ZebPay Review: Trade Crypto in India

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ZebPay is a cryptocurrency trading platform that made its debut in India in October 2014 with the launch of a crypto wallet. It is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange with over 3 million users that features lightning network payments and does not charge any deposit fee. Besides these features, there are other features that it offers. Therefore, in this ZebPay review, we will be going through all the details of the crypto trading platform.

Mobile AppFeesPros of using Zebpay
Android, iOSTaker fee – 0.15% and Maker fee – 0.25%ZebPay build feature allows developers to create their own tools and applications.
SecurityNo deposit feeHas its own NFT Marketplace.
Strong and unbreachable security.Best ForCons
Traders looking for an all in one platformMembership fees of 0.0001 BTC or equivalent per month.

Detailed Summary (TL;DR)

  • ZebPay is a cryptocurrency trading exchange that has been in existence since 2014.
  • The company’s headquarters are present in Singapore, and it serves 162 countries.
  • At the moment, ZebPay only supports the leading six cryptocurrencies that are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS. 
  • The trading pairs are limited to about 15 – 12 cryptos/fiat and 4 crypto-crypto pairs.
  • ZebPay bitcoin wallet allows you to safely store nearly 98% of your cryptos in cold wallets. This ensures that your coins safety.
  • Moreover, it permits investors to trade cryptocurrencies through INR (Indian Rupees).
  • It has launched a one of a kind lightning fast network payment service in India that allows trade transactions to occur instantaneously. 
  • In addition, it does not charge any deposit fee. 
  • The withdrawal fee varies depending on the specific currency in India.
  • It charges 0.0001BTC as a monthly fee only for inactive accounts.
  • The maker fee is 0.15% ,and the taker fee is 0.25% in India.
  • Allows Crypto-Crypto trading.
  • All ZebPay KYC authenticated account users are entitled to daily returns on specific crypto holdings.
  • Furthermore, it also has a nominee appointment mechanism for account security.
  • ZebPay Pro offers professional charting features via a web interface to help you manage your account and monitor trade flows.
  • Also, ZebPay Build enables you to create crypto apps, tools, and bots.
  • The lending platform guarantees fixed returns depending on the type and amount of cryptocurrency you hold.
  • It also launched India’s first NFT called $ZEBRA, which enables exclusive benefits such as discounts on fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto trade.

What is ZebPay?

ZebPay is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet launched in India in 2014 and now operates worldwide. It has over 3 million users and $2 billion in fiat transactions. It has successfully instituted India’s first NFT called $ZEBRA and Marketplace. Its Build platform allows its users to create their own crypto-related tools. Further, it also allows crypto-crypto trading and does not charge any deposit fee. However, currently, it enables trading in 6 EUR-Crypto and 6 Crypto-Crypto Pairs.

Zebpay Exchange
ZebPay Exchange

ZebPay Review: Products

Lightining Network

ZebPay enables lightning-fast micropayments without the need for confirmation that is quick and inexpensive. It is free of cost. Moreover, peer-to-peer Bitcoin payments that are not feasible in the present banking system make this feature a huge bonus for potential investors. Furthermore, you can also try a demo version of this feature on its official website. ZebPay is allowing a maximum of 0.002 BTC per transaction and up to 10 transactions a day.

Nominee Program

As a measure of security, ZebPay allows its consumers to appoint a nominee for their accounts. This ensures that the users’ crypto and fiat wallets are handed to the nominee if the customer passes away. To assign a nominee, all you have to do is send an email with basic information about the nominee.

ZebPay Review: Lending

This platform paves the way for passive income through its lending, ensuring set returns based on the kind and quantity of cryptocurrencies you hold. Moreover, it has 2 types of lending programs – open term and fixed term. With an open term deposit, you will be paid a daily rate of return. Using the fixed-term deposit, you may lend your cryptocurrency for 7-day, 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day periods. Also, the rate of return will vary based on the time period chosen.

Zebpay Lending
ZebPay Lending

ZebPay Review: Build

Developers can use ZebPay Build to formulate crypto tools and bots for free. These will be accessible to all the ZebPay’s users through oAuth. Over 20 digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Tron, EOS, and Ripple, may be securely stored, sent, and received. Furthermore, you can gain access to the user’s account balances and transaction history along with trading digital assets. It also grants you access to the entire exchange platform.

Zebpay Build
ZebPay Build

ZebPay Pro

With various professional trading charting tools on a web interface, ZebPay Pro keeps you up with fluctuations in the volatile crypto market. You can manage your account, trade, and monitor market movements through this feature. Moreover, it is free. 

Zebpay Pro
ZebPay Pro

Zebpay Review: Holding

Through ZebPay, you can earn money just by having crypto holdings. All ZebPay KYC confirmed account users are entitled to daily returns on certain crypto holdings. Moreover, the daily returns are based on the balance in your spot or trade wallet, as well as on any pending ask (sell) orders. Total accumulated returns will be credited to your wallet on the fourth day of the following month. For coins, the rate of return ranges from 1% to 6%. Available exclusively for certain cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, BNB, DAI, MATIC, and USDT.

You can also stake, lend, and trade your crypto assets directly from your hardware wallet through the Ledger Live app.

Zebpay Earn
ZebPay Earn

$ZEBRA Token

$ZEBRA is a collectable token of the ZebPay ecosystem. Furthermore, the platform is soon to become India’s first crypto exchange platform to launch its own NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and Marketplace. It is a collectable token that does not have a fixed value. The precise advantages provided by each token will be determined by the token’s unique features. You can earn exceptional incentives, including discounts on fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto trade, as well as a free membership.  

