Best Crypto Trading Bots in Russia

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We all know how important a role the volatility of the market plays. Considering the high volatility, it is difficult for beginners to trade. However, amidst this, there is a tremendous boon to “crypto trading bots.”

In this article, we will be talking about the five best crypto trading bots in Russia and their products, pricing, security, pros, and cons. 

SuperalgosFree to useStandardDifficult to navigateavailableSuperlagos
PionexFree to usestandardBeginner-friendlyNot availablePionex
QuadencyFree to useStandard Beginner-friendlyNot availableQuadency
BitsgapChargeableStandard Beginner-friendlyAvailableBitsgap

1st Best Crypto Trading Bots in Russia: Superalgos

What is Superalgos?

Superalgos is an automated trading bot designed for traders who can apply their strategies on these bots available on Github. The platform displays all the crucial aspects of crypto trading.

The software is developed by a community of scientists, developers, and entrepreneurs. Users consume the algorithm through the open network and then build intelligent strategies that are flexible and smooth to run. 

The platform is vast, so to further understand the entire system read the superalgos review here

Superalgos: Products & Features

  • DATA-MINING & VISUALISATION: The bots fetch data from other exchanges and process them into data sets. The API maps and API data fetcher bots help you connect to any API on the internet.
  • STRATEGY DESIGN AND TESTING: The superalgos strategy and design help complete trade management. The visual design helps eliminate behaviours or strategies not working as expected. In addition, there is backtesting of strategies and paper trading. 
Best Crypto Trading Bots In Russia

Moreover, the superalgos trading bots are coordinated with tasks across multiple machines in your premises or clouds. 

Other features and products include free-of-cost projects, open-source trading bots, hiding your strategies, node-based visual scripting, visual validation of conditions and formulas, import and export in one click, intelligent access to all data, full access to trading bot information, execution modes, and much more. 

Superlagos Pricing

The platform, Superlagos, is accessible to everyone and all the functionality is available for free. 

Is Superalgos safe to use?

Talking about security, the platform in no way is involved in your assets. Since the bots operate at your premises. As long as your operators are safe to use, 

Superlagos Pros and Cons

Free to use. No license or certifications are available. 
Multiple features and products are provided.
The safety of your cryptocurrency is in your hands since the bots operate at your premises. Beginners may find it overwhelming to understand the operations of the platform. 
Beginner-friendly interface. The demo account does not let you run the bots. 

2nd Best Crypto Trading Bots in Russia: Pionex

What is Pionex?

Pionex is one of the most popular platforms that provides sixteen free in-built trading bots.

The best part about them is you do not have to connect your exchanges to use Pionex bots. So you can enjoy both the facility of exchanges and bot. Instead, you will have to transfer your assets to start using Pionex trading tools. 

Read the Pionex review here.

Pionex Products and Features

  • GRID TRADING BOT: Grid trading bots help you make a profit with the market’s volatility. This is an excellent bot for the strategy “BUY AND HODL”. All you have to do is set limits, and the bot will buy low and sell high at all times. Thus never missing an opportunity.  
  • TRADE WITH USD: A unique product that lets you trade with USD. However, to use this feature, you need to install the Pionex lite application. Also, note this product is not available in many countries. 
  • DOLLAR COST AVERAGING BOT: Dollar-cost averaging is the most straightforward trading strategy, and at the same time, traders make better returns. The strategy helps the user buy at the same dollar amount at regular intervals. Then, the bots keep running keeps buying the asset at the same price until the fund suffices. 
  • MOON(ULTRA WIDE RANGE GRID TRADING BOT): BTC/ETH moon are the strategies that were first adopted by Pionex. The bots here use the grid bot technology. However, while using this bot, you must have a good knowledge of the market. Since then only you can increase the price of the currencies. 
Pionex Grid Trading Bot

Pionex Fees

Pionex charges maker and taker fees. However, there are no deposit fees. The maker fee is 0.05%, and the taker fee is 0.05%. 

There are withdrawal fees for every respective coin. To know about the withdrawal charges for different coins, click here

Is Pionex safe to use?

Pionex is invested by Gaorong Capital, Shunwei Capital, and ZhenFund for more than 10,000,000 USD. In addition, Pionex has acquired MSB(Money Services Business) license by FinCEN. These two factors here are good enough reasons to make Pionex a safe platform to use. 

Pionex Pros and Cons

No service fees. Bots are free to use. There are withdrawal charges.
Beginner-friendly interface. To use Pionex, you must have crypto either on your exchange or wallet. 
Security is standard. You will have to deposit your money on Pionex to trade. 
Multiple in-built bots are available. 

