5 Best Alternatives to Alexa.com

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Unfortunately, after 25 years of service, Amazon has decided to put an end to this ranking platform on 1st May 2022. However, in this article, you will have a closer look at the best five alternatives to alexa.com

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Alexa.com is a platform that increases the traffic achieved by a website. 
  • The five alternatives are Semrush, Ahrefs, Similarweb, Moz, and Ubersuggest. All have great tools that help in website ranking and multiple ways. 
  • Semrush is a company that was founded in the year 2008. This platform has tools covering SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Market Research, and Advertising.
  • Ahrefs is a platform that was introduced in the year 2010. This has tools like Dashboard, Site Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Content Explorer, Rank Tracking, and Site Audit. 
  • Similarweb was introduced in the year 2007. It has tools related to Digital Marketing, Digital Research, Ecommerce, Sales, and Investing.
  • Moz is a platform that was formed in the year 2004. It has tools called Mozbar, Mozcast, Link Explorer, Online Presence, Domain Analysis, and Keyword Explorer. 
  • The last alternative is Ubersuggest which was formed in the year 2017. This has tools covering subjects like Keyword Suggestions, Top SEO Pages, Content Creation, Backlink Data, and Domain Overview. 

What is Alexa.com?

Alexa.com is a traffic analysis company based in San Francisco and owned by Amazon. This company was founded on 1st April 1969 and has served multiple people for 25 years. This platform is handy for their users in aspects like keyword research, content research, competitive analysis, ranking analysis, etc. 


What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank helps website admins have detailed information on how their website is doing in terms of ranking. This platform is a tremendous Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for competitive analysis and benchmarking as it helps its users understand where their web page stands with their competitors. In addition, Alexa Rank does a precise calculation on the amount of traffic and visitor engagement done in three months. 

Semrush: 1st Best Alternatives to Alexa.com

Semrush is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that was introduced in 2008. This is an excellent platform for search engine marketing since it helps users with subjects like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, competitor research, Pay Per Click (PPC), and social media marketing. In addition, Semrush has above 50 tools to help a website improve its traffic and reach. 

Many big companies trust this platform for improving their rankings and reach, such as IBM, Tesla, Samsung, Walmart, Decathlon, Forbes, etc. In addition, it can help enhance online website visibility in many ways. 

5 Best Alternatives To Alexa.com: Emrush

Semrush – SEO

This platform has an advanced tools workflow that helps a website gain maximum organic traffic. It helps discover multiple national and local keywords suitable for a website. It works on analyzing any domain’s backlink profile and runs frequent SEO audits. It also tracks your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) daily to maintain or increase your rankings. 

Semrush- Seo
Semrush- SEO

Semrush – Content Marketing

This platform helps you choose the most appropriate content for your website that would help you engage with a larger audience without requiring any expert knowledge. In addition, it helps in auditing and enhancing your content based on real-time metrics and tracks brand mentions and content frequently reach to increase your ranking. 

Semrush- Content Marketing
Semrush- Content Marketing

Semrush – Market Research

Semrush helps its users in market research by revealing their competitors’ underlying strategies and tactics. This allows them to improve their marketing strategies. It helps check the traffic attained by the other websites and provides ideas to grow your market share and promotional strategies. It also helps in discovering the backlink gaps and keyword selection. 

Semrush- Market Research
Semrush- Market Research

Semrush – Advertising:

Semrush focuses on ways to reach a larger audience by spending a lesser amount of money. This is an essential aspect of digital marketing since it affects your profit. The keywords you select for your website should be the more useful ones for PPC campaigns. It helps monitor your and your competitors’ ad copies and landing pages. Semrush also helps in analyzing Google shopping ad campaigns. 

Semrush – Social Media

This platform helps its users form a highly effective social media strategy by precisely scheduling and posting relevant and efficient posts. It keeps track of the performance of your and your competitor’s posts. It also analyses other accounts in order to enhance your social media presence. It also works to create and optimize useful social ads that attract a larger audience. 

Semrush- Social Media
Semrush- Social Media

Semrush – Pros and Cons

It provides excellent tools such as link building and site auditing tools.It provides data for only one search engine, which is Google.
Provides important organic search data and also PPC data.Allows only one user account. Buying an additional user account is expensive.
Tracks your and your competitor’s ranks and backlinks precisely. A few competitive analysis features only work after paying an additional $200 per month. 

