Hedgehog Review: Track Your Crypto Portfolio and Trade Anywhere

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When you have a lot of transactions in multiple crypto exchange platforms, keeping track of them all might be hectic, but not anymore. Hedgehog is here with its best features that would help you trade, channel, and learn more and more about your daily trading transaction and let you interact with the same in the most lucrative way. Here’s our brief Hedgehog review.

Characteristics Hedgehog
Founded in 2013
Founded by Taylor Culbertson
Mobile application Not available 
Security 2-factor authentication 
Customer support Avail via email 
User interface Very friendly application to use 
Fees None 


  • Hedgehog is an application that would trade and track all your cryptocurrency exchanges for you by simply linking them all.
  • Founded in 2013, Hedgehog offers the best services to its users, almost free of any cost. 
  • The application has a super supportive customer care section and a tremendously well-structured interface to interact with the platform on the go.

What is Hedgehog?

Hedgehog is a crypto portfolio tracker that lets you sync your crypto wallets and exchanges so that you have a clear overview of your holdings across all the major exchanges, and manage their holdings with the help of customizable reports, and set up alerts to be notified when an asset’s price reaches a specific target. Hedgehog came into existence in 2013.

The application offers all the necessary tools for managing one’s cryptocurrency investments by delivering real-time analytics. Hedgehog takes all the information from your wallet and your exchanges and starts analyzing it. Also, it then tries to understand your investments over time and the market as a whole. As a result, Hedgehog can give you a personalized report of how you are doing in the crypto market.

Hedgehog Review

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Hedgehog Review: Features

Portfolio building

Hedgehog offers its users the service of building their profile which is their portfolio on Hedgehog. You can club and manage your assets by categorizing them into operating groups such as banking, tokens, and more. Furthermore, this excellent feature of Hedgehog enables its users to manage their crypto earnings/ savings in a well-balanced way and lets them plan the further move to maximize and improve their portfolio.

Smart trading 

Considering that you are smart enough to manage your savings and trading deal as well, still, with Hedgehog, you can become super smart with the intelligent trading feature that would let you trade in cryptocurrency, giving you a better experience with over 170 plus supported exchanges available on one single platform. With Hedgehog, you can track all your exchanges and get a simplified view of it all. Hedgehog would help you to present a bigger picture in a shorter time.

Advanced security 

Hedgehog offers you the most advanced security feature with encryption, leading to the utmost safety of all your data. The Hedgehog platform uses the AES 256 standard, which comes with a unique key with each of the encrypted fields. Use Hedgehog and be assured in terms of safety and security measures.

Hedgehog Features
Hedgehog Features

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How to use Hedgehog?

If you are new to Hedgehog, then learning the platform’s usage won’t be a difficult task for you. So use Hedgehog with us and learn about the simple steps to get started with this great platform:

  1. Firstly, sign up at Hedgehog using your email address, then create a password for the same. Follow the sequence if you are a new user and want to register.
  2. Secondly, after being registered, you can log into your account once again and start using it. 
  3. Lastly, after you have successfully entered your account, you can start by linking your preferred exchanges to Hedgehog so that Hedgehog can track them all. 
How To Use Hedgehog?
How to use Hedgehog?

Hedgehog Review: Customer support

Ranking high in customer support, Hedgehog would help you with all you need. Head towards the customer support section of the Hedgehog app, where you would be presented with a form that would require your email, subject, and description of your query. After filling in all the details, you can submit the question, and you will be answered with the solution on the go via your email id. Finally, you can contact Hedgehog on the discord server to solve your problem.

Hedgehog Customer Support
Hedgehog Customer Support

Hedgehog Review: interface 

An application that has an easy and user-friendly interface consistently ranks high with the users’ usage experience. The same holds for the Hedgehog application, which is very easy and advanced to use. The platform has kept things simple, whether it understands the application’s working or creating an account on it. Hedgehog offers an easy process for everything from logging in to the redressal of your query. 

Hedgehog Dashboard
Hedgehog Dashboard

Is Hedgehog Safe?

Where everyone maintains security at the best level, Hedgehog has moved a step ahead by going for multiple-level authentication and encryption. Further, Hedgehog is safe to use as you can use the email verification service to make the connection fully secured. Two-factor authentication and secure connection like TLS are what Hedgehog offers and rely upon its platform’s security.

Hedgehog Review: Conclusion

Start with Hedgehog and set out on your trading journey in the most planned and organized manner that would let you sync all your crypto exchange applications and transactions swiftly and with much ease. Now, with all the information and basics of the Hedgehog application, you can sail easily with your ship!

Frequently Asked questions 

Can I delete my Hedgehog account?

Yes, you can delete your Hedgehog account at any time. All you are needed to do is send an email through the customer support column and ask the Hedgehog application to delete your account. 

Can Hedgehog track my data?

No, Hedgehog cannot track your data as it follows the principles of integrity and follows the set rules and regulations in the most strict format. Hence you can consider all your information in safe hands.

Can Hedgehog teach me about crypto?

Yes, Hedgehog provides the feature of learning about cryptocurrency to all the new users and those interested in learning. You can head to its learn section and read its related blogs on the common topics. 

Is Hedgehog a legal platform?

Yes, Hedgehog is entirely legal, and to know more about its privacy policies, you should head to its operating section of privacy, service, and terms and get to know more on the subject. 

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