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In this article we will review Stackedinvest, a trading platform founded in 2019 and headquartered in Chicago. They offer trading bots, cryptocurrency indices, and portfolio management. They help you in automating your trading experience.

Trading Tools

Trade Bots

A trading bot is software that connects to exchanges and executes trades on your behalf by interpreting the market data. They help you automate your trading strategies.

Stackedinvest offers trading bots built by top coders that help you determine risk and leverage. They open long and short positions. Additionally, they have built-in risk management for better control. You can do that by setting up a take profit or stop loss. 

You can check the bots in the “Bot Marketplace” tab. All the bots have a “Read More” button for more information.

The bots can be filtered by performance period, monthly subscription, and supported exchanges. They are divided into three categories – Scalp, Trend, and Swing. 

Stackedinvest Review: Bot Marketplace
Stackedinvest review: Bot Marketplace

All bots have a detailed performance history and backtest results for better understanding. 

Stackedinvest Review: Bots Performance History
Stackedinvest review: Bots Performance History

Multiple trading bots can be used in the same exchange but on different crypto pairs. If you use more than one bot on the same crypto pair, they may counteract each other. When you are using multiple bots, you should ensure that the total equity is not more than 100% to prevent errors. 

You can customize the bot’s parameters according to your need, such as when to give you signals and automate trading. 

Stackedinvest Review: Setting Up A Bot
Stackedinvest review: Setting up a Bot


Stackedinvest offers vetted pre-built indices with complete performance history. It allows you to allocate any percentage of your portfolio to pre-built indices. They are helpful if you are not sure how to manage your portfolio. 

They offer twelve different types of Indices.

IndexPerformance Percentage
Blue Chip Defi 5481.78
BG6 208.39
CreekWise 10244.34
Crypto 10238.24
Crypto 20266.34
Defi Index627.78
F5 Crypto 12192.34
Gray Digital 5236.09
Market Weighted DeFi 12614.25
Protos Trend Index239.68
Robinhood 6245.52
Stackedinvest Indices

All the indices support a different set of cryptocurrencies. You can click on “View” for further details.  The individual performance, according to the coin, is also available. 

Stackedinvest Review: Pre-Built Indices
Stackedinvest review: Pre-built indices


Rebalancing helps to readjust the weightings of assets in a portfolio. Rebalancing consists of selling or buying of assets periodically, in a portfolio, to preserve an initial, or preferred, degree of asset diversification and risk. Automatic rebalancing can be enabled using a custom backtesting engine.

You can immediately derisk by moving any percentage of your portfolio to a stable coin. 

User Experience

Stackedinvest offers a user-friendly and intuitive platform. They don’t contain complicated jargon making it easy for beginners. 

The dashboard provides a complete portfolio overview. 

          Stackedinvest Review: Dashboard
Stackedinvest review: Dashboard


All your funds are kept with the exchange and not with Stackedinvest. The bots are non-custodial. All interaction with the exchange account is executed using encrypted API’s. They have restricted access to your account and cannot withdrawal your assets. 

Two-factor authentication can be enabled in your stacked accounts, adding an extra layer of security. It is not enabled by default. 


Trading Bots differ in price according to the owner of the bot. They vary between $99  and $250. 

The portfolio, index, and rebalancing tools will be made free to investors as soon as they are launched.

Supported Exchanges

Stackedinvest Beta supports the following exchanges – 

  1. Binance
  2. Bitmex
  3. FTX
  4. Bybit

They are planning on supporting more exchanges such as Coinbase, Okex, KuCoin, and more. 

Cryptocurrency Support

Stacked supports more than 1300 cryptocurrencies. Stacked supports all the cryptocurrencies available in Binance.

Customer Support

Stackedinvest provides live chat functionality that runs on Intercom. The live chat functionality is available from Monday to Friday. You can also connect with them on Twitter.


  1. The platform is user-friendly. 
  2. The portfolio, index, and rebalancing tools are free of cost.


  1. It is a relatively new platform.
  2. It supports a limited number of exchanges.

Stackedinvest review: Conclusion

In conclusion, Stackedinvest offers trading bots that help you auto-pilot your trading strategies. It also provides pre-built indices that make cryptocurrency trading less complicated. They assist you in structuring your portfolio effectively. Though it is a comparatively new platform, it has managed to seek people’s attention due to high performing bots and pre-built indices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Which cryptocurrencies are supported by Stackedinvest?

Stackedinvest supports over 1300 cryptocurrencies via Binance.

What are the exchanges that are supported by Stackedinvest?

Stackedinvest supports Binance Bitmex, FTX, and Bybit. They plan on supporting more exchanges in the future. 

Stackedinvest Alternatives

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