3rd Best Crypto Trading Bots in Russia: Quadency

What is Quadency?

Quadency is a crypto platform that provides automated crypto bots and strategies. The platform is beginner-friendly and supports all kinds of traders.

They support more than fifteen hundred crypto assets. In addition, they support exchanges like Binance and Coinbase Pro.

The product here provides a bot that is strategized with pre-built popular strategies. Moreover, the quadency trading bots go live within minutes.

Read the Quadency review here

Quadency Products and Features 

  • Boosted Portfolio Analytics: This Quadency trading view helps in tracking the performance of your portfolio. You can track your assets of other exchanges and other external wallets. 
  • Functional Research Asset: The functional asset research saves you from the overwhelming information on the internet and social media. Out of which most of them are backed by sponsorship and advertisements. 
  • Mobile App: Quadency mobile application is supported on both Android and iOs.  On the mobile application, you can manage your assets portfolio and customize your strategies to automate trading all on one tap via the application on the mobile. 
  • QUAD Token: They will soon be providing the facilities of DeFi and CeFi together on one account of Quadency. With this, the Quadency token will also be launched. 

Quadency Pricing

Quadency is free to use for a limited period and selected services. Soon the platform will be launching a simplified pricing structure.  

If you require an unlimited plan or access to a strategy coder, let them know here.  

Is Quadency safe to use?

The security measures followed by the platform are as follows:

  • Encryption of API keys.
  • Strong passwords that are stored encrypted in Bcrypt
  • Admin panels are not exposed to a few authorized managers 
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Regular pen-testing of applications and infrastructure

To know more about security, all-in-one, click here.  

Quadency Pros and Cons  

Security are pretty standard. Few products are provided. 
The platform is free to use. No hidden or extra charges. 
Easy-to-understand interface. 

4th Best Crypto Trading Bots in Russia: Bitsgap

What is Bitsgap?

Bitsgap is an all-in-one platform where you get an exchange for trading and at the same time automated trading bots. They offer bots as a product. In addition, you will get a demo trading account for exposure. With Bitsgap’s one interface, you can trade on more than twenty popular exchanges. 

To know more about Bitsgap, read the Bitsgap review here.  

Bitsgap Products and Features

  • The Bitsgap bots are automated through algorithms that are strategized based on market conditions. With Bitsgap, you can connect these bots on the exchange you like. So you get to profit with all market movements. 
  • Your portfolio provides real-time performance information on your assets. The tracking is done accurately based on history, comes with no limitations, and has many other benefits.
  • Moreover, you can start practicing here on the demo account, where you will be provided with demo funds. For more information regarding the demo account, click Bitsgap Review
Best Crypto Trading Bots In Russia

Bitsgap Pricing

Bitsgap provides three kinds of plans: Basic, advanced pro. You can either pick a one-month plan or a six-month plan. The six-month plan saves 17% on the overall amount. 

Bitsgap Pricing
Bitsgap Pricing

Is Bitsgap safe to use?

Bitsgap does not have access to the funds of its users. The funds are securely kept on the exchanges and are connected by fully encrypted keys. They also provide the opportunity to secure your account with two-factor authentication.

All the data present on the platform is further protected with 2048-bit standard protocols and are stored on a secured network which Firewall protects. 

Bitsgap Pros and Cons 

The platform offers Standard security.High fees
No other charges except the subscription plan.
Demo account for exposure is provided with virtual funds. 

Best Crypto Trading Bots in Russia: Conclusion

Hope the platforms discussed above be helpful while choosing your preferred trading bot. Considering the prices, security, pros and cons, the process becomes convenient. However, it is always advisable to do your own research and opt for the platform that best fits your needs. 

Our best choice as crypto trading bot in Russia would be Superalgos if you’re a pro trader and developer as it’ll be a great opportunity to create your own strategies and play safe.

However, if you’re a beginner we’d recommend going with Pionex, as it is an exchange that comes with in-build bots and hence is much safer and simpler to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Superalgos legit?

Yes, Superalgos is a legit platform. The bots of Superalgos run on your exchange premises, thus ascertaining to the security. The open source network provides for developers and coders that built your bot. 

Is Pionex legal in the USA?

Yes, Pionex is legal in USA. 

How to use Pionex?

You can use Pionex by creating an account with them. Verify yourself, and you are good to go. Note that you can not connect your exchange, instead you will have to deposit your crypto on Pionex and then trade. 

Is Bitsgap mobile application available?

No, Bitsgap does not provide mobile application. 

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