Nash Exchange Review : Is it legit or Scam?

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Nash is a decentralized crypto exchange platform and a non-custodial; that is, only you can control your assets. Furthermore, it provides various products such as Nash cards, NEX Staking, trading bots, etc. This Nash Exchange Review will help you gather all the information about the decentralized exchange.


  • Nash, supporting advanced order types and API integrations, is also a safer way to trade and store your digital assets.
  • It offers complete access to your funds and does not take control of them.
  • It provides you with advanced wallet security as well.
  • Nash charges no withdrawal fees. Moreover, only the network fees are charged from the users.
  • However, only crypto deposits are acceptable, and no fiat currency is deposited.
  • You can access nash on the desktop as well as use its mobile application for smooth trading.
  • Nash sets trading limits for the users in the form of Tiers.
  • It offers you NEX tokens and enables you to receive a share of Nash revenue.
  • Nash offers four terminals to set the best trading strategies. 
  • Furthermore, the platform offers NEX staking and Nash card.
  • You can also earn a commission with their affiliate program. 
  • Nash is a safe platform and is immune from hacker attacks.

What is Nash Exchange?

Nash Exchange delivers incredible high-speed trading and offers one easy-to-use platform for all your needs. In addition, the platform offers to stake NEX tokens to earn dividends.

Moreover, your Nash Wallet holds over 3000 assets and is secured by a multi-party computation, making it a safer platform. Nash Exchange also provides you with Nash Cards, which are accepted just like Credit and Debit cards. 

Besides, you can also follow Nash exchange Youtube channel to know more about the platform.

Nash Exchange
Nash Exchange

How to Create a Nash Account?

  • Firstly, start by clicking the sign button at the top right of Nash’s home page.
  • Input your full name as it is visible on the ID document. Also, enter a referral code (if you have any). 
  • Enter your country of residence, and if you are a US resident, you will be asked for your state.
  • After this step, you receive an email for the confirmation of the account and if it’s not in your inbox ten, check your spam folder.   
  • Nash crypto exchange will now provide you with 12 different secret words just in case you forget your password. Then, you can just login into your account using these words. You need to note these words down somewhere to remember them. 
  • To log in, enter these words one after the other in a particular order to complete the process.

Nash Mobile App

The platform offers trading through mobile phones. Furthermore, the Nash mobile app can be installed on Android devices as well as iOS. The app provides all the basic features of the platform

Nash Exchange Review : Is It Legit Or Scam?
Nash Mobile App

Nash Exchange Review: Fees

The platform charges a 1% fee on all of the sales and purchases made using your personal wallet. However, there’s a 0% fee on sales and purchases made through your personal wallet.

Nash Exchange Withdrawal Fees

There is no such withdrawal or transfer fees in the Nash Exchange. It is the same as most decentralized exchanges, and it only charges the network fees. However, the network fees change as per the network pressure. 

Nash Exchange Review: Trading Fees

The trading fee at Nash Exchange depends on your trading 30-day trading volume. On the other hand, there are no trading fees for the makers. 

Nash Exchange: Trading Fees
Nash Exchange: Trading Fees

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Nash Exchange Review: Deposit Methods 

Like all other decentralized exchanges, Nash Exchange does not accept fiat currency as deposits. Therefore, you can’t trade on this platform without having any crypto holdings. To initiate your first crypto, you require an entry-level exchange that accepts fiat money as deposits. 

Trading Limits

LevelMaximum trading volume
Tier 0$5000 per day
Tier 1$500,000 per day
Tier 2$2,500,000 per day
Tier 3Institutions only (has no maximum trading limit)
Nash Exchange Deposit Methods 

Nash Exchange Review: Trading bots

  • Maker Bot: It is easy to customize and uses browser-based bots for market-making strategies. Moreover, it is free to use and supports web-based platforms. 
  • Cloud Bots: These enable you to trade even when you are offline. Furthermore, it is free of cost and supports web-based platforms. 
Nash Maker Bot
Nash Maker Bot
  • It is a trading terminal that helps you autmate trading strategy using automated bots. The trading bots will keep on trading even when you are asleep. It is a secured and easy-to-use terminal. It is free for Nash users, and it supports a desktop platform.
  • Tuned: This platform helps you automate and monitor your trading strategies. It will help you make more profits and reduce losses. Moreover, Tuned is designed for users who are willing to develop trading strategies with high performance. In addition, it is free for limited Nash users, and it supports web-based platforms.

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Nash Exchange (NEX) Tokens

The platform also offers Nash tokens, that make way for you to earn passive income. In addition, it enables you to get a proportionate share of Nash revenue. You can stake your NEX tokens for a maximum of two years and can earn rewards.

How to stake your NEX tokens?

You can stake your NEX tokens by transferring the tokens to your personal wallet and then head over to the staking screen. Furthermore, the platform adds your dividends to your trading account every day.

However, you need to obtain at least Tier 1 verification to stake your NEX tokens. In addition, you cannot withdraw the tokens, and neither can you edit your staking order once until the staking period concludes.

You are eligible to receive more dividends if you stake more NEX tokens for a more extended time. 

Staking Nex
Staking NEX

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Nash Card

The platform provides a Nash card to pay for your expenses, just like any crypto credit/debit card. Furthermore, you can use your investment returns or crypto holdings to pay for your daily expenses, such as a cup of coffee.

However, there are a limited number of them available, so join the waiting list to get your crypto card.

Nash Card
Nash Card

Is Nash Exchange Safe?

Yes, Nash Exchange is safe to use. In decentralized exchanges, the servers are spread out throughout the world. The spread out of DEXs is less prone to attacks by hackers, and the risk of server downtime is also less.

Besides, if you remove a single server, it would have less or no impact on the entire network. If the hacker can get access to your exchange in a DEX, then he won’t get access to your assets.

Therefore, Nash Exchange is a safe and secure platform for trading. 

Affiliates Portal

You can invite your friends to Nash and get a chance to earn 50% or more than other competing programs. You just need to share your Nash exchange referral code and receive a commission when your referral generates taker volume. This affiliate status is valid for three months and gets renewed while triggers are valid. 

Nash Affiliates

Nash Exchange Review: Pros and Cons

Funds are always under your controlMore powerful marketing is needed
No KYC is required for 1k per day USD trading volume.Nash Exchange misses the estimated delivery time a lot.
It constantly listens to community feedback.It misses liquidity in some pairs and tokens.
Nash card allows spending crypto-like Fiat.Sometimes the withdrawal and deposits get stuck.
Nash Exchange Pros and Cons

Nash Exchange Review: Conclusion

The decentralized exchange platform Nash, allows you to buy bitcoin and other assets. Its non-custodial feature enables you to trade by having complete control over your funds and assets. It is a smooth and fast platform offering enhanced security features to make this platform ideal for trading.

Furthermore, it provides end-to-end encryption. Also, it gives you the opportunity to earn rewards using NEX staking and spend the rewards using a Nash card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Nash Exchange token do?

Nash Exchange token enables the NEX holders to get Nash’s revenues proportionate share. It was created to raise funds. Therefore, it is a security token approved by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein. You get a higher share of revenue if you stake for longer. Further, if you risk more coins, you get more dividends.

Why isn’t NEX listed on Nash?

NEX being registered security requires appropriate licenses, which is a lengthy and costly process that might not bring many profits for Nash shortly. 

Why doesn’t Nash have a USDT base pair?

Nash offers USDC base pairs at present because the coins have a stronger focus on compliance. However, it might be a USDT based pair in the coming future.

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