Top Metaverse Projects & The Metaverse Index (MVI)

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The Metaverse is the generation’s evolution to pass on to their grandkids. In reality, Blockchain is a development that will have a more significant impact on the web than ever before. It isn’t easy to keep track of everything going on in the Metaverse right now, especially with all of the Metaverse tokens surging and breaking all-time highs. As the Metaverse develops, you’ll see many new notable names added to the roster. Here are the most critical Metaverse projects and concepts. 

As we can see, the Metaverse wave is sweeping the globe, and the market will soon be saturated with new Metaverse project ideas. However, several companies have already begun to work on it. So, here is a list of the top Metaverse projects that you should invest in right now: 

Sandbox ($SAND): Blockchain – Ethereum

The Sandbox is a three-dimensional metaverse that uses Blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs in a play-to-earn game. Players in the ecosystem can create and customize their avatars to access The Sandbox metaverse’s numerous landscapes, games, and hubs. Subsequently, the developed digital items can be monetized with NFTs and sold on the Sandbox Marketplace for SAND tokens.

The Sandbox is a collection of different games, locations, and other experiences rather than a single game. The team has left the world open-ended, allowing artists and gamers to construct, own, and monetize the Metaverse in the future. $SAND is the native token of Sandbox. The sandbox virtual environment is built on Ethereum Blockchain.

Metaverse Projects: Sandbox ($Sand): Blockchain - Ethereum
Sandbox ($SAND): Blockchain – Ethereum

Enjin ($ENJ): Blockchain – Ethereum

Enjin Network is an Ethereum-based platform that provides the foundation for blockchain-based gaming and economy. Game makers can use Enjin’s blockchain technology to store their in-game assets on the Blockchain, making them publicly verifiable/immutable and transferable across games.

Enquiring about the features that ENJ provides to its users. It enables them to trade in NFTs and use QR codes for quick and painless transactions. We’d recommend holding this currency for the long term if you’re looking for trading advice because its price is predicted to double or triple in the following years. The native token of Enjin is $ENJ. $ENJ reached its ATH of $4.85 on Nov 25, 2021.

Enjin ($Enj): Blockchain - Ethereum
Enjin ($ENJ): Blockchain – Ethereum

Bloktopia ($BLOK):  Blockchain – Polygon

Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper in the Metaverse with 21 floors, created to honour Bitcoin’s total maximum supply of 21 million coins (BTC). In the Bloktopia virtual world, users will be able to buy and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs), purchase digital ad spaces, own real estate, and more. Others are working to develop the Metaverse to establish a new world. For example, Blocktopia concentrates on constructing a 21-story structure accommodating everything from crypto classes to the penthouse. The native token of Bloktopia is $BLOK, and it reached an ATH of $0.177 on Oct 31, 2021.

Bloktopia ($Blok):  Blockchain - Polygon
Bloktopia ($BLOK):  Blockchain – Polygon

Star Atlas ($Atlas): Blockchain – Solana

We now move on to the next project in the Top Metaverse Projects list, Star Atlas. This project is in no way related to the previous three. Instead, Star Atlas creates a Metaverse cosmic world that will transport its users to the universe’s farthest reaches. It is based on play-and-earn mechanics and player ownership in a 24/7 virtual economy where players can trade, make contracts, and engage in battle in real-time. Star Atlas intends to provide an entire virtual economy, with cargo shipping, travel, fuel management, and defense powering becoming economic factors for players. In addition, players can earn in-game money in several positions. 

It’s one of the earliest Metaverse games that use a dual coin system. $ATLAS and $POLIS are the two main currencies in Star Atlas. $POLIS is a low-velocity store of value with a fixed supply, and $ATLAS is an inflatable currency intended for trading in-game assets. While $ATLAS is gained through fighting, $POLIS grants players ownership and management of space cities. $ATLAS reached an ATH of $0.267549 on Sep 04, 2021.

