Mudrex vs Paratica vs NapBots

Crypto trading bots are turning out to be a necessity as the crypto market never sleeps. Hence, this article will discuss the three most popular crypto trading bot providers, Mudrex, Paratica, and Napbots.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • You can use Napbots‘ trading bot service to increase returns while reducing losses.
  • Mudrex is a crypto trading platform that tries to make crypto trading better available to a broader audience.
  • Paratica is a social trading platform that enables users to create investment strategies independently or follow experienced investors.
  • All three platforms connect to your crypto exchange using API keys and hence are safe to use.

What are Crypto Trading bots?

In recent years, the crypto sector has grown explosively, and it may be one of the most vital years for all major crypto assets. Of particular note will be 2020, which might prove to be even more promising for Bitcoin than prior years. In a volatile market, manual trading is tough to sustain.

It is now almost impossible to manually watch price movements, trade stocks, and consistently make gains. Automated trading systems, such as Napbots, which offers a range of tools to aid traders, have become increasingly popular as a result. Alternatively, users may create their trading strategies or follow the trading strategies of professional traders on these platforms by employing copy trading approaches. 

What is NapBots?

In addition to automated trading, Napbots‘ trading bot service allows customers to improve their profit margins and minimize losses. Napbots will execute activities based on the movements of the market price. You can start using the bot by choosing an exchange from Binance, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Okex, Phemex, Kraken, and Bitpanda.

Mudrex Vs Tokensets Vs Napbots: Napbots
Mudrex vs Pratica vs NapBots: Napbots

There is a significant amount of liquidity available due to such a diverse set of exchanges used by the algorithmic methods. You can then select your favorite crypto strategy, and finally, sit back and let the bot do the work for you.

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What is Mudrex?

Mudrex is an automated cloud-based crypto investment tool designed to help make cryptocurrency trading accessible to the general population. The platform allows users to either use pre-made trading methods or to develop and invest on their own.

If you want a system of automated trading bots to manage your strategy, you can get it at Mudrex Invest. These bots are fully automated and are available on many trading platforms, including Coinbase Pro, Binance, Bybit, OKEx, Deribit, and BitMEX.

Mudrex Vs Tokensets Vs Napbots : Mudrex
Mudrex vs Pratica vs NapBots: Mudrex

The beauty of Mudrex is that it enables you to develop, backtest, and then release your trading methods by using innovative trading blocks. 

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What is Paratica?

Paratica is a social trading platform that allows users to create trading strategies manually or follow professional traders. Furthermore, the platform has a simple user interface that allows users to change the bot settings if they want to trade manually.

In addition, the expert’s tab lists all of the professional traders who invest using various strategies, making it simple to invest across currencies and exchanges. Users at Paratica can trade through four exchanges, which are Huobi, Binance, OKEx, and Chiliz.

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Mudrex Vs Pratica Vs Napbots: Paratica
Mudrex vs Pratica vs NapBots: Paratica

Mudrex vs Paratica vs NapBots: Pricing

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, several fees must be taken into consideration. For a one-time fee, monthly membership fees, or profit-sharing, some organizations levy an ongoing fee. 

While Practika, Mudrex, and Napbots have no direct influence on the exchange account’s transaction costs, they can indirectly affect the fees charged to your account when you perform trades through them. Even though there are no transaction costs or commissions, they charge registration fees for their crypto trading bots

NapBot Pricing

NapBot‘s pricing packages have three different plans that cost between 7 and 99 euros each month. 

  • A Silver subscription, which costs just €7 per month, provides you with the usage of weekly trading bots with a budget cap of 1,000 euros. 
  • The Gold Plan costs €39 a month and provides members with weekly and daily strategies, such as leverage, with significant additional features such as allocation customization. Additionally, there is a spending limit of up to 3,000 Euros. 
  • The Platinum Plan, which costs €99 a month, allows you to use all of the available trading bots and all of the platform’s features.
Mudrex Vs Paratica Vs Napbots
Napbots Pricing

Mudrex Pricing

Like other large automated trading platforms, investors at Mudrex don’t have to pay a fee to use the service. However, the price depends on the bot and ranges from $5 to $10. First-time investors can register for investing on the site and begin with a minimum commitment of $150. (excluding the fee). In addition, with Mudrex Protect, clients will receive a full refund if their subscription plan does not profit in a month. 

