Where and How to Buy NBA Top Shots?

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NFTs by NBA Top shots help you keep the moments of Basketball that are sacred and close to you. They allow you to become a part of a community dedicated to basketball that values the game as you do. Our guide on how to buy NBA Top Shots helps you cherish the moments and your love for basketball.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • NBA Top shots offer a next-generation collector experience through its NFT (Non Fungible Token) marketplace of moments.
  • These NFT collectibles contain highlights smashed together along with tons of data that records the performance of the team as well as each player.
  • There are three main ways of earning these moments:
    • by buying packs as soon as they are launched
    • by buying individual moments from the NFT Marketplace
    • by participating in challenges to earn exclusive moments.
  • Individuals can buy NBA Top shots through USD, credit cards, or cryptocurrency.
  • Before buying the NFTs, you just have to create an account with the NBA and purchase a wallet.

What are NBA Top shots?

NBA Top shots are a next-generation collector experience that refers to a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Through these NFTs, the NBA allows basketball fans to buy, sell and trade NBA moments. These NBA moments are much more than just moments, as they are a package of highlight clips to be used as trading cards.

How To Buy Nba Top Shots
NBA Top Shots

Components of an NBA Top Shot token

People often take these NFTs as mere clips of moments, but they are much more than that. These NFTs have highlights smashed together with tons of data to record the performance of the team as well as each player. So much more than a moment of highlight. It is a collectible.

Each moment you buy consists of many parts. These are:

  • Clip of the in-game action
  • An artwork that is specific to the team of that NBA player
  • Stats of the game shown in the clip
  • Historical stats of the NBA player in the clip
  • Highlight description of the recorded moment
  • A unique serial number and other details to verify its rarity

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How is the security of the NBA Top shots accounts ensured?

These NFTs use Ethereum’s blockchain as it helps make duplicating them impossible. ERC-721 token standard is used for purchasing any digital art, concert ticket, or collectible with Ethereum Token. 

The serial number of the moments or NFTs you have also greatly influence their price. For example, if a moment has many copies, then the first copy, i.e., the one with serial number #1, would hold the most value. In addition to this, if by chance the serial number of the moment is equal to the jersey number of the player in it, then also, it will hold a really high value.

Nba Top Shots
NBA Top Shots

How can you get an NBA Top shot NFT?

There are three main ways through which NBA Top shot allows you to buy these moments. These vary mainly in terms of what you get when you purchase them. The three methods are:

1. By Buying Packs

NBA releases regular packs of NFT collectibles that contain many NBA moments. Due to their popularity and the craze among people for basketball, these collectibles sell fast once released. This is the main reason why you should be actively checking for new releases and snagging them before they are sold out.

To help the buyers in this, Top Shot makes sure to announce the pack drops at least eight hours before the release. Of course, managing the basketball fans prefer buying moments through packs, but there is nothing to worry about even if you miss the chance.

2. From the Marketplace

In case you missed the packs or wanted to buy specific or single moments, then you can buy them from the Marketplace such as Opensea. In this scenario, the sellers price the moments according to their choice. Hence, the price of the same moment can vary depending on its seller. This shows that you should take care that you find the cheapest offer fast before someone else buys it. The moments are also available in sets to easily help you find the right moments. 

3. By Participating in Challenges

Everyone loves a good challenge, right? And it is even better when the price is something that you really want. NBA offers you the chance to collect exclusive moments by participating in some exciting challenges. The best part of these challenges is that these prize moments are not available anywhere on the market or in the packs. These challenges usually involve collecting a few special moments before the given deadline. For this, you can use any of the methods, buying packs or buying from the marketplace.

Nba Top Shot Contests
NBA Top Shot Contests

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How can you buy these NBA Top shots NFTs?

The process of buying NBA Top Shots is pretty simple. Even, NBA provides you video tutorials on how to manage the NBA Top shots. But, it is always better to be prepared. So, read further to know how you can buy the NBA Top Shots.

Step 1: Creating an NBA Top Shot account

You need to create an NBA Top Shot account before you decide to start buying or selling NBA Top shots or moments. For creating the account, you need to visit nbatopshop.com and select “Sign up.” Sign-up can be done through email or by linking the account with your Google account.

For situations in which you may have to recover your NBA Top Shot account, the site sends you a one-time use code for account recovery. You need to save this code for the future in case you lose your account. NBA Top shot ensures that after you have registered, it shows you videos on what are NBA Top shots and how you can purchase them.

Sometimes, the site may pause the creation of new accounts if many accounts are being created at the same time. In such situations, do not worry. Wait for a few minutes before trying again.

Step 2: Purchase a Wallet

Purchasing a Wallet is the best option for individuals who wish to hold on to their NBA Top shots NFTs for the long term. In such cases, you should transfer your collectibles to a digital wallet.

These NFTs are built on the Flow Blockchain, so before choosing a wallet, you should ensure that the wallet supports Flow Blockchain. 

Top Shot Wallet
Top Shot Wallet

Step 3: Buy the NBA Topshots NFTs

Once everything is set up, you can buy singular NFTs from the Marketplace or packs from the NBA Topshots directly. Generally, you should look for singular moments only if all the packs are sold out. You can purchase these through USD, Credit cards, or cryptocurrencies. 

For Buying from Marketplace:

  • For this, you just need to move to the “Marketplace” tab.
  • You can use the sorting feature available to arrange the moments in a specific order. In addition to this, you can use filters like team names if you want to look for specific moments to buy. You can even put filters to sort the moments by their tier in the hierarchy, for example, common, rare, legendary, or ultimate.
  • Once you click on a chosen moment, you will be shown the variety of serial numbers available in it. The price available for different serial number varies.
  • You can click on “Select Serial Number” and then buy a moment depending on its cost and importance.
  • If you select a serial number and it shows not available, it means that someone else bought it when you took to choose that moment. In such a case, refresh your screen and try again.
  • You can also use the Explore tab below to easily search for the lowest serial number if you want to buy the cheapest moment available at the time.
  • Now, you need to pay for the NFT through your credit card or cryptocurrency. For paying through cryptocurrency, you will have first to link your crypto wallet with the NBA account first.
  • Now, by clicking on the “Put for Sale” option, you can immediately put your moment back in the market.
Buy The Nba Topshots Nfts
Buy the NBA Topshots NFTs

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Moments are not just a source of earning money. They hold a higher value for all basketball fans. NBA Topshots NFTs give Basketball lovers the chance to keep the special moments closer to their hearts through recordings of the special moments. They help you earn complete ownership of your special moments, of teams or players that you hold close to your heart. If you are interested in buying moments and being a part of this wonderful community, then read a bit and start getting involved, as this is definitely worth the effort.

Can digital and physical collectibles co-exist?

Even though digital collectibles are slowly gaining more and more popularity, they can co-exist with physical collectibles in the current market. The only reason for these options not being able to coexist is that digital collectibles gain much larger popularity than physical ones.

What can you do with these moments?

Moments are a show off your fandom for your favorite players or team. They give you the opportunity to dominate in the court of that team’s fans. There are a few basic functions for which these moments can be used. They can be sold, showcased to friends, collected for your interest, or used to compete in leaderboards.

When do pack drops happen?

The limited-edition packs that are to be released are announced at least 8 hours in advance to the community. You need to be signed up for an account at NBA Top Shot to receive email notifications about the drops. Also, remember, Common Base set packs are different from pack drops.

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