Top Reasons Why Buying StreamCoin Is The Next Big Thing

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Are you considering an investment in Altcoins?

This is definitely the most ideal time to invest, now that StreamCoin is here. A quick question must always linger in the mind of an investor…is it worth the deal to invest in StreamCoin? Well, there are more than enough reasons why crypto investors should consider StreamCoin as their next investment plan.

Imagine a situation where you stand a chance to multiply your investment several folds? This is exactly what awaits you that very moment you make the wise decision to invest in StreamCoin. This is a coin with the potential to explode thousands of times within a short time.

The StreamCoin team is building a project with real utility, and this is one of the reasons why crypto analysts believe that it is going to grow exponentially. With the real use cases, then StreamCoin will be among the powerful projects, like Bitcoin, that are growing their value because of the demand their coins are organically creating in the crypto industry. This makes an ideal crypto investment because price growth is almost a guarantee.

The other reason why buying StreamCoin would be the smartest investment decision this year is the disruptive products the team is building. The StreamCoin team has built a powerful blockchain (StreamChain), a global streaming platform (MeiTalk), an NFT marketplace, a research platform and a utility token for the ecosystem called GaStream. These are the 5 major projects in the StreamCoin ecosystem.

MeiTalk will be the most disruptive product, and the biggest reason investors are buying this coin. It is the products that make this project stand out. The MeiTalk is a powerful global live streaming platform that gives streamers incredible advantages over the current streaming platforms.

MeiTalk will be a cheaper and faster streaming platform because of the powerful blockchain, Stream Chain, it is running on. Among the features making MeiTalk stand out include multicasting to 50+ broadcasting channels, full control over ads, 100% revenue for streamers, auto-generated multiple languages, and many others, as put in the StreamCoin whitepaper.

Streamers on MeiTalk can also mint NFTs from their streaming content and sell them on the Stream NFT marketplace. This is an extra income. MeiTalk also rewards viewers for watching streaming videos. That’s how disruptive this streaming platform will be.
The bottom line is that StreamCoin is a powerful crypto project with the potential to skyrocket 1000x. With the disruptive products the team is building, StreamCoin will experience mass adoption. Therefore, the $STRM price is projected to start exploding when MeiTalk’s mass adoption starts.

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Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

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