Bitoffer Review: Is it Safe or Scam?

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Bitoffer is among the new additions to the group of cryptocurrency exchanges in Hong Kong and has been active since 2019. So let us get dive into the features, fees, pros and cons, and a lot more about the platform in this Bitoffer review.


HeadquartersHong Kong
Customer Support24/7 efficient customer support
Futures TradingAvailable
Maker/ Taker Fee0.0005 BTC
Withdrawal Fee0.0005 BTC

What is Bitoffer?

Bitoffer is among the professional cryptocurrency derivatives trading platforms with its headquarters in Singapore. It adheres to the concept of endowing users to trade a wide variety of digital assets on an efficient and secure platform. Moreover, the platform devotes itself to building a world-class blockchain asset exchange through its high-quality and innovative services and products. Further, the platform also owns some of the top-level R&D techniques and a rich experience in operating.

Bitoffer Review

Bitoffer Review: Features

Some of the Bitoffer features are mentioned below, which makes this platform unique.

  • Bitoffer builds the most professional trading platform for investors worldwide.
  • The platform takes ‘STO’ as an opportunity and solves all the pain points of digital assets technically for building a transparent and efficient blockchain financial ecosystem.
  • Bitoffer creates an on-chain asset custody system based on smart contracts in a fair, transparent and high liquid trading environment by connecting the liquidity of the whole market so that the users can participate in the trading and custody.
  • Bitoffer always put the User Interface as its priority to create a more friendly environment for the users to trade cryptocurrency financial derivatives.
Bitoffer Features
Bitoffer Features

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How to start with Bitoffer?

To start trading with, you first have to sign up for an account on Bitoffer by following the below steps: 

  1. First, click on the “Login/Signup” link on the top right-hand corner of the Bitoffer official website. 
  2. Second, enter your first name, last name, mobile number, email ID, and password in the form. 
  3. Third, enter the referral code or sign-up using the link below.
  4. Fourth, submit the form and kindly wait for an activation email to be sent to you by the platform. 
  5.  Fifth, Click on the “confirm email” option given in the activation email sent to you. 
  6. Lastly, After your account is activated, you’ll be sent a six-digit OTP, which you must enter after logging into your Bitoffer account.
Start With Bitoffer
Start with Bitoffer

How to Deposit on Bitoffer?

  1. First, you have to visit the official website of the Bitoffer platform and log in to your account. 
  2. Then, go to the grey head portrait and select “Deposit”. 
  3.  Choose the coin/token you want to deposit or enter its keyword. 
  4. Lastly, after the deposit is completed, you can go back to and click the head portrait ->”Deposit”->History to know about your deposit

How to trade on Bitoffer?

To start trading with Bitoffer, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Bitoffer website, click “Login” from the menu, and enter your details.
  2. Now, Click on “exchange” to enter the trading page.
  3. If you want to purchase BTC at the current USDT price, choose USDT Market and enter BTC in the search box that appears. After this, you can enter to transaction page by clicking BTC/USDT pair.
  4. Finally, enter the buy area and refer to the token/coin price on the left. Further, choose the right sale price of BTC, enter the amount, and click the “Buy” button. 
  5. Moreover, you can also sell BTC same as Buy BTC.

Please note that the default price of the order area is the last transaction price. Therefore, you can choose a market price if you want to make a transaction quickly. However, if the market price of BTC/USDT is two, but you want to buy in 0.1, then you can choose the Limit Price.

How to Withdraw from Bitoffer?

  1. Log in to your Bitoffer account and then go to Assets-> My Wallet.
  2. After this, select the token or coin that you wish to withdraw.
  3. Enter the withdrawal address and the amount you wish to withdraw.
  4. Click on “Submit” and enter the verification code received by email to confirm your withdrawal.

Bitoffer Review: Wealth Management

The Bitoffer platform allows you to manage your wealth and earn profits on it with the help of its two products – 

1. Bitoffer Qualitative Fund

BitOffer Quantitative Fund is the first Capital & Interest Guaranteed Wealth Management product in the Cryptocurrency industry. This product was designed and launched by BitOffer and the Asian team of Goldman Sachs after having years of experience managing assets for institutions and high-net-worth clients. Further, some of the features of the BItoffer Qualitative Fund are as follows:

  • It comes with guaranteed capital and interest.
  • There’s no risk and offers a stable return.
  • It gives annualized returns of 12%.
  • The investment requirement is at least 100 USDT.

To purchase the Qualitative Fund, you have to log in on Then, click on “Quantitative Fund” and choose the product. Finally, click on “purchase”. After entering your investment amount, the purchase is made.

Bitoffer Qualitative Fund
Bitoffer Qualitative Fund

2. Bitoffer Dual-Currency

The Bitoffer dual-currency is a non-principal protected investment product with floating returns. As a result, the investors are not required to predict the market’s direction since they can earn stable returns even if the market dumps or pumps. In addition, the average daily return ranges between 0.2% to 1%. Moreover, it also supports different tenure for users to set up a flexible investment plan.