Ahrefs: 2nd Best Alternatives to Alexa.com

Ahrefs is another popular and essential digital marketing tool that helps you achieve a better reach and gain more traffic. This platform provides its users with over 11.8 billion keywords across ten search engines. The pricing for making a user account on Ahrefs goes from $99 for a month to $999 for enterprise access. 

Ahrefs was founded in 2010, and this company is based in Singapore. This company also operated the most significant commercial web crawler called AhrefsBot. This platform is trusted by many renowned companies like Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, LinkedIn, and Uber. 


Ahrefs – Dashboard

This tool on Ahrefs gives their users a high-level view of all their projects which helps them track the overall performance of their projects online. In addition, it provides precise information on all the necessary SEO metrics like Health Score, Domain Ratings, Referring Domains, Backlinks, Organic Traffic, and Organic Keywords. 

Ahrefs- Dashboard
Ahrefs- Dashboard

Ahrefs – Site Explorer

This tool helps the users to get a detailed look at the organic search traffic and backlink profiles of not just theirs but any website or URL. This is a handy competitive research tool. It provides information on how the fellow websites are strategizing and helps its users improve their ranking and reach. This section consists of organic traffic research, backlink checkers, and paid traffic research. 

Ahrefs- Site Explorer
Ahrefs- Site Explorer

Ahrefs – Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is a tool that helps its users in finding keywords that have maximum potential and analyses their ranking difficulty. They also provide other keyword ideas and cover data from about 171 countries, which helps increase your website’s recognition. In addition, they provide accurate search volumes numbers for any keyword ideas so that your site does better on the search engine ranking page. 

Ahrefs- Keyword Explorer
Ahrefs- Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs – Site Audit

Site Audit is a tool that gives you insight into your website’s on-page SEO performance and helps you understand any underlying problem that is holding back your site’s rankings. It also helps find solutions to better your reach and provides you with an SEO health score to track your traffic. It works precisely on a particular segment of your website and on every crawled page to minimize any issue. 

Ahrefs- Site Audit
Ahrefs- Site Audit

Ahrefs – Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is an essential tool as it helps track your ranks in regular intervals and keeps you updated about the performance of your competitors. In addition, it provides you with a periodic report in your inbox that covers the ranking progress of yours and your competitors. This tool can be used on your desktop and mobile across 171 countries. It gives you a closer look at your visibility, average position, traffic, and SERP features. 

5 Best Alternatives To Alexa.com
Ahrefs- Rank Tracker

Ahrefs – Content Explorer

This tool helps you find effective and efficient content pieces according to your niche. It surfs through billions of web pages and provides you with content covering all the essential SEO and social metrics. The results provided are sorted into sections of organic traffic, referring domains, domain rating, traffic value, and social shares. This also helps find appropriate link building prospects, partnership opportunities, and low competition topics. 

5 Best Alternatives To Alexa.com
Ahrefs- Content Explorer

Ahrefs – Pros and Cons

Provides great linking and content opportunities.No free trial is available.
A keyword analysis is done across ten search engines and hence provides better keyword ideas. Expensive rates for building an account. Demands additional pay for some of the features. 
Helps you keep track of your competitor’s ranking and other strategies. Not advisable for beginners. 

Similarweb: 3rd Best Alternatives to Alexa.com

Similarweb is a digital intelligence provider that is used for enterprise and small to medium business customers. This company was founded 15 years ago in the year 2007 in Israel. This company has attracted a significant audience on an international level. This platform provides you with analytical web services and a closer look at what your site is lacking in order to gain maximum recognition. 

This company is a very well-known and trusted platform used by many famous companies like India Times, Times of India, NDTV, Yahoo, and News18. The features and tools provided here are a massive help in digital marketing. 


Similarweb – Digital Research

This feature on Similarweb helps their users grow a better marketing understanding and provides them with practical ways to attract a larger audience. It provides information on the latest industry trends and understanding what the audience reacts to. This improves your rankings and digital presence. This includes benchmarks, market research, company research, audience research, and consumer journey. 

5 Best Alternatives To Alexa.com
Similarweb- Digital Research

Similarweb – Digital Marketing

These features maximize your reach and attract significant traffic by covering search, display, and affiliation. It provides trendy and valuable keywords to increase your ranking and also keeps your marketing budget in check to grow your market share across all channels. In addition, it helps in finding potential publishers and ad networks for your industry. This tool includes competitive analysis, keyword research, referral research, ad creative research, and media buying. 

Similarweb- Digