TigerTrade Review – An Advance Crypto Trading Terminal

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Every trader needs a tool that will help him analyse markets, execute orders, control risks, test, and optimize strategy.

TigerTradeSoft is one of the most complex, but easy to learn, platform for crypto trader.

A customizable workspace, interactive visualization of market data, and excellent filtering components are just a small part of what you can get. So, let’s review TigerTrade.

Shortlist of features

  • In addition to standard indicators, unique indicators, implemented based on volume analysis
  • Simple visual trading using mouse and hotkeys
  • Trailing orders, breakeven order, stop orders, trigger orders
  • A dynamic DOM with a built-in smart tape, presented in a graphically usable view
  • Customizable hotkeys for the most critical functions and trading operations
  • A trading simulator for making orders without risk for real funds
  • History player
  • Trade history for maintaining statistics of orders independent working layers for comfortable trading on multiple monitors

TigerTrade platform Tools

Charts and Indicators – a comprehensive list of standard indicators.

Footprint – Create clustered graphs that display the distribution of volume within each bar for the selected parameters with the ability to filter data.

Indicators for the volume analysis – Identify zones of accumulation of medium and large volumes on the graph using unique indicators.

Dynamic DOM – Visualize the dynamics of price changes.

Smart tape of transactions – Display of the flow of market transactions with the ability to customize and filter incoming data.

Trade Journal – All information about trades in an accessible and convenient view for future analysis with the possibility of constructing a yield curve

Risk Manager – Restriction of losses in case of violation of the established loss limit.

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Charts are the most important sources of information for traders. TigerTradeSoft terminal supports various types of charts, including the classic candlestick and the footprint chart. 

Traders can perform high-quality technical analysis using an extensive list of indicators and graphical objects.

Besides, the terminal has several unique indicators that allow you to assess the current market situation. Besides, you can combine indicators like SMA of RSI, EMA of buys or sell, and others.

  • 5 types of charts
  • 20+ footprint options
  • 50+ indicators
  • 20+ drawing objects
  • Hotkeys trading
  • On chart mouse trading
Tigertrade Chart Review
TigerTrade Chart review
Tigertrade Review - An Advance Crypto Trading Terminal
Advance charts review

Depth-Of-Market (DOM)

TigerTradeSoft uses a dynamic depth of market. In contrast to the classic DOM, it helps you track the dynamics of price changes. 

In the DOM window, you can also see three sections. 

The first section shows the open position, financial results for the day, and a list of your latest transactions.

Next, you can see a section with a fully customizable footprint chart. 

The last section displays a trade feed with bubbles, which can show the unique balance indicator and the overall volume histogram for the current day.

  • Dynamic DOM
  • Footprint Chart (different types)
  • Trade Feed (have filter settings)
  • Dashboard

Times & Sales

The trade feed shows the market orders in real-time using a table with information about the volume, time, price, and direction of each trade.

The alert system lets you set a specific color or sound for each row with a volume that goes higher than you specify. Besides, the features for aggregating and filtering trades that are designed to structure incoming data and eliminate extra noise.

Aggregate Trades

  • View Changes In Open Interest
  • Filter Transactions By Volume
  • Set Up Alerts
  • Buy / Sell pressure


The terminal includes two analytics modules. 

  • All Price
  • Volume Search

Price tables generate information about the traded volume at each price during a specific time interval.

This information plays a vital role in determining the critical levels for the upcoming trading session. 

The volume search module allows you to search for the values of a large volume and its location and price level on the chart.

Risk Management and stats

You can view overall statistics by the asset or account. There are two modes – a statistics chart and a performance report that will include such variables as Sharpe Ratio, Drawdown, Profit factor, Paid fees commission, and others.

The risk manager will disable trading if the conditions you set are met.

Tigertrade Risk Management Review
Tigertrade Risk Management review
Tigertrade Stats Review
Tigertrade Stats review

How to get started?

TigerTradeSoft’s policy for new users is very loyal. 14 days of fully functional trial gives you the possibility to get familiar with this software or even earn to buy a license after trial ends.

After the registration on the website, you will get your 14 trial activated automatically.

So you can download the software and start trading immediately. Procurement of licenses can be done by different cryptos and by PayPal (card payment).

Why should you give a try to TigerTradeSoft?

Many platforms give you the possibility of volumetric analysis, but TigerTradeSoft is the most customizable among them. 

Different clusters views like delta, volume, bid and ask, imbalance, and others. 

And every view haves so many parameters that you can combine and make your market representation. 

TigerTradeSoft can detect iceberg orders, build heatmaps, find big trades, and alarm you about them. 

The Stoploss and Takeprofit can be set as a preset of defensive strategy for every asset, so they will be placed automatically when the initial order is executed. 

TigerTradeSoft gives you the possibility to trade from the chart with a mouse so you can easily adjust your orders visually. 

Besides, it provides an extensive alert system for volume detection, for drawing objects touch, for indicators crosses or values. 


TigerTradeSoft is a desktop application, and it stores everything locally under heavy encryption. There is no third party involved rather than your exchange and your copy of the software.


A monthly license will cost you just 49$. It is affordable even for those who just started their journey in trading.

TigerTrade Pros and Cons


  • very customizable
  • different order types
  • good usability
  • different timeframes (ranges, volume, time)
  • proxy connection 
  • unique methods and indicators for analysis
  • fast support and growing community
  • Available platforms Bitmex, Binance, ByBit, HitBTC, Deribit 


  • Mac users need to use virtualization software.
  • No telegram or webhook alerts
  • Desktop application (aka no cloud features)
  • No percentage values for orders and funds management
  • No “one-click” order for multi accounts managers aka mirror trading 


TigerTradeSoft team always implement best practices in their highly customizable software. 

They do provide quick and reliable support from the developer or community. This software has some unique features and indicators. 

The application is a fast performing terminal for traders. Alerts system is beneficial and has some features that are available only for TradingView Pro accounts. 

TigerTradeSoft can be used to trade multiple accounts and exchanges simultaneously. 

Beginners can grow their trading talents in simulator or player modes. 

The risk manager can be used for prop traders or managers to avoid significant losses. 

Let us know about our review of TigerTrade in the comment section.

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