Top 10 Crypto Airdrops In November

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Crypto platforms often launch airdrops or giveaways that help the platforms in driving in new users to their protocol or platform and increase the user base of their product.

These airdrops are often distributed by following some basic easy-to-do instructions or by simply being active in their network.  Here’s the list of the top ten crypto airdrops in November. 

BYDFI Airdrop

BYDFI is the leading crypto trading platform that makes buying and selling crypto safe and easy. Rewards at BYDFI come in the form of mystery boxes which can be availed upon completing certain tasks as shown in the image below.

Top 10 Crypto Airdrops In November
BYDFI Airdrop

Further, apart from the mystery boxes, you’re also entitled to BYD token mining at BYDFI which can be used for availing trading fee discount vouchers. 

How To Apply For The BYDFI Airdrop? 

To win the airdrop of BYDFI all you have to do is create an account with them.

  • Visit the official BYDFI website.
  • Enter all the details and register yourself,
  • Complete your KYC.
  • Once completed you will win a mystery box that can let you win UPTO $500.

ASTRA Airdrop

Astra is a decentralized protocol dealing in compliance with financial regulation for the WEB3 platformS.

It is a legal network that helps in the standard regulation of KYC, AML, Reporting, and KYB by providing tools that meet the next-generation regulatory standards.

$ASTR is the native token of the ASTRA platform, thereby launching its airdrop of $30,000 worth of $ASTR. 

Astra Airdrop
ASTRA Airdrop

How To Apply For The ASTRA Airdrop?

  • Register yourself here on ASTRA Protocol ,
  • To apply for the ASTRA airdrop you must follow them on the CoinMarketCap community. 
  • Follow ASTRA on Twitter and Telegram.
  • Add ASTRA to your Coinmarketcap watchlist. 

OneRare Airdrop

OneRare is the world’s first play-to-earn game on Web3 developed on Polygon. The game is all fun and easy which foodies and cooking game lovers will love the most.

The game is developed such that the gamer has to collect the food ingredients to cook the food. The gamer can purchase the ingredients from OneRare’s marketplace or can earn by staking $ORARE tokens.  

To help introduce the OneRare game to gamers the platform has launched an airdrop of five-ingredient NFTs worth $3 and $15 each 

Onerare Airdrop
OneRare Airdrop

How To Apply For The OneRare Airdrop?

You can apply for the OneRare airdrop by following the steps given below: 

  • Add OneRare ($ORARE) to your CoinMarketCap Watchlist
  • Follow OneRare on CMC Community, Twitter
  • Tag 3 of your friends and retweet this Pinned Tweet
  • Follow the founder of OneRare on Twitter
  • Join OneRare on Instagram, Discord, SubReddit, Telegram

SaTT Airdrop

SaTT is a WEB3 platform that is here to revolutionize how social media branding and networking work on WEB2.

The platform fairly rewards everyone for their own message and content on the social media handles through the smart contracts on Blockchain. The interface is user-friendly it works as simply as it gets: post, exploit, harvest, and earn. 

The platform is celebrating the launch of its web3 Dapp with an airdrop of100,000,000 SATT. 

Top 10 Crypto Airdrops In November
SaTT Airdrop

How To Apply For The SaTT Airdrop?

You can apply for the SaTT airdrop by following the steps given below: 

  • Add SaTT to your CoinMarketCap watchlist
  • Follow SaTT’s CoinMarketCap community account, Twitter account
  • Retweet SaTT’s pinned tweet
  • Join SaTT’s Telegram group, Telegram channel, and YouTube channel
  • Sign Up for the SaTT Wallet
  • Join SaTT’s Facebook page (optional)

TokenBot Airdrop

TokenBot is the web3 tokenized network built as an algorithmic network for advanced traders. The platform is the largest network for copy traders as well.

The social network of TokenBot also rewards its traders for copy trading by $TKB token. The ecosystem of TokenBot consists of Algo Traders, Copy Traders, Exchanges, Telegram groups, and discords.    

The platform has launched an airdrop worth 149,619,965 TKB. 

Tokenbot Airdrop
TokenBot Airdrop

How To Apply For The TokenBot Airdrop? 

  • Add TKB to your CoinMarketCap watchlist
  • Follow TokenBot on CoinMarketCap and Twitter profile
  • Retweet TokenBot’s pinned tweet and tag five crypto friends
  • Join TokenBot’s Telegram group, Discord server
  • Sign Up to
  • Read TokenBot’s whitepaper
  • Add Alpha Cart NFT to your watchlist on OpenSea.

Metaplex Airdrop

Metaplex is an open-source and free-to-use platform built on the Solana blockchain. The platform supports thousands of creators and builders to develop, create, and earn.

The Metaplex canvas toolkit enables users to create customized NFT for future collectors. It is one of the largest NFT builder platforms and has minted over twenty-two million NFTs. And now Metaplex is launching an airdrop. 


How To Apply For The Metaplex Airdrop?

  • You can claim the airdrop here.
  • To apply for Metaplex airdrop your wallet must be active in their ecosystem and that’s the main criterion to be eligible for the airdrop
  • There are about six eligibility breakdowns, for example, you must be a candy machine creator, Solana NFT collector, and others. 

How Long Does The Metaplex Airdrop Last?

No information is available. You can read the whitepaper for more information.

Sei Airdrop

Sei is a layer one blockchain built for exchange owners to operate better. The blockchain Sei has to offer enough for exchange owners, for example, it is one of the fastest blockchains, and frequent batch auctioning, check out their ecosystem here. Sei is launching a number of testnet missions in the form of airdrops. 

Sei Airdrop
Sei Airdrop

How To Apply For The Sei Airdrop?

  • To apply for the Sei airdrop visit this page
  • You must have the Metamask wallet. 
  • Complete the missions as said, and you will keep getting points. 


Applying or registering in Airdrops is a good opportunity to win free coins/tokens. It helps new users and encourages them to interact with the platform and their product further.

However, there are enough scams and fake airdrops that are meant for fraud which can lead to loss of money. Before investing in any token for the sake of airdrop make sure the platform is legit. 

The best way to save yourself from scams is the kind of airdrops where you simply have to register and complete some entries for the platform. It is the safest. Want to try out the safest airdrop?

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