Koinly vs CoinTracker vs Accointing – Detailed Comparison

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With cryptocurrencies, taxation often becomes even more difficult than earning. Therefore, in this article we’ll be comparing some of the best crypto tax software. Here’s a comparison table on Koinly vs CoinTracker vs Accointing that you briefly help understand which one of them will be the best for your needs. 

FeatureKoinlyCoinTrackerAccointing by Glassnode
Founded in201820172017
Mobile ApplicationiOS and Android devices iOS and Android devices. iOS and Android devices
Live Chat BoxAvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Pricing$0 and above$0 and above$0 and above

What are Crypto Tax Tools?

Crypto tax tools facilitate the preparation of your taxes for gains and losses from your cryptocurrency assets.

These tools allow you to estimate profit and loss from cryptocurrency trading and take deductions on expenses.

Additionally, crypto tax tools help you import data from wallets and exchanges, track the price of the crypto assets, and generate tax reports

Koinly vs CoinTracker vs Accointing

What is Koinly?

Koinly is among the best crypto tax software and was founded in 2018 and worked out of Palo Alto, California. It was built with the intent to automatically track crypto transactions across your exchange accounts and wallet addresses.

It recognizes transfers within your exchange accounts/wallets and keeps all traces of original acquisition costs when you exchange cryptocurrencies.

It also lets you swap between two modes: an investment mode and a tax mode. This will help you to define and calculate the gain or loss for every transaction.


What is CoinTracker?

Based in San Francisco, CoinTracker is one of the best crypto tax softwares among its competitors.

The platform allows clients to stay ahead with crytocurrency tax regulations and differentiates your business from the gold standard in crypto tax compliance.

They also help in educating the company through books, newsletters, and podcasts to learn about whatever you want.


What is Accointing?

Accointing by Glassnode is a one-stop solution for all your crypto tax problems. This particular platform offers a wide range of tools. These tools help you to track and manage your crypto taxes in a simple and user-friendly environment.

Moreover, it has flexible features that let you create personalized tax strategies, including a Crypto tax calculator with which you can automatically classify and calculate your crypto tax and a Crypto tracker which tracks your crypto portfolio for insights tools.

Koinly Vs Cointracker Vs Accointing - Detailed Comparison
Accointing by Glassnode

Koinly vs CoinTracker vs Accointing: Features 

Koinly Features

  • Koinly allows you to track your investment in crypto using actual ROI and invested fiat. In addition, it provides a detailed income overview from your income-generating activities like mining, staking, etc.
  • This platform allows automated data import and gives you a single picture of your trading activity. 
  • Next, Koinly generates reliable tax reports and abides by all the applicable tax laws related to cryptocurrency worldwide. 
  • Furthermore, it allows you to fix issues with your transactions with various tools that it offers, including a double ledger system, highlighting errors due to incorrect or missing transactions, and auto import verification. 

CoinTracker Features 

  • You can keep a check on your incoming and outgoing transactions and developments around crypto portfolios, generate a capital unrealized gains report, and the IRS form 8949.
  • CoinTracker facilitates multiple tax basis methods to generate their tax forms, including Highest In First Out (HIFO), First In First Out (FIFO), Share Pooling (AS), and Last In First Out (LIFO), and Adjusted Cost Base (ACB).
  • Automatic synchronization of user’s portfolio data across thousands of crypto tokens.
  • You can also track fees that you have paid per transaction and per exchange. 
  • Further, you can view your investment performance and ROI, cost basis tracking, automatic detection, price history detection, etc.

Accointing by Glassnode Features

  • Accointing by Glassnode automates the process of crypto tax calculation. 
  • It offers insight tools and manages your crypto portfolio effortlessly. Further, you will get an asset allocation chart that suggests what crypto asset to buy next.
  • Additionally, you can link your exchanges and wallets to Accointing by Glassnode and import data automatically. 
  • Accointing by Glassnode is an excellent knowledge hub as it provides Crypto 101 guides, Crypto Tax guides, and blogs. 

Koinly vs CoinTracker vs Accointing: Products

Koinly Products

  • Koinly gives you a single view of your income earned from your cryptocurrency activity within a given year that includes a snap of Capital gains, profits or losses, gains from futures and derivatives, etc.  
  • You can use Tax Loss Harvesting to minimize the tax on your investment and increase your savings. 
  • Further, Koinly tracks and summarises your number of transactions, portfolio value, and trade performance. In addition, you can also find the amount of fiat you’re holding on exchanges and a pie chart breakdown of all your assets. 
  • Another significant advantage of using Koinly is its International support worldwide. It is supported in over 20 countries all over the world. 
  • Moreover, you can find reliable and faultless Crypto tax reports for your accounting clients on Koinly. 
  • This particular platform is an amazing education hub that holds blogs and tax guides and even offers to discuss your taxation within their community.  
Koinly Products
Koinly Products

CoinTracker Products

  • CoinTracker allows you to keep a watch on your Crypto portfolio investment performance with its Crypto Portfolio Assistant. 
  • The platform calculates and produces your tax reports.
  • Cointracker makes itself a good suit for tax professionals and accountants by enabling them to remain compliant with virtual currency tax regulations.
  • You can schedule a free demo where this platform demonstrates how it differentiates your business from the gold standard in crypto tax compliance. 
Cointracker Products
CoinTracker Products

Accointing Products

  • Accointing by Glassnode helps you track, file, and calculate your cryptocurrency taxes. 
  • This platform has also announced that it will come up with solutions so that tax professionals can use their products with clients that own crypto. 
  • Furthermore, Accointing by Glassnode has applied over 300 integrations so that you can calculate your gains and losses automatically. 
  • Accointing by Glassnode offers guidance on tax strategies (tax-loss harvesting strategy) by the Holding Period Assistant dashboard.
Accointing Products
Accointing Products

Koinly vs CoinTracker vs Accointing: Supported Exchanges and Wallets

  • Koinly supports over 354 exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Coinspot, Crypto.com, and more than 74 wallets. If the platform does not support users’ exchange, they can upload a transaction report on Koinly in their specified format, and Koinly will generate a tax report. 
  • CoinTracker has over 300 exchanges. Furthermore, this platform manually imports incoming and outgoing wallet transactions. A few of the supported wallets include Blockchain, Electrum, Exodus, Gatehub, etc. 
  • Accointing by Glassnode is available with over 300 wallets, exchanges, and more than 7,500 cryptocurrencies. 

