FixedFloat Review: An Insight into the Lightning Crypto Exchange

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There exist thousands of crypto exchanges in the crypto industry which marks the unique feature of both blockchain technology and the vast crypto space.

Crypto exchanges flourish day by day as the number of cryptocurrencies increases abundantly. These exchanges facilitate traders to enlist and trade their coins. Sometimes the traders are gifted rewards.

An example of such an exchange is FixedFloat, the exchange that provides the community with fast and safe services with a variety of virtual currencies. 

FixedFloat Review: A Lightning Crypto Exchange

FixedFloat, the fully automatic crypto exchange with Lightening Network, was launched in 2018 by a group of blockchain enthusiasts having a business, finance, and network technology backgrounds.

The exchange possesses fully automated technologies and provides instant features for digital assets.

The FixedFloat website’s browsing is incredibly simple and user-friendly, securing new customers with an ideal network. It is a great advantage of the company that it offers a top-tier digital exchange platform, exclusively furnished to meet even the minute requirements of the community.

FixedFloat Exchange Details

Number of supported coins/tokens54
Available on MobileUnder development

Characterestics of FixedFloat

The three major advantages of FixedFloat are speed, convenience, and security.


The transactions on FixedFloat are quick with reasonable and transparent rates and there are no additional charges remitted.


The exchange is built to ensure the convenience of the customers in a way that they can enter the platform without registering or logging in. Instead, they can simply get in by scanning the QR code with their wallets or by entering the address on the platform.


FixedFloat, which is a decentralized digital platform, has no third parties or intermediaries involved, which makes everything secure and transparent. In addition, no customer cash is maintained on the site.

  • Cross-platform functionality: FixedFloat is built in such a way that it can perform flawlessly on any device.
  • Time management: The fully automated system enables automatic replies to any queries put forward by the customers.
Fixedfloat Platform Interface
FixedFloat platform interface

Furthermore, the exchange possesses innumerable features making it unique from other exchanges. For instance, the medium provides easy access as there is no know-your-customer (KYC) compliance requirement on the platform. Also, the exchange secures and protects the customers’ data so that they can be confident about privacy. The policy of the platform not to keep or store users’ coins make it more secure.

The transparency of the platform is so evident that it displays accurately even the recent transactions. The details including the time involved in each transaction are also exhibited.

Recent Transactions On Fixedfloat
Recent transactions on FixedFloat

Affiliate Program

When the users initially sign up for FixedFloat’s affiliate program, they will receive 40% of the profit from each exchange. Follow these steps to get benefitted from the affiliate program.

  1. Sign up and you will receive an affiliate link.
  2. Drop the link in the resources area to make it accessible for the people so that they can have transactions.
  3. Users will receive 40% of the profit generated by each exchange.

Fee Structure and Transaction Order

There is a tendency is crypto traders to select the cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of the trading fee charged by the exchanges. Thus, the investors show more preference for exchanges with favorable fee structures.

At FixedFloat, there are two exchange strategies from which the users can select either of them. They are fixed-rate and floating-rate transactions.

  • Fixed-rate: Fixed rate is1%+ network. It is the price that is seen at the beginning of a transaction which the users are supposed to pay if they choose a fixed rate.
  • Float rate: The floating rate is a 0.5% network fee. If users opt for the floating price, the exchange determines the price when users’ funds arrive.

It is noted on the exchange’s website that the network fee is the fee decided by the blockchain network without the interference of the platform. The network fee is utilized to provide to the miners and validators as compensation for their services such as block searches and transaction validations.

FixedFloat has some of the market’s lowest minimum limits ($1).

FixedFloat allows its users to have three options for tracking their orders during the transaction process:

  • Through email (if the users provide their email addresses)
  • On the FixedFloat website (if the users’ browsers accept cookies)
  • By checking the track of the ledger where users transferred their funds.

After the order has expired, the users still have two options- either renew the order at the ongoing market rate or request a refund.

Interestingly, FixedFloat’s users can resume where they left off, especially if they accidentally logged out of the page. During such situations, the users can:

  • Open the order page and enter the wallet address.
  • If the browser accepts cookie technology, open
  • A link will be provided and the code can be completed.

Cryptocurrencies on FixedFloat

FixedFloat owns a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Currently, the exchange claims to have 54 currencies, each with diverse traits. Recently, the exchange added two new coins, namely, Avalanche (AVAX) and Solana (SOL) to its repertoire. More and more trading pairs and supported currencies are introduced to the platform.

FixedFloat: Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Quick, secure, and trustworthy
  • Reasonable rates
  • Comparatively lower fees
  • Choice of rates: fixed and floating exchange rates
  • Simple to handle
  • Trouble-free network confirmations
  • More supported trading pairs and tokens
  • Easy entry into the exchange
  • All-time customer service
  • Automated services


  • Unacceptance of fiat currencies
  • FixedFloat is not enlisted as many cryptocurrencies, unlike other exchanges.

Closing Remarks

FixedFloat stands firm in the competing crypto field with its specific features like easy and transparent transactions, the lack of KYC, an ample number of tokens, and simple usage.

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