Stoic Trading Bot Review

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In this article, we will review Stoic trading bit which is an automated crypto trading application with daily rebalancing. Moreover, this platform is the best way to set up your crypto trading on autopilot. Let’s get started! 

60 Seconds Summary

Mobile AppSecurityStoic Pros
Android, iOSAnti-money laundering, KYC, and fraud preventionNo lockups
Stoic FeesSuitable forStoic Cons
Charges just 5% of assets annually Mid Size and Small BusinessesThe minimum amount requires is $1000
In addition, 5% deposit fees for adding more crypto Investors, looking for completely automated trading The bot is more favorable to professional traders


  • Stoic regularly manages your crypto assets through daily rebalancing. 
  • Connect your Binance account via API of secured exchange.
  • Developed by the hedge fund team.
  • Further, users can access account quantitative research and data from 170,000 analysts.
  • Furthermore, the platform allows you to manage crypto portfolio on Binance through hedge fund’s tested quant strategies.

What is Stoic Trading Bot?

The stoic trading bot is a crypto exchange platform that works brilliantly with automated crypto investing. It functions with a profitable trading exchange and helps you get rid of FOMO and FUD. Moreover, you can easily manage your crypto portfolio without any stress. Plus, many reports state that thousands of people consider automated crypto trading more efficient, which stoic excels in. Users can easily connect their Binance account with Stoic to start automated trading.

Furthermore, this platform provides data by collecting it from financial forecasts which ML models process before delivering signals. These crypto signals are later used in the development of trading methods. 

In addition, Cindicator begins a long-only index strategy for the top 30 altcoins, which rebalances on a regular basis for stable and progressive portfolio management. Also, it offers regular rebalancing, well-tested hedge-fund quant strategies, and a properly secured execution application.


To learn more about automated trading read best crypto trading bots.

How to get started with Stoic Trading app?

When you start with the Stoic Trading Application, firstly you need to sign up. Then, follow the below steps:

  1.  Install the App: You can easily install the Stoic Trading Application through Google Playstore or Apple Store. 
  1. Scan QR code: After installing the application, create your Binance API with ‘Enable Trading’ option and scan the QR code. Your account will automatically connect with the Stoic. 
  1.  Automated Trading: Finally, you are all set up and can start your crypto trading within 24 hours.
Stoic Sign Up
Stoic: Set Up

Stoic Trading Bot Review: Features

All-time Portfolio monitoring and withdrawals

The Stoic trading bot allows you to monitor your profile using the mobile app. In addition, if you want to withdraw your profits, you can withdraw funds from your Binance account anytime. There is no hassle or lockups in Stoic functioning. 

Automated crypto trading

Stoic is developed by Cindicator Capital, the team behind hedge funds. It rebalances your top crypto assets by putting them in your account and forecasts from 176,000 analysts which are registered on Cindicators.

Stoic Trading Bot

Keeps Updated with market

Stoic keeps you updated with the market trends and events in crypto. From easy-to-read news to outlining major events in the crypto, stoic got everything.

Stoic Trading Bot Review: Key Advantages

This platform is one of the best ways to put down your crypto trading on autopilot, without worrying about making calls.

Stoic AI engine filters projections from around 176,000 analysts in order to create the most accurate indicators to boost up your trading strategy. Moreover, you can withdraw your crypto funds anytime, as there are no lockups. In addition, you only need $1000 to start with Stoic, as it utilizes hedge fund technology and is available for everyone. 

With Stoic trading, you do not need to get on with numerous steps to complete your profile. All you have to do is just install it, and connect it with your Binance account to get started with trading! 

Stoic Advantages
Stoic Advantages

Stoic Trading Bot: Fees

Stoic charges you 5% of the funds at Binance that you assign them to do your trades. Furthermore, Stoic does not ask for management fees if it is less than 30 USDT, if connect such an account, then the bot automatically starts running and taking profits for you. comes with two distinct fee packages i.e., Basic and Platinum. 

  • BASIC: This plan includes long-term strategy, 5% yearly management fee, and Assets Under Management (AUM) from $1000.
  • PLATINUM: This plan includes exclusive strategies with a 4% yearly management fee and Assets Under Management (AUM) from $100,000. In addition, it also comes with a personal manager and does not charge any fee for performance.

Performance and security

When it comes to the performance of the Stoic trading bot, you’ll be amazed to know how simpler its functionality is! There aren’t any hassles or fuss, and you might even get immediate results.

Furthermore, monitoring and managing are done entirely by Stoic which makes it convenient and time-saving. Plus, your daily cryptos will be managed by the Stoic itself.

On the security measures, Stoic is safe as it does not save the private keys of users. In addition, users’ every asset and detail remains in their Binance account, making Stoic one of the best crypto trading bots in terms of unprecedented security across the world.

Stoic Security
Stoic Security

Customer Support

Users can connect with Stoic customer support through the mails to resolve their queries. Further, they usually reply within 24 hours.

Stoic Trading Bot Review: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons 
No lockupsThe web platform is not available.
Moreover, user’s assets stay safe in their Binance walletMinimum deposit amount of 1000 USDT.
Entirely automated
Comes on both Android and iOS.

Stoic Trading Bot Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, stoic is an entirely automated trading bot that comes with tons of fulfilling features and advantages that have helped its users to raise their profit at a 20% rate. Furthermore, Stoic’s trading functions with a small amount of deposit at the initial stage. It has been tremendous with its funding and has raised around $3 million from its users. Moreover, it’s a highly secure platform, with good customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Stoic work? 

Stoic connects with your Binance account via API keys and works entirely automatically. There aren’t many complexities in the settings of the Stoic trading bot.

How is Stoic different from other crypto trading bots?

Other crypto trading bots require users to fill out every detail and develop their trading strategy. However, with Stoic, you just have to run the hedge fund quant strategy where you connect the Stoic application to the Binance account via API and it will work automatically. 

Is Stoic safe to use? 

Yes, Stoic is a safe platform to use. Its 10,000+ users show how much this platform is trustworthy. Moreover, Stoic has never been hacked before. 

How can users withdraw their funds from Stoic?

Users can connect to Binance via API, and withdraw the amount directly from it.

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