PointPay Plans to be a Tier-1 Crypto Exchange

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PointPay is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform and has an ecosystem that offers banking and payment facilities as well. It is a one-stop destination for all investors and traders and therefore, they recognize itself as, a “Crypto EcoSystem for 7 Billion People”. In a recent interview with CoinCodeCap, the CEO of PointPay, Vladimir Kardapoltsev, shared his journey with the company and its future plans.

PointPay started its journey in 2018. Vladimir joined the team in May 2021 as the Chief Project Officer and was among one of their first hires. The CEO shared that he wanted to be a part of the booming crypto industry as he was passionate about IT innovations. Earlier, his primary role in PointPay was to “re-engineer the exchange, launch the Launchboard project, and create a new corporate structure.” 

In October, Vladimir took over the company as the CEO and established strong working relationships with every employee as he knew each team member personally. The crypto exchange which started with only 15 employees, within nine months expanded rapidly and got onboard 150 members from all across the world. 

The CEO is currently focusing on creating strategic innovations for the overall growth of the company. He is responsible for the growth in monthly revenue, sales, and hiring process and is also brainstorming ideas to make “PointPay more stable and profitable.” 

PointPay’s Growth Rate

Amidst the volatility of the crypto market, PointPay achieved incredible success last year. The company got listed on four major exchanges named: BitGlobal or Bithumb, Bitrue, Bittrex Global, and WhiteBIT which led to over $10 million in growth in their trading volume. The CEO shared that the exchange managed to see overall massive growth of 203%, making a profit of $50 million. The number of active users also increased to 200,000, showing an increase of 343% increase in customer acquisition. 

The team has bought a series of upgrades on the platform in terms of services which has contributed to the success. The updates led to the growth of the number of returning customers, and also led to the number of downloads of the application from both Android and iOS customers. 

PXP – The Native Token 

PointPay also has its token, PXP (‘ERC20’) which is currently trading at a lower price than it was on ICO. It is listed on all the four exchanges PointPay is associated with but is not available on their website. The CEO said they are unable to make any price prediction because of the current situation of the market, there is also no definite way to manipulate the price of the token. 

However, the company is already implementing methods to increase the demand for the token. The deflationary token model has already been inculcated and they are planning ways to increase the utility of the same. The Launchboard on PointPay’s platform was created to provide token holders access to significant projects in the crypto space. 

They are following the lead of Binance Token, BNB, and are curating ways to ensure that PXP “has value even during a bear market by regularly burning tokens and increasing utility”, said the CEO. 

Company Strategies 

When asked about the company’s vision, Vladimir shared that PointPay is aiming to be among the top three crypto ecosystems in the world. Plans about increasing their customer base, product lines, and use cases of cryptocurrencies are ongoing. 

He also revealed that they will integrate KYC policy in the upcoming year and it is among their top priorities. However, for the time being, it will only be available for eligible consumers. The ultimate goal is to make it available to all their users. While the company is gearing up to complete the integration soon, they are also ensuring the security of their consumers and complying with all the regulations. 

The company is also aiming to expand globally and become a Tier-1 crypto exchange with the launch of its new products. It might also bring updates to the three existing products: PointPay Launchboard, The PointPay Escrow Platform, The PointPay Talent Platform

In the end, Vladimir shared the goal of PointPay to serve the world, “We aim to revolutionize the global financial system by promoting cryptocurrencies and making them more accessible. We are driven by our international community of customers and enthusiasts from all over the world. We are currently serving hundreds of thousands of businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers across the globe. However, we plan to reach seven billion people across the globe—regardless of income or location.” 

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