Koinly vs CoinTracker vs Accointing: Security 

Is Koinly Safe?

Yes, Koinly is completely safe to use as it encrypts the API keys using aes-256-gcm before storing them. Further, services and data are hosted on Heroku, an application that applies security checks at each layer to protect the customers from threats. 

Only authorized employees, who require the data for their job, can access customers’ data.  Further, Koinly performs pen tests and vulnerability scanning through third-party security tools. 

Additional security checks by Koinly include Security and Awareness training annually for employees, a detailed set of security policies, Confidentiality contracts that employees have to sign, etc. 

Is CoinTracker Safe?

Yes, Cointracker is safe to use as it does not ask for access to your wallet’s private keys. All exchanges have read-only access to your API keys on the exchange accounts. In addition, all API keys are kept encrypted & securely stored.

Further, the website server is protected by implementing SSL (HTTPS). CSRF attacks are prevented by verifying the authenticity of POST, PUT, and DELETE requests and implementing SQL injection filters. 

Vulnerability detection and annual penetration tests are conducted regularly by third-party security checks.  Further, the platform supports two-factor authentication and is SOC 2 compliant certified.

Is Accointing Safe?

Yes, Accointing by Glassnode is safe to use as it secures inter-service or client/server communication with SSL. Further, to simplify the complexity of the platform, it uses Identity authentication and management through OAuth, an open-standard authorization protocol. 

You will be able to export your data from the platform at any time with no restriction. If you decide to delete your account, all your data is totally erased from its databases.

Koinly vs CoinTracker vs Accointing: Pricing 

Koinly Pricing

Although Koinly is among the best crypto tax softwares, it offers competitive pricing when compared to other platforms. Further, it allows a lifetime free trial period without the need for submission of your credit cards.

Koinly Pricing
Koinly Pricing

CoinTracker Pricing

CoinTracker has four different types of pricing editions which are mentioned below:

Cointracker Pricing
CoinTracker Pricing

Accointing Pricing

From our list, Accointing by Glassnode is the one that provides the most accessible prices in the market with free transaction reports. It also includes transaction features. There are 4 plans offered by this platform.

Accointing Pricing
Accointing Pricing

Koinly vs CoinTracker vs Accointing: Customer Care and Support 

Koinly Customer Support

The users have a live chat box to contact the Koinly team. You can also reach out to them at their email address at [email protected]. Also, you can get acquainted with the various resources to solve the issue and problems, including blogs on the latest news and advice on cryptocurrency taxes. Further, Koinly also has social media handles like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Koinly Customer Support
Koinly Customer Support

CoinTracker Customer Support

CoinTracker is available on most social media platforms for its users to reach out to Telegram and Reddit. In addition, you can also become a part of the platform’s community, frequently asked questions, tax guides, IRS Letter Guides, and blogs. So it solves the problem of its users by offering them various educational resources. 

Accointing Customer Support

You can reach out to Accointing’s team on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Discord, and Instagram. You can also file a request regarding your issue. Furthermore, the platform also offers a Crypto 101 guide, Crypto Tax guide, and Blogs. Moreover, you can also become a part of the Accointing by Glassnode community.

Koinly vs CoinTracker vs Accointing: Mobile Application

Koinly App

Koinly has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that provides all the features and products. Koinly mobile application has a smooth and easy-to-use design, making it suitable for most users.

CoinTracker App

CoinTracker also empowers its users with a crypto tax app that can be accessed by iOS and Android devices. You can also visualize how your cryptocurrency moves between wallets and exchanges. Besides, you can see all of your transactions in one place through the CoinTracker app.

Accointing App

Accointing by Glassnode has a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices and provides the most affordable and user-friendly crypto tracking platform. It offers you a personalized dashboard with straightforward but insightful graphics to get the real value of your data.

Koinly vs CoinTracker vs Accointing: Conclusion

Undoubtedly, there is cutthroat competition for the best crypto tax software in this crypto era. They are constantly evolving, adding new features and providing one look into your tax liabilities spread across multiple wallets and exchanges.

However, as a conclusion to this article, we believe that Koinly might be the best crypto tax software for you out there. It comes with a tons of features, guides, tutorials, and also has a free version. To learn more, you can read out Koinly review.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track cryptocurrency for taxes? 

You can use a number of platforms to track your cryptocurrency for taxes, including Koinly, CoinTracker, and Accointing, according to your needs. 

Is CoinTracker good for taxes? 

Yes, CoinTracker is an excellent platform for filing and tracking taxes. It allows the clients to stay ahead with virtual currency tax regulations, and differentiates the user’s business from the gold standard in crypto tax compliance. 

Is Accointing legit?

Yes, Accointing by Glassnode is legit. It is a one-stop solution for all your crypto tax problems. This particular platform offers a wide range of tools to help you track and manage your crypto taxes in a simple and user-friendly environment.

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