IQ Crypto Price Analysis: A Smart Investment or a Dumb Move?

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If you are looking for a fun and informative article on IQ crypto price analysis, you have come to the right place. IQ is a cryptocurrency that powers a knowledge ecosystem based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, a measure of one’s cognitive abilities. But does IQ crypto have the brains to make you rich? Let’s find out!

Origin of IQ Crypto

IQ crypto was launched in 2018 as the native token of Everipedia, a decentralized encyclopedia that aims to rival Wikipedia. Everipedia was founded by some original Wikipedia editors who wanted to create a more open and inclusive platform for sharing knowledge. Everipedia uses blockchain technology to reward contributors with IQ tokens and ensure the content’s integrity and censorship resistance.

Everipedia later rebranded to IQ and expanded its vision to build a broader knowledge ecosystem, including applications such as, the world’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain encyclopedia. integrates AI for tasks such as summarizing Wiki articles and generating price estimates for cryptocurrencies. IQ is also a DeFi and governance token that enables native staking through HiIQ and voting through BrainDAO, which manages the treasury of digital assets.

Profitability of IQ Crypto

IQ crypto has been a profitable investment for some early adopters who bought it at its lowest price of $0.00063047 on March 13, 2020, during the crypto market crash. Since then, IQ has increased by over 1400% in value, reaching its current price of $0.00593 . However, IQ is still far from its all-time high of $0.07653, which it reached on July 16, 2018, shortly after its launch. This means that IQ has lost some of its value from its peak, making it a disappointing investment for those who bought it at or near its highest price.

IQ crypto has also been volatile and unpredictable in its price movements, following the trends of the overall crypto market. IQ has experienced several spikes and dips in its history, often influenced by external factors such as news, events, partnerships, listings, and market sentiment. For example, IQ surged by over 100% in May 2021 after it was listed on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume. However, IQ also plummeted by over 50% in June 2021 after China cracked down on crypto mining and trading activities.

Current Price Analysis of IQ Crypto

IQ crypto is currently trading at $0.00599 with a market cap of $90mn. IQ has a circulating supply of 15.8bn tokens and a max supply of 21,000,000,000 tokens. This means that about 72% of the total supply and 90% of the max supply are already in circulation, leaving little room for inflation or dilution.

Iq Crypto

On the daily timeframe level, the price action of $IQ Formed out Descending Channel pattern level, where the price action after bouncing back from its Support Trendline level broke out the resistance trendline as well as the Horizontal resistance level and pumped up for almost 48.99% level.

IQ crypto has a low trading volume of $19,315,097 in the last 24 hours, indicating a lack of liquidity and interest in the market. Most of the trading volume comes from centralized exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Bitunix, Upbit, and Pionex. The most popular trading pair for IQ is IQ/USDT (Tether), followed by IQ/FRAX (Frax) on decentralized exchanges such as Fraxswap.


IQ crypto is an interesting project that aims to create a more intelligent future through AI and blockchain technology. It has a loyal community and a strong vision but faces many challenges and uncertainties in its journey. IQ crypto’s price has been volatile and unpredictable in its history, reflecting the ups and downs of the crypto market.

IQ crypto’s future price is hard to predict with accuracy or certainty, as many factors and variables are involved.

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Harsh Panghal
Harsh Panghal

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