Where and How to buy Elondoge (EDOGE)?

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ELONDOGE is one of the high-flying coins you should keep your eye on. In this article, we’ll talk about all the platforms and steps required to buy Elondoge.


  • EDOGE is a memecoin with insane gains.
  • It is built around a structure of mars mission.
  • The coin is a part of decentralized movement.
  • It uses DEFI and NFTs for their output.
  • You can buy it through Pancakeswap.
  • NFTs can be also acquired by being a part of the metaverse and completing tasks.
  • Just like other cryptocurrencies it has it’s certain risks


If you are ambitious and curious about creating mars our backup planet then ELONDGE might be the coin you are looking for. It is a meme coin that is on a mission to create an ecosystem around the mars project as well as the decentralization movement. It uses DeFi, NFTs, and other components to maximize its output.


How Does ELONDOGE works?

The working theory of Edoge is based on NFTs so let’s see how it works.

  • There’s 10 percent CCT in edoge transactions. 5 percent being holders and 5 percent liquidity. 
  • Half of the liquidity added is used for NFT production as well as marketing and development.
  • One of the best things about edoge is that 100% of the NFT auction earning is used for NFT production. 
  • Partners will pay for farm and NFT production.
  • The earning from elonswap and elonfuel is used to buy back $EDOGE and it is burnt then.
  • Finally the profit from elonfund investment is used to buy back $EDAO and $EDOGE to burn them, which may worth millions.

Why is ELONDOGE Trading so High?

ELONDOGE is a coin that has huge community support. It can be one of the easiest ways to gain returns, given it has already gained 270x until now; and might go higher. The main reason behind this is their ambition towards mars mission and also it being a meme coin. People love memes and that love might help it propel quite high. 

Elondoge Statistics
ELONDOGE Statistics

ELONDOGE Metaverse

Elondoge has its own metaverse where you can find a bunch of facilities and also various fun activities to win ELONDOGE.

  • Elonfarm: it’ll help to make a community among the partners. The partners will create a yield farm which is supposed to support the one-side reflective farm and also NFT consumable apy boosters. You can say it’s more like a real farm but it’s digital. The first season will feature farming $EDAO.
  • E10N-NFT Foundry: The name is pretty much self explanatory, it is a facility to yearn NFT. Their main focus is to create 3D NFT cards that will contain culture bombs about- Elon, Doge and obviously Mars. one can also get special NFT art if they become partners. 
  • Auction Station: This the place where auctions will be held. The currency will be $EDOGE and the NFTs can be consumed to boost the APY.
  • Elonfuel: One of the few  fun activities to earn NFTs. The main Idea of Elonfuel is to accomplish on-chain and off-chain missions to earn NFTs that can be later used to allocate for interesting projects. 
  • Elonswap: it is designed to swap NFTs for interesting projects. 
  • Elonfund: is the treasury for $EDAO and $EDOGE managed by $EDAO. On the metaverse measures it costs a fortune.
  • Elonplay: Elonplay is the arcade where you can complete challenges and play games to earn. 

Now that we have been familiar with EDOGE and its working policy let’s address the elephant in the room. As it is a new coin it is not available in every cryptocurrency exchange, as of now Pancakeswap and Hotbit are the available options while Pancakeswap is the more efficient way to do so. 

Elondoge Metaverse
ELONDOGE Metaverse

How to buy ELONDOGE? 

Buying ELONDOGE is not direct like other coins but it’s no rocket science either.

  1. Go to coinmarketcap and search for elondoge.
  2. Now copy the contract address from there.
Buying Elondoge
  1. Head over to PancakeSwap. If you are using your mobile make sure you have downloaded trustwallet. 
  1. Make sure you have selected the BNB as the token.
Select Bnb As Token
Select BNB as a token
  1. Go to select currency and paste the contract address there. 
Select Currency And Paste The Contract Address There
Select currency and paste the contract address there
  1. Adjust the slippage range from 5 to 12 percent.
Adjust The Slippage Range
Adjust the slippage range
  1. Enter the amount of EDOGE that you want to buy and proceed.
Enter The Amount Of Edoge
Enter the amount of EDOGE

Should you Invest in ELONDOGE?

ELONDOGE is a meme coin. We all know that the value of a token is based on the need of the market and meme coins being always in trend gives it a great head start. ELONDOGE combines Elon and Doge; two of the most trending topics on the internet and adds the mars mission structure alongside to make it more desirable. It is one of those coins that won’t need a KYC and also the stats promise pretty high gains.

As we can see from the chart, the value has skyrocketed in recent times. 

Should You Invest In Elondoge?
Should You Invest in ELONDOGE?

How much does ELONDOGE costs?

The value of doge fluctuates from time to time just like other currencies to get a better idea head to Coinmarketcap.

Conclsion: How to buy Elondoge in 2021

EDOGE is available in the market to buy right now. Being a new coin it is not available at every cryptocurrency exchange but you can easily trade it using PancakeSwap. It has high gain values and investing in it just makes sense but before you invest you must do your own research and consult your adviser as well.

 Freqently Asked Questions

What is the ELONDOGE total supply?

  • Currently it is 1 quadrillion Elondoge (1,000,000,000,000,000).
  • How to get EDOGE?

  • There are two ways to get doge, either you can access EDOGE meme pad IDO or you can swap it with tokens on PancakeSwap or buy it from hotbit.
  • Is EDOGE minable?

  •  NO, Edoge is not a minable token.
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