Star Atlas ($Atlas): Blockchain - Solana
Star Atlas ($Atlas): Blockchain – Solana

Metahero ($HERO): Blockchain – Binance Smart Chain

Metahero is the most recent addition to the best Metaverse projects list. The project was launched in the year 2021. Metahero introduces 3D scanning and modeling technology to the market, allowing users to create ultra-realistic 3D avatars and virtual products in games, virtual reality, social networking, and online fashion. NFTs can also be made from real-world artwork and collectibles using this technology.

Metahero’s technology bridges the gap between artists, entrepreneurs, and gamers in novel ways. Through its native token, $HERO, one option is based on real-world commercial applications such as social media and art. Furthermore, Metahero is at the forefront of a ground-breaking meta-scanning technology that boasts some of the most powerful graphic rendering capabilities in history. $HERO reached an ATH of $0.252021 on Dec 02, 2021.

Metahero ($Hero): Blockchain - Binance Smart Chain
Metahero ($HERO): Blockchain – Binance Smart Chain

Nakaverse: Blockchain: Blockchain – Polygon

Within the NAKA ecosystem, NAKAVERSE is a fully autonomous economy. Players will purchase digital land and construct their section of the Nakamoto Games economy with NAKA tokens. NAKAVERSE allows play-to-earn gamers to compete for rare materials and produce valuable things in a vibrant in-game economy. NAKAVERSE is made entirely in-house by a team of more than seventy employees who are all passionate about gaming and the Metaverse. The goal of Nakaverse is to draw in both gamers and game makers. Developers will also use the platform to launch and sell their gaming creations. They’re not just making a single game but a complete ecosystem for play-to-earn games. $NAKA reached an ATH of $7 in October 2021.

Nakaverse: Blockchain: Blockchain - Polygon
Nakaverse: Blockchain: Blockchain – Polygon

What’s the best approach to maintain track of Metaverse tokens and get the most value out of them?

Metaverse Index: 

Index Coop has launched the Metaverse Index ($MVI). Index Coop’s Metaverse Index is a collection of tokens designed to capture the trend of entertainment, sports, and commerce moving to the virtual world. An ERC20 token is used to represent the index. Based on the metaverse concept, MVI offers a straightforward way to catch a broad market trend without constantly researching and rebalancing a portfolio. To evaluate tokens for inclusion and removal, the index uses a set of visible rules. In addition, when compared to buying and selling tokens individually, using a buying index saves money on gas. To know everything about how MVI works, click here.

Metaverse Index: 
Metaverse Index

The $MVI includes the following tokens in the index:

  • Illuvium ($ILV): 
  • Enjin ($ENJ).
  • The Sandbox ($SAND).
  • WAXE ($WAXE).
  • Audius ($AUDIO).
  • Ethernity Chain ($ERN).
  • NFTX ($NFTX).
  • Terra Virtua ($TVK).
  • Rarible ($RARI).
  • Decentral Games ($DG).
  • REVV ($REVV).
  • Muse ($MUSE).
  • Meme ($MEME).


To summarise, this post has explored the most exemplary metaverse projects to keep an eye on, their qualities, and why they have such high potential. Though Metaverse is still in development, it will need a few more years to evolve to the point where it can attract a large number of users. Only a few projects excel at fully utilizing the space.

If you have restricted time to buy or trade-in Metaverse projects, indexes like Metaverse Index are the ideal alternative (MVI). MVI is composed of top Meatverse projects and could be an excellent long-term investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Facebook (Meta) own the Metaverse?

Just like one company cannot own the “Internet”, one cannot hold the “Metaverse.” Facebook is working to onboard its own Metaverse, but it is not “The Metaverse.”

How expensive is land on Metaverse?

As the Metaverse is gaining popularity, land prices are reaching the skies. A land in Metaverse can cost as much as $4 Million and as low as $11,000. A year ago, you could have purchased land for approx $2000, but today it is a far-fetched dream.

Should I invest in Metaverse projects?

Investing is a personal choice. But before investing, one must do thorough research about the project, read their whitepaper, background of the team, tokenomics, market cap, etc. 

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