Bitoffer Dual-Currency
Bitoffer Dual-Currency

Bitoffer Review: BTC Options

BitOffer Bitcoin Options is the most innovative intraday option. It has some remarkable features as follows:

  • It comes with No Margin, No Trading Fee,
  • Supports up to 2,000X Leverage without any risk of getting liquidated.
  • Its most significant feature is that investors both own the opportunity to earn 1,000X profits, whether the bull market or bear market.
  • The BTC Options spot index price is calculated based on the real-time transaction price and the weight ratio of the seven major exchanges, which makes it fair and transparent.
  • This Bitcoin Options exchange comes with risk controllability and trading simplification features which has removed the limits for profits.

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Btc Options
BTC Options

Bitoffer Review: Bitoffer ETF

Bitoffer cryptocurrency ETF provides leveraged Bitcoin and Ethereum trading products convenient to the investors. The cryptocurrency ETF is a leveraged trading product related to the daily tokens price (3X Long, 1X Short, or 3X Short). For example, if the bitcoin or ETH price increases by 1%, correspondingly, 3X Long ETF would increase 3%, 1X Short ETF would decrease 1%, and 3X Short ETF would decrease 3%.

Moreover, to investors, ETFs are similar to spot trading. They can buy an ETF with USDT or sell it for USDT without limits. Also, buying or selling an ETF is the same as spot trading, and investors can earn profits by “Buy LOW and Sell HIGH” with no liquidation.

Bitoffer Etf
Bitoffer ETF

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Bitoffer Review: AMM Futures

Automated Market Makers (AMM) has been one of the most brilliant DeFi innovations. As for now, it has become the primary method to provide tokens’ on-chain liquidity. Moreover, AMM Futures is futures trading using AMM as the market-making pattern. Therefore, investors can complete leveraged trading in AMM Futures and provide liquidity to earn profits from market-making.

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Bitoffer Review: Fees

1. Bitoffer Trading Fees

It’s pretty interesting when we talk about the trading fees at the Bitoffer platform. The platform charges the same trading fees from both the takers and the makers, i.e., 0.0005 BTC. This amount is typical when we talk about the withdrawal fees but quite rare as trading fees. The Bitoffer trading fees are impressive when you make more extensive trades and the opposite when you make smaller trades.

Bitoffer Review: Fees
Bitoffer Review: Fees

2. Bitoffer Deposit Fees

When talking about the deposit fees at Bitoffer, the platform does not charge a single amount. Therefore, the deposits are free on the platform.

3. Bitoffer Withdrawal Fees

The Bitoffer platform charges a withdrawal fee of 0.0005BTC whenever you withdraw BTC. This withdrawal fee is approximately 40% lower than the global industry average, 0.000812 BTC. Therefore, the withdrawal fees are a consumer-friendly feature of the Bitoffer trading platform.

Bitoffer Withdrawal Fees
Bitoffer Withdrawal Fees

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Bitoffer Review: Mobile Application

The Bitoffer app is a one-stop platform that offers an efficient trading experience. It constitutes a top-level team from companies like Google, Facebook, etc. Further, with the help of the Bitoffer app, you can get price alerts, withdraw within a couple of taps, get professional market analysis charts and multi-language support. Moreover, you can download the iOS app.

Mobile Application
Mobile Application

Bitoffer Review: Customer Support

Bitoffer has efficient customer support that helps you find solutions for all your queries. You can message them or submit a request describing your problem. Moreover, you can also go and check their FAQ section and find relatable questions or look through the Announcements made by the platform. Further, you can also join their Telegram group for all the latest updates and connect with the Bitoffer team on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Youtube and Reddit.

Bitoffer Review: Pros and Cons

The platform offers a 50 USDT welcome bonus.No telephone support was provided.
The Bitoffer exchange organizes constant bonus campaigns.
There are worldwide account managers with multilingual one-to-one assistance.


Bitoffer is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency trading platform that is user-friendly, easy to use, and navigate. However, one of the negative things about Bitoffer is that it demands stressful KYC verification.  Moreover, the exchange offers extensive trading options for both beginners as well as professional traders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to transfer using the Bitoffer?

To transfer using the Bitoffer platform, you need to follow the below steps:
1. Log in to your Bitoffer account.
2. Go to “ Assets” > “My Wallet” to transfer
3. Now, choose the token that you wish to transfer.
4. Click on “Transfer”
5. Choose the direction and then enter the amount to be transferred.
6. Again, click on “Transfer”

Where is Bitoffer headquartered?

The Bitoffer platform is headquartered in Singapore.

How do I redeem my Quantitative Fund?

To redeem your quantitative fund, you need to follow the below steps:
1. Login using the official Bitoffer website
2. Click on Quantitative Fund
3. Select Redeem
4. Enter your redemption amount

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