BetterThanHold Review: Earn Crypto with Automated Trading

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Betterthanhold is known as an intelligent and reliable crypto trading bot provider founded in April 2020. Betterthanhold is a simple tool to manage your Bitcoin exposure without effort as an automated system keeps your holdings on the right side of the market. 


  • No need for installation of the app. Its Cloud-Based Services.
  • Automate Trading bot for Buys & Selling.
  • Simple and No long-term contracts.
  • BetterThanHold (Trading Bot) keeps an eye on orders 24/7
  • Pause and Activate Services for fewer risks.

What is BetterThanHold?

BetterThanHold is a crypto trading Bot provider that buys and sells selected assets based on preset strategies; it is considered the most straightforward bitcoin trading bot and a tool to outperform the crypto market consistently.

BetterThanHold works with Binance for buying and selling of assets and is an entirely cloud-based service.


BetterThanhold Features

  • 100% Automated Trading Bot: Users don’t have to keep checking the website to avoid any loss/risk. BetterThanHold is an automated trading software that runs on the cloud and takes care of all the orders.
  • Keeps the Crypto Secure: BetterThanHold will never ask for custody of your funds. Users’ crypto assets will always remain in their Binance exchange account and be managed there.
  • Better order execution: BetterThanHold automates a time-proven trading strategy that users can rely on to avoid market crashes. It is a price-action-based system that keeps users on the solid side of the market to prevent any risk.
  • Stay in control: Users can pause and then restart the automation as per their requirement, and the user can also manually operate the exchange.
Betterthanhold Returns
BetterThanHold Returns

How to get started with BetterThanHold?

  • After visiting the BetterThanHold website, click on start now; and then you’ll be redirected to the login page.
  • Thereafter, you’ll be able to see BetterThanHold plans.
  • After subscribing to a Plan, you’ll receive an email with a unique link to set up your Telegram Dashboard, a secure channel to communicate with BetterThanHold.
  • Now, you only need to set up the Telegram Dashboard and link the exchange.
  • After that, the account will be working in just 5 minutes following an easy one-time process where the user gets further info.

BetterThanhold Review: Payment Methods

BetterThaHold accepts various modes of payments to make payments of plans flexible for the user. 

  • VISA
  • AMEX

BetterThanhold Plans

BetterThanHold consists of various plans for the user per their requirements. The sort is mentioned below,

Betterthanhold Plans
BetterThanHold Plans

Is BetterThanHold Safe?

BetterThanHold is safe and secure cloud-based automated crypto trading platform. The full service runs on the cloud and integrates with your chosen exchange to trade and with Telegram to communicate with you. It’s recommended to have the Telegram app on your phone to get all the trading updates right there, but not mandatory.

BetterThanhold Review: Customer Service

BetterThanHold provides customer service via [email protected], or users can resolve their doubts on their live chat section.

BetterThanHold Pros & Cons

Only BTC-USD Trading
Pause and Activate the service.
Users have to buy a project to explore BetterThanHold30 Day money-back guarantee of subscribed plans
Fewer features to exploreNo long-term contracts.
No customer care contact number except for mail.100% automation


This BetterThanhold review concludes that it is considered a decent and good platform because it is an entirely automated trading bot and has partnered with Binance for cryptocurrency buying and selling.

Therefore, it is a good platform for those who want to invest the money and let the service do the work instead of monitoring the stats and buying and selling it. But they charge an amount for their service, which is justifiable, but if a user wants to take all services, they have to pay 299 EURO per month for all services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to download an app?

No, users don’t have to install any app on their device; they have to just sign up to the telegram app to get the information regarding buying and selling selected assets.

Is BetterThanHold a reliable Platform?

Yes, BetterThanHold is a trustworthy platform because BetterThanHold is an automated Trading Bot service that buys and sells selected assets; it is considered the most straightforward tool to manage bitcoin without exposure to cryptocurrency.

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Rhitik Parkash Bohat
Rhitik Parkash Bohat

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