10 Best Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups

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Nowadays, there are lots of expert crypto Telegram groups that have become important for successful investors. However, these groups can vary in quality. This article will talk about crypto telegram pump and dump groups.


Sno. Name LinkSubscribers 
1.CoinCodeCap Classic https://t.me/CoinCodeCap~ 22k
2. Crypto Pump Clubhttps://t.me/+Ue0k_5-yYSU0OThk241196
3.Pump Leaks https://t.me/pumpleaks45352
4.Wallstreet Gemshttps://t.me/+4VnzUA8fdq82Yzg128435
5.Crypto Pumps https://t.me/+iR6ak8_NefI4NTA124820
6.Big Pumps Binance https://t.me/+dfOF0OmHl6YwMjQ938968
7.Wallstreet Queenhttps://t.me/wallstreetqueenofficial245703
8. Verified Crypto tradershttps://t.me/VCT_Subscription_bot?start=a121NA
9.Universal Crypto Signals https://t.me/universalcryptosignals30184
10. OnwardBTChttps://t.me/OnwardBTCBot?start=a4NA
Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups

What are Pump and Dump Groups?

Pump-and-dump groups artificially inflate the price of a cryptocurrency through coordinated mass purchases, enticing other investors to join in and driving the price even higher. Once the price peaks, the group sells off their holdings, plummeting the price and resulting in losses for latecomers. These groups are widely seen as unethical and risky, as they manipulate markets and prioritize individual financial gain over a cryptocurrency’s actual value. Identifying manipulated cryptocurrencies is difficult, and there’s a high risk of financial loss. It’s advisable to conduct thorough research, base investment decisions on solid analysis, and avoid involvement with pump-and-dump groups.+

Warning – There are many fake crypto signal groups; therefore, please check their username very closely and verify the website, email, and Twitter. And try to buy using a website instead of Telegram.

Top 10 Crypto Telegram Pump and Dump Groups 

CoinCodeCap Classic

This channel is among the best pump-and-dump crypto telegram groups. We have recently started offering cryptocurrency signals to our Telegram channel members. Their Coinmonks team comprises experienced traders who generate signals using fundamental and technical analysis. With over 7,000 published articles and guides on cryptocurrency, their experts delve into the intricacies of the market to provide precise crypto trading signals. The administrator consistently shares market updates and essential information for placing orders in the CoinCodeCap Classic Telegram channel

Pump And Dump Groups
Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups: CoinCodeCap Classic

Crypto Pump Club

The Crypto Pump Club is excited to announce the long-awaited Mega Pumps. With the market favoring alternative coins and showing positive results, the timing is perfect for the next Mega Pump, which has the potential to yield returns of 500% or more. Market enthusiasts are encouraged to stay tuned to the channel notifications for further updates on this highly anticipated event.

10 Best Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups
Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups : Crypto Pump Club

Pump Leaks

After a period of anticipation, the Mega Pumps are expected to return to the market. Pump Leaks, known for being the largest and most profitable in the market, is gearing up for the next Mega Pump, with the potential for a 500% increase or more. Turning on notifications for the channel is recommended to stay updated on this significant event.

10 Best Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups
Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups : Pump Leaks

Wall Street Gems

The wait for the Mega Pumps is over. With the current market trend showing positive results and alternative coins on the rise, the timing is ideal for the next Mega Pump, which can bring returns of 500% or more. Market enthusiasts are advised to keep a close eye on notifications for the channel, as further updates are expected to be forthcoming.

10 Best Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups
Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups : Wall Street Gems

Crypto Pumps

Crypto Pumps have been a hot topic in the market for some time. Known for their massive returns and profitability, their release was carefully planned to align with favorable market conditions. The current market trend is promising, with alternative coins on the rise, and the time is now ripe for the next Crypto Pump. It is recommended to keep notifications on for the channel, as updates and further information are expected to be released shortly.

10 Best Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups
Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups : Crypto Pumps

Big Pumps Binance

The market has been buzzing with excitement for the next big Crypto Surge. These surges are renowned for their impressive profits and high returns, but their release was postponed until the market conditions were just right. With the current market showing promising trends and alternative coins on the rise, the time is now ripe for the next Crypto Surge. It is recommended to stay updated by keeping notifications on for the latest information and developments with Big pumps Binance which provides you with all pumps and dumps alerts. 