Moreover, you have a roughly 1% chance of obtaining a token through airdrop if you have made at least one successful trade on ZebPay since March 2020. Once the airdrop is complete, you may exchange your NFTs on ZebPay in the same way you purchase and sell cryptocurrency.

$Zebra Token
$ZEBRA Token

Zebpay Wallet

ZebPay offers wallets to its customers that enables convenient account recovery and seamless on-the-go trading. 98% of cryptos held with ZebPay are in cold wallets signed with HSM on air-gapped computers located in various cities and countries. Furthermore, ZebPay’s Omnitrixx provides a security mechanism that safeguards all transactions between cold and hot storage wallets.

ZebPay Review: Mobile App

ZebPay mobile application is available on devices that support iOS versions 10 and Android 5 or above. In addition, it has an excellent user interface, making investing secure and straightforward. You can also register your account on ZebPay, make deposits, and start trading. Furthermore, with mobile applications, you can keep tabs on the market from anywhere and anytime.

Zebpay Mobile App
ZebPay Mobile App

How to use ZebPay?

Follow the steps given below to get started on Zebpay:

Creating Account on ZebPay

  • Click on this link to open your ZebPay account.
  • Enter your mobile number, Name, email address, set a 4 digit for security purposes, accept Zebpay’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and click on ‘Continue.’
Zebpay Signup
ZebPay Signup
  • A verification code will be sent to the mobile number you have provided. Enter it in the space provided and click ‘Continue.’
  • Then enter your 4-digit pin to log in.
  • You will receive a verification mail on the email address you have provided. Click on the button that says ‘Click here to verify your email’.
  • Lastly, finish your KYC registration to form an account on ZebPay.

Depositing on ZebPay

  • Mobikwik UPI may be used to add money (INR) to Zebpay. To begin, click on the deposit option and then pick Mobikwik. The GoCashFree app and online banking are the alternative ways to deposit money. Then enter the amount you want to deposit and click the “Proceed to Deposit” button.
  • Furthermore, to buy Bitcoin you have to log in to the Zebpay exchange and on the left-hand side, you will find the order entry form. 
  • In addition, to send the Bitcoin from Zebpay, firstly you need to have the receiver’s Bitcoin address. Please make sure that it is a Bitcoin address only because Ethereum, or any other coin will not accept Bitcoin on their address.

ZebPay Review: Nominee

The Nominee feature is quite innovative and new to the Indian crypto market. It aims at building the trust of the investors. By selecting a nominee for your account, you are instructing ZebPay on who can have custody of your fiat and crypto wallets in case of any mishappenings. This nominee designation does not affect your will or inheritance planning; it just tells ZebPay to transfer your cash to the person you chose.

Whether or not the suggested nominee is a family member, the client should choose a nominee they trust. You have the option of changing your nominee on your ZebPay account. To designate a nominee, submit the following information to [email protected] from the email address associated with your ZebPay account:

  • Nominee’s First Name and Last Name
  • Nominee’s Mobile Number
  • Relationship with Customer
  • Date of Birth of Nominee
  • Nominee’s Address
  • Nominee’s PAN number
Zebpay Nominee
ZebPay Nominee

ZebPay Fees

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

This platform does not charge any crypto deposit fee. The fiat deposit fee for net banking is INR 10, a bank transfer is INR 7, and UPI transfer is INR 25. The crypto withdrawal fee varies for different cryptocurrencies. However, the fiat withdrawal fee is flat INR 10 across all fiat withdrawals. In addition to this, ZebPay charges a monthly membership fee of 0.0001 BTC. This additional monthly fee can be avoided by making at least one trade a month. Moreover, it applies only to inactive accounts.

Zebpay Review: Trading Fees

ZebPay charges around 0.15% and 0.25% for Makers and Takers, respectively. Moreover, the fee for intraday is 0.10%.

Is Zebpay Safe?

This crypto exchange platform has an excellent security system that features Omnitrix. ZebPay’s patented security protocol and the platform offers a world-class multi-chain security solution that safeguards all transactions across cold and hot storage wallets. 98 per cent of cryptos held with ZebPay are in cold wallets signed using HSM on air-gapped machines located in various cities and countries. Aside from cold storage, all hot wallet transactions on ZebPay are signed utilising technologies from multiple cloud platforms. Its infrastructure is protected by robust firewalls, and no outside party has access to it.

Customer support

If you face a problem, you can find the solution in ZebPay’s Support page that offers solutions to any problem. However, if you still can’t resolve your queries, you can contact them through the ticket section.

ZebPay Review: Pros and Cons

Tight security system.Offers trade in just a tiny variety of cryptocurrencies.
Lightning-fast payment.
Users have to pay membership fees of 0.0001 BTC per month.
No deposit fees.
Intraday trading in cryptos at only 0.10% fees
Has its own NFT and Marketplace.

ZebPay build feature allows developers to create their own tools and applications.
The simple user interface on both web and mobile applications.

ZebPay Review: Conclusion

ZebPay has some exciting features like a lightning-fast payment system and a highly secure infrastructure. Moreover, it is also India’s first crypto exchange platform to have its own NFT Marketplace. Its build feature will enable developers to express their creativity in the cryptocurrency field. Furthermore, its nominee appointment option is also a great way to boost investor’s trust. However, the crypto market is quite volatile, so make sure you think and make the right decision about investing in any cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ways to deposit fiat currency to your ZebPay account in India?

You can do this through bank transfer via NEFT/RTGS or net banking.

How to cancel crypto transactions?

ZebPay does not allow a cancellation, once the transactions start.

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