Fairdesk Review – Is this one the Best Exchange?

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In September 2021, the Fairdesk Exchange made its debut in Singapore. Adequate security, cheap trading costs, and a thorough trading interface with over 100 trading pairs and up to 125x leverage on derivatives and perpetual contracts are just a few of Fairdesk’s salient characteristics. In this article, we will explore Fairdesk Review.

What is Fairdesk? 

With over 100 trading pairs and a large selection of popular cryptocurrencies, Fairdesk is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, Fairdesk offers industry-leading security measures to safeguard user money, generate and store private keys offline on specialized hardware, and store all assets in multi-level cold wallets. Users can quickly follow expert transactions with the exchange’s one-click copy trade tool and affiliate program. The exchange is dedicated to offering a flawless trading experience and prioritizes user security and happiness.

Fairdesk Review : Features 

  • With Fairdesk, you can manage your copy trade transactions and allow you to earn with trading experts. 
  • Professional traders can trade over 160 USDT-margined perpetual contracts on Fairdesk. According to the website, 99.9% of orders are completed in less than one millisecond, and they can process 450,000 orders each second.
  • Flexible, fixed, and VIP savings accounts are available from Fairdesk, with APYs ranging from 0.45% to 24%. Right now, roughly ten coins—including BTC, ETH, USDT, and FDT—allow you to earn interest.
  • With the help of Simulated trading, beginners can learn about the world of futures trading without investing real money.
  • By placing traders against one another, arena trading attracts more participants. The only two currencies exchanged on the Fairdesk platform are ETH and BTC. Only isolated 80x leverage is supported in the arena mode. 
  • One well-liked fiat-to-crypto payment method is MercuryO. With its cooperation with Fairdesk, it is the only dependable payment service provider enabling consumers to buy any cryptocurrency at once, ranging from 21 to 5366.34 USD.
Fairdesk Review : Features

Fairdesk: Signup and KYC

  • To start your Fairdesk account, comply with the instructions below to register and finish your KYC.
  • Open the Fairdesk website.
  • Click “Sign Up” on the homepage in the upper right corner.
  • Create a password and enter a working phone number or email address. Next, select “Create Account.”
  • You’ll receive a code in your mailbox to validate your email address; enter the code. You can now access your account after that.
  • After making an account, you will need to authenticate yourself to access all of the platform’s features and eliminate any limitations on deposits and withdrawals.
  • You must upload your personal data and a legitimate government-issued ID and finish a face recognition test to prove your identity.

Fairdesk Review : Supported Cryptocurrencies

  • Users may trade many cryptocurrencies on the exchange, including options for well-known and up-and-coming virtual assets.
  • USD, AED, BDT, AUD, CAD, GBP, CNY, HKD, CHF, HUF, IDR, EUR, ILS, JPY, INR, KRW, PEN, RUB, SGD, THB, UAH, VND, and TRY are the currencies that are involved.
  • Fairdesk provides limited cryptocurrency support. Its platform featured forty-two coins as of the last count. It also lists 23 fiat currencies that may be used to purchase cryptocurrency.
Fairdesk Review - Is This One The Best Exchange?
Fairdesk Review : Suppported Cryptocurrencies

Fairdesk Review : Security 

  • Fairdesk is particularly concerned about security. The platform uses encryption, cold storage, email verification for each login, two-factor authentication, and many other security measures to protect user data.
  • Furthermore, Fairdesk offers complete evidence of reserves, ensuring the company refunds all customer assets. BTC, ETH, USDC, and USDT demonstrate resources.
  • The platform now holds an MSB license in Canada and the United States.

Fairdesk Review : Deposits and Withdrawals

  • Direct fiat deposits are not supported by Fairdesk. The only way to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat money is through MercuryO, which accepts both bank cards and ApplePay accounts.
  • On the other hand, the platform allows you to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency whenever and however you like.
  • It’s crucial to consider the network’s chain while doing that when making deposits. You could never be able to retrieve cryptocurrency assets if you transmit them to the unauthorized network.
  • After logging in, go to your home page, click the deposit option, and choose the cryptocurrency you wish to transfer.
  • Next, duplicate the recipient address and insert it into your second wallet’s sending column. To automate the procedure, you may also scan the given QR code.
  • The process for withdrawing cryptocurrency is very identical. The receiving address would be copied from the other wallet and pasted into the sending column of your Fairdesk wallet, which is how it differs.

Fairdesk Review : Customer Support

  • Fairdesk provides live chat and email help for customers around the clock. 
  • Additionally, they have professionals that respond quickly to consumers’ needs. 
  • This demonstrates the platform’s dedication to enhancing customer support and resolving consumer inquiries.
  • You can also reach out to Fairdesk’s various social media channels, including Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Gitbook
  • In addition, you can also access the help center where you can find the frequently asked questions where you may find answers to your doubts. 

Fairdesk Review : Fees 

  • On the spot market, users can choose between a standard charge of 0.1% for makers and takers, but in futures trading, fees are 0.02% for makers and 0.04% for takers.
  • For withdrawals, Fairdesk exclusively accepts bitcoins. Any supported cryptocurrency may be withdrew by users and placed in their own wallets.
  • It is crucial to remember that withdrawals of cryptocurrency are always subject to fees, which vary depending on the coin and network chosen.
  • The modest variations in cryptocurrency withdrawal costs might also be attributed to the present network capacity.
Fairdesk Review - Is This One The Best Exchange?
Fairdesk Review : Fees
Fairdesk Review
Fairdesk Review : Fees
Fairdesk Review - Is This One The Best Exchange?
Fairdesk Review : Fees
Fairdesk Review - Is This One The Best Exchange?
Fairdesk Review : Fees

Fairdesk Review : Mobile App 

For iOS and Android mobile platforms, Fairdesk provides the Fairdesk Go app which can be downloaded from Apple appstore and Google playstore. The software offers a safe and practical mobile bitcoin trading platform. Users may trade, monitor the markets, and manage their portfolios using it. The application is completely streamlined, with an easy-to-use layout for seamless navigation and straightforward trading and contract choices.


A rather promising exchange attempting to establish itself in the cryptocurrency market is called Fairdesk. Less trading fees (compared to others), anonymous trading, and enticing deposit incentives are some of its primary selling points. However, neither direct deposits of fiat currency nor multiple payment providers are permitted. Also, it only accepts a certain quantity of coins. 

Does Fairdesk have a native token? 

Fiat deposits are not accepted. On MercuryO, you may purchase bitcoins with your credit and debit cards. Using that way, you may purchase up to six different coins.

Does Fairdesk have a fiat deposit? 

Yes, it does. The following applications will be possible with the native token, FDT:

  • Fairdesk stakers will receive FDT rewards using the trade mining function.
  • Lower or even free withdrawals will be available to holders.
  • Saving FDT might result in an APR of up to 30%.
  • It will function via the FDT DAO as a governance token as well.

Is Fairdesk secure?

Yes, Fairdesk is a trustworthy and secure cryptocurrency exchange. The platform uses cutting-edge security features to protect user assets, including cold storage and two-factor authentication. The platform also offers complete proof of reserves to guarantee that user assets are always secure.

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