Zignaly vs BotCrypto vs Margin.de

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This article will go through three different crypto trading bots platforms Zignaly vs BotCrypto vs Margin.de, their features, and how to pick the ideal one for your automatic crypto trading.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Zignaly provides several crypto signal-finding facilities, each with vastly differing levels of functionality to help different traders.
  • Margin.de is a crypto trading bot that supports over Seventeen crypto trading platforms.
  • More than sixty free trading strategies are available in the Botcrypto store to help novices get started.
  • Zignaly provides free trading bots for your trading strategy.
  • Margin.de offers four different subscription plans starting from $15 per month.
  • BotCrypto has a free plan and three premium subscription plans starting at 9.99 euro per month.

Crypto Trading Bots

The crypto industry has exploded in recent years, and 2020 may have been the strongest year yet for all major crypto assets, particularly Bitcoin. On the other hand, manual trading is challenging to maintain in a market that is exceedingly volatile and busy around the clock. Manually tracking price fluctuations, executing trades, and generating consistent profits has become nearly tricky. As a result, traders are increasingly turning to automated trading platforms that include various features to make trading more convenient.


Zignaly is a new automated trading platform that has sprung into the cryptocurrency trading bot landscape. The cloud-based platform offers a variety of crypto signal finding services, with different levels of automation to accommodate customers of varying degrees of competence.

Users may have their trades automated, integrate other people’s trading techniques with their own, or create and automate their trading techniques from the ground up. When you add in the fact that Zignaly is entirely free to use and doesn’t take a share of your winnings, you’ve got yourself a formidable tool for increasing your crypto trading earnings.

Zignaly Vs Botcrypto Vs Margin.de: Zignaly
Zignaly vs BotCrypto vs Margin.de: Zignaly


Margin.de is a bitcoin trading bot that works with 17 different cryptocurrency exchanges. A visual ‘drag and drop’ construction interface, a variety of technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, MACD, RSI, and the ability to split huge market orders over different exchanges are just a few of the services offered company.

Zignaly Vs Botcrypto Vs Margin.de: Margin.de
Zignaly vs BotCrypto vs Margin.de: Margin.de


The Botcrypto shop provides more than sixty free trading techniques to assist newcomers in getting started. These methods may be sorted by popularity, Botcrypto note, and most imported. You may also share your approach with the community if you have one. 

To connect to exchanges, Botcrypto employs API keys that are encrypted with state-of-the-art security (AES-256). They don’t have the ability to withdraw funds from your trading account.

They don’t utilize Google Analytics or any other intrusive tracking software. Instead, Matomo, an open-source analytics application, is used. They also offer two-factor authentication, albeit it is not required.

To learn more, read the BotCrypto review.

Zignaly Vs Botcrypto Vs Margin.de: Botcrypto
Zignaly vs BotCrypto vs Margin.de: BotCrypto

Zignaly vs BotCrypto vs Margin.de: Pricing

When it comes to Crypto Trading, there are a variety of costs to consider. A one-time registration cost, a monthly membership fee, or simply profit-sharing may be charged. 

Zignaly, BotCrypto, and Margin.de do not influence the fees applied by the crypto exchange accounts to which they link to execute your transactions. They do, however, charge registration fees and commissions for their cryptocurrency bots.

Zignaly Pricing

The trading platform on Zignaly is entirely free to use! This is a new feature; previously, they offered a 30-day free trial followed by a reasonable monthly membership charge. However, you may now quickly sign up for a free account and have immediate access to their services. Extra trade signals may be the only thing you have to pay for on Zignaly. On Zignaly, you may get free crypto trading signals. However, you can also pay for crypto signals from proven and trustworthy sources.

If you’re seeking a cost-effective pricing plan, you might want to look at Zignaly’s options. This is a fantastic deal for only $15.99 for the ‘Beta Plan.’ You will be able to link your Bitcoin trading bot from one of the best crypto exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, BitMEX, KuCoin, and Poloniex, with additional exchanges to be added shortly, according to the team. Furthermore, for $15.99 each month, you will get access to an infinite amount of coin pairings and positions.

Margin.de Pricing

Margin.de‘s price model is based on a one-time licensing charge. The Starter, Standard, Whale Trader, and Institutional plans, which cost $15, $29, $149, and $369 respectively, are included. All three subscriptions include an unlimited number of bots and access to all of the technical indicators available. 

The Starter plan, on the other hand, is limited to only one exchange. In contrast, the other two plans are compatible with all others.

Margin.de Pricing
Margin.de Pricing

BotCrypto Pricing

BotCrypto has three premium options and one free plan to choose from. A professional layout with customizable features and no ceiling is also available. You can do so by getting in touch with them.

Botcrypto Pricing
BotCrypto Pricing

Zignaly vs BotCrypto vs Margin.de: Conclusion

While no trading bot is perfect for everyone, it can be said that BotCrypto is the ideal automated trading platform for crypto traders through this review.

BotCrypto is a fantastic tool for expert traders, as it is quite strong and sophisticated. It is, nonetheless, a wonderful choice for novices due to its easy design and competent assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Botcrypto safe and legit?

Your money is kept in the appropriate exchangers. Botcrypto needs API keys to connect to your trading account. They don’t require or desire withdrawal privileges. API keys are secured using cutting-edge security technology (AES-256).

What are the best Signals on Zignaly?

You can easily connect Zignaly with your crypto signals providers and trade without sticking to the screen. Zignaly allows you to accept multi-targets, DCA-based rebuy strategy options, TradingView signals, etc.

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