MG Motors Announces the Metaverse Platform MGVerse.

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Key Takeaways

  • MG Motor unveils its vision for the MGCVerse, a Metaverse platform. It will provide its customers and stakeholders with an immersive experience across multiple platforms.
  • As per MG, the platform is being developed zone by zone and will be prepared to offer users virtual experiences by the holiday season this year.
  • NFT purchasing will be accessible through the NFT Gallery. Correspondingly, under the Gaming Arena, users will be ready to enjoy racing games. There will also be a Car Club area where users can tour a car museum and socialize.

MG Motor has entered the metaverse to provide an interactive experience for its customers and interested parties. Under the brand name ‘MGVerse,’ it will be the firm’s future-ready metaverse platform to construct upon virtual customer interaction content in opportunity to equip the future generation with creative brand experiences, which will be accessible in phases beginning this holiday season.

MG Motors is following the footsteps of Nissan and Toyota, customers will be given a virtual car shopping experience with the help of a 3D avatar. Customers can also purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and participate in action games in separate areas of the MG Verse.

MG Verse will also have a knowledge centre where colleagues can learn new skills and participate in virtual training sessions.

“In human history, digital technologies have advanced faster than any other innovation.” MGverse is a step forward in which consumers engage with visualised forms of data in the same way that they do in the actual world. “At MG, we strive to provide immersive experiences to our customers at every touchpoint. MGverse is our vision for building our Metaverse, in which we and our partners will constantly explore, innovate, improve, and develop new solutions to consistently improve the customer experience in the future,” stated Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer, MG Motor India.

 MGverse will also have an Explore & Creator’s Center which will allow users to personalise, accessorise, and create their preferred MG vehicle in the Metaverse. Customers will also be able to take virtual test drives in their preferred cities and streets. Customers will be able to book their MG cars from the comfort of their own homes.

For  GenZ and GenAlpha to interact and engage with the platform and enjoy its services, the platform will be available on mobile as well as other web browsers. MG also intends to provide a similar experience for VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, allowing for a more lifelike experience at home and in dealerships. The platform will be implemented in stages, with the first phase taking place during the upcoming holiday season.

“The five zones of the MG Verse will be the focus areas,” Gaurav Gupta explained.

@MGMotorIn tweeted today saying the Future is here, and the company is teeming with enthusiasm to display their journey to help enhance and strengthen  human interaction.”

Last December, MG was one of the first automakers to release its NFT catalogue. MG used the NgageN platform from Indian web3 startup Koinearth to allow collectors to buy NFTs with fiat money rather than only crypto.

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