EGLD Price Analysis March 2022

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EGLD is a coin of platform Elrond. Its current price is around $147.41 by writing, with a low of $53.53 in 2021 and a market cap of 3.1 billion dollars.

What is Elrond?

Elrond is a blockchain platform that combines scalability, fast transaction speed and security into one system. It can be used for distributed apps, enterprise use cases, and the new internet economy. EGLD is the native currency of Elrond and plays several important roles. In particular, it can be used to reward network contributors or to run smart contracts.

Despre Beniamin Mincu founded it in 2017. The Elrond Virtual Machine is meant to be a smart contract execution engine that has been created using WebAssembly. Elrond’s priority is scalability and low transaction fees. New businesses and companies are using Elrond to create their internet ecosystem.

What is EGLD?

EGLD is the coin of the Elrond platform, which is around $147.41 by the time of writing, with a low of $53.53 in 2021. Its current ranking is #42 according to CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of 3.1 billion dollars.

EGLD reached a high of $542.58, with a low of $53.53. Wallet Investor describes the EGLD cryptocurrency as an excellent option for long-term investing.

EGLD Coin Market Analysis 

EGLD has a max supply of 31,415,926 coins worth around $147.41 with a market volume of 163 million dollars, whereas the market capitalization is 3.1 billion dollars at writing. 

EGLD Price Prediction

On the 4H timeframe, $EGLD/USDT was trading in a downtrend for a couple of months, and while seeing the chart, we can see that the price action currently faces the resistance level and horizontal resistance. A double bottom can be seen, and the price action is on the neckline zone.

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Dhirendra Chandra Das
Dhirendra Chandra Das

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