The Mudrex Build platform may be used to originate and run your strategy. The free version offers some basic functionality, which allows you to get started. In the Premium membership tier, subscribers can have as many backtests as they like, all of the technical indicators, priority support whenever they need it, and publish their strategies on Mudrex for other subscribers to trade on.

Mudrex Pricing
Mudrex Pricing

Paratica Pricing

Users at Paratica have the option to choose from three different plans. Firstly, the Silver Premium ($9.9/month) package includes five positions per day and 150 positions each month and 50 pairings, and other benefits.

Secondly, the Gold Premium Plan ($14.9/month) offers ten positions per day, 300 jobs per month, 20 concurrent roles, and a lot more than the silver plan. Finally, the Platinum Premium plan ($19.9/month) is the most expensive, offering customers unlimited positions, 50 concurrent positions, unlimited pairings, and much more.

However, there is no free plan, traders may take advantage of a 7-day free trial with no credit card necessary before paying the charge. At Paratica, there is no minimum investment amount, and users can invest as little as the exchange allows.

Paratica Pricing
Paratica Pricing

Mudrex vs Paratica vs NapBots: Trading

It is necessary to understand how to trade if you’re planning to create your Mudrex bot. If you wish to utilize any of Napbots, Pratica, or Mudrex’s preset bots, you should know which bot to pick. Therefore, you should learn about exploiting them to their maximum potential and minimize your losses.

Despite this, you don’t need a technical understanding of the market to participate in Napbot trading, as it is simple enough for novice traders. Furthermore, it is the only BTC strategy-combining bot on the market. 

Ultimately, according to market price changes, Napbots will engage in a similar activity to the user.

Mudrex vs Paratica vs NapBots: Reliability


The AMF regulates Napoleon Group, and its sister brand, Napbots, offers an AI-powered and cloud-based solution that enables cryptocurrency trading for anybody who does not work in the financial industry. 

Thus, trades can be conducted for you, depending on the crypto strategy selected from the range of available strategies. These techniques are designed by experienced quantitative traders who have spent over 15 years working at some top financial organizations. 


In just over a year, Mudrex has attracted significant funding from investors. With over 10,000 investors and a total transaction value of $500 million, Mudrex, which comes out of San Francisco, is backed by Y-Combinator.

The platform provides 2FA, no withdrawal permission for APIs, and fast customer help.


Paratica is situated in Istanbul, Turkey, and was founded in 2018. The platform has over 5200 users, with a monthly trading volume of over $21 million and over 3 million orders. On its website, it advertises itself as the world’s most sophisticated bitcoin auto-trading solution. However, before they can even add API credentials to Paratica, users must first enable 2FA. Furthermore, the API credentials have minimal rights, which eliminates the possibility of any withdrawals. 

A trusted platform is necessary for every investor, as it allows users to invest without limitations and choose the best investments. Therefore, we consider the NapBots and Mudrex to be the most dependable when it comes to security and openness.

Mudrex vs Paratica vs NapBots: Conclusion

According to this review, while no trading bot is perfect for everyone, NapBots is the best automated trading platform for crypto traders. Napbots provides an easy-to-invest platform for traders of all levels, with a great user experience and a safe platform. 

The NapBots crypto trading program is unique in that it includes:

  1. A one-of-a-kind trading algorithm that analyzes market data on your behalf. 
  2. A one-of-a-kind crypto trading bot library that allows you to mix and match trading methods. 
  3. Autopilot mode allows you to trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
  4. An easy-to-use interface that allows you to mimic NapBots’ proven techniques for making profitable trades.

Napbots is, without a doubt, the most powerful automatic trading platform available.

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