10 Best Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups
Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups : Big pumps Binance

Wallstreet Queen

WallStreet Queen is a highly regarded cryptocurrency signal provider in the rapidly changing crypto market. Their service goes beyond simple buy and sell alerts, offering in-depth market analysis, actionable trading strategies, and educational content to help traders make informed decisions. The team comprises experienced professionals from various fields, including financial analysis, data science, and blockchain technology. Their proprietary algorithm identifies profitable trading opportunities, which are communicated in real-time to traders. WallStreet Queen is dedicated to transparency and user empowerment, with regular performance reports and educational materials to help users understand their trades. It’s not just a signal provider, but a comprehensive platform for crypto trading education and strategy.

10 Best Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups
Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups : WallStreet Queen

Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders, also known as VCT, is renowned for its spot trading signals and YouTube content. The analysts on the platform are exceptionally skilled and employ advanced mathematical models and patterns to forecast market trends. Operating primarily through Telegram, the platform offers three channels and a group for platinum members. Additionally, it provides the option to utilize the Cornix bot for fully automating your trades. The administrators share crypto signals in the relevant channel based on either Scalp or Swing trades. Each post regarding a trading opportunity in any of the channels includes information about the buying range, take profits, and stop loss.

10 Best Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups
Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups : Verified Crypto Traders

Universal Crypto Signals

The public crypto signals Telegram channel of Universal Crypto Signals boasts a following of more than 27,000 individuals. Having commenced its crypto signal services in 2018, the platform maintains an impressive accuracy rate of over 96% for Binance altcoin trading. Utilizing multiple crypto signals on Telegram channels, they offer regular technical and fundamental market analysis. Their signals continue to be issued regardless of whether the market is bearish or bullish. Further details about the platform’s operations can be found on their homepage.

10 Best Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups
Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups : Universal Crypto Signals


The platform extends its crypto signals to both professional traders and beginners. OnwardBTC has even collaborated with Bybit to offer complimentary crypto signals for a month. All signals provided by the platform are underpinned by technical analysis. Additionally, OnwardBTC offers various types of crypto trading bots that operate 24/7, and their performance sheet is available for review. OnwardBTC functions through Telegram channels, all of which support the Cornix bot for trade automation. The OnwardBTC team specializes in leverage trading and has a partnership with Arya Signals. Moreover, users have the opportunity to engage with professionals through their premium Telegram group.

10 Best Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups
Crypto Telegram Pump And Dump Groups : OnwardBTC


In conclusion, being wary of pump-and-dump groups in the cryptocurrency market is crucial. These groups can manipulate prices, selling for profit before the crash, leaving investors with worthless assets. To safeguard yourself, stick to your strategy, conduct thorough research, and avoid blindly following market trends or group recommendations. Always prioritize due diligence and remain vigilant against market manipulation.

What are the drawbacks of pump and dump groups? 

The drawbacks of the crypto pump-and-dump groups include:

  • Unethical market manipulation.
  • Potential legal repercussions due to involvement in pump-and-dump schemes.
  • The high risk of financial loss for participants.

Additionally, these groups can damage the reputation of the cryptocurrency market, leading to decreased trust and confidence among investors

What are the features of the best pump-and-dump crypto groups?

The best pump-and-dump crypto groups typically claim to offer accurate and timely signals for coordinated buying and selling, promising substantial profits. They also provide a sense of community, exclusivity, and the potential for quick financial gains. However, it’s important to note that participation in pump-and-dump activities carries significant ethical and legal risks, and such groups are generally not recommended for responsible investing.

Are pump and dump signals legit?

Pump and dump signals are often associated with unethical and manipulative practices in the cryptocurrency market. While some may claim legitimacy, it’s important to approach such signals with caution. Participating in pump-and-dump schemes can carry legal and financial risks, and they are generally not considered a legitimate or responsible investment strategy. Focusing on sound investment principles and avoiding involvement in activities promoting market manipulation is advisable.

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