. In addition, the platform shows a complete chart on the webpage of the investment instrument, buying, selling, change, day range, and a 6H trend. But the charts look not so accurate, and as I mentioned earlier, it gives you a whole vibe of being a replica. Assets assets

Scam Alert!

You click on any investing asset or the 6H chart, and they take you to the trading page, and a screen pops up for depositing money. Have a look at the image above. You will be constantly asked to deposit money. Whether you want to learn about an asset or want to see the charts. No matter what, whether you sign-up or go to the trading page, this screen pops up. 

The constant asking of the deposition of money is a red flag and must be given thought before investing. Scam scam Review: Trading Tools

Trading Platform

The broker ClickTrade lets you choose between two trading platforms. Web Trader and Meta Trader 5 are the two platforms. Both of these platforms are available on both Windows and Mac. In addition, you can also access these platforms on Mobile(Android). 

On Webtrader, you get the following benefits:

  • Charting options to suit all trading strategies
  • Various layout choices
  • Streaming live quotes for instant decision making
  • Modern and easy to use interface
  • Negative balance protection
  • Risk management tools
  • Extensive range of analysis tools
  • Key statistics available for all trading instruments

On Meta Trader 5, you get the following benefits:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly trading platform
  • Diverse execution modes and order types are available
  • 2000 plus free custom indicators
  • Multiple time frames options
  • Multi-window views and watchlist
  • Up to 10 charts at the same time
  • Live market updates and rice alerts
  • Lightning-fast trade execution speed
  • Highly customizable tools  

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Scammy Alert!

Both of these platforms differ in terms of spreads. There is a high probability that the platform is manipulating you to pick a platform they want you to pick. As a result, prices may be controlled and corrupted. 

And finally, anywhere on the platform, you click on the screen, you will find the pop-up asking to make a deposit. Review: Accounts

There are three kinds of accounts that you can choose for yourself. Accounts are as follows:

  • Essential: Fit for beginners
  • Original: Trader’s choice
  • Signature: Best for experts

Benefits that you can expect from these accounts:

  • WebTrader platform access
  • Support from Monday to Friday 6:00 AM GMT to 01:00 GMT
  • Demo Account
  • Daily market reviews & financial research
  • Daily analyst recommendations 
  • Full access video library
  • Dedicated account representative: You get two days/week for essential accounts. While for original and signature, you get three days/week and five days/week.  
  • Open access to research: Essential accounts do not get access to this feature
  • Special trading conditions: Available only for signature accounts
  • Trading central: Available only for signature accounts
  • One-to-one meetings with the account representative: Available only for signature accounts

Scammy Alert!

When you click on “open account,” you expect a screen with instructions for opening an account. Maybe a screen that asks for your personal details, deposition information, and so on. However, this is not the case here. Instead, you click, and you are directly taken to the same trading page, and the same screen of depositing money pops up. 

You will fail to understand how to open an account. It is important to note that a legit platform ensures that its user understands the basic procedures. And successfully create an account. All they constantly do is ask you to deposit money. Review: Trading Central

The platform provides a product called trading central, which is a dynamic and efficient product. The product helps in providing technical indicators for a wide range of investment assets like shares, commodities, indices, forex, ETFs, and bonds. 

The platform also talks about the features of Trading Central, and we have listed them below:

  • Fully integrated into our platform
  • Independent support from third parties
  • Fundamental analytics on popular CFD instruments
  • Mobile friendly

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Scammy Alert!

The entire webpage on this product talks about the product Trading Central. However, you will not be able to connect how this will work on the platform. Furthermore, it does not look like it is their product. Instead, it looks more like a landing page of Trading Central. Nowhere are they talking about the collaboration between Trading Central. If not collaboration, they do not even talk about how these will be incorporated into the platform. 

There is a lack of information. And, just like other pages, this page, too, takes you to the redundant trading page. And asks you to deposit money. Review: Economic Calendar

The platform maintains an economic calendar that shows all the bank holidays of different countries. 

Scammy Alert!

Not much scammy can be traced here. But again, there is no useful information provided about the calendar. You will not find answers to questions like “what is the purpose of this calendar?.”

And finally, upon asking about this on the live chat, I did not receive a satisfactory answer. Review: Other Trading Tools

There are two other trading tools like weekly CFD expiration rollover and trading conditions

You will find all the investment instruments available on trading conditions: spread, spread type, leverage, trading hours, minimum trade size, swap-long, and swap-short. 

While weekly CFD expiration rollover helps in switching from an expiring futures contract to a new one through the weekly rollover. 

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When I started to look for its security and safety protocols, I found out that they provided considerable legal documents content. And it is difficult to read all of it as a casual user, and this is a point to think about. This overwhelming information is not required. They can directly talk about the license and certifications to build trust. 

You will find pages on legal documents, as I talked about in the earlier paragraph, and then you will also find pages about privacy policy and risk disclosure. But you will not find a page or even a portion of the page dedicated to security or how the platform is a secured broker. Isn’t safety the biggest concern for every single user?

The interface and landing pages of ClickTrades lack information on security and trust. No license or certifications are available. Furthermore, there is no talking about acquiring a license in the future. 


The platform is a scam. Although parts of the interface may look legit, however, the most crucial concern is money and when you do not find answers to the safety of your money, then this is definitely a red flag. No matter how many good resources they give you, you must rethink the platform if you fail to understand the procedure.  All they emphasize on the deposition of money. But what happens with your money when you deposit? There is a huge gap of information there. You will find no how-to guides about the procedures. Which again leads to confusion and reflects a lack of trust-building patterns. 

Another significant and worth mentioning factor is the support system. The platform fails to answer your queries accurately. Undoubtedly, the biggest drawback.   

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is ClickTrade legit?
  • No, ClickTrade is not a legit platform. The interface is a replica and has confusing information. In addition, there are no safety protocols followed to protect your money. Therefore, it is safe to avoid ClickTrade. 

  • Is ClickTrade good for beginners?
  • No, ClickTrade is not suitable for beginners. It is riskier for beginners because of a lack of educational information.  

  • Does ClickTrade have a wallet?
  • No, ClickTrade does not have a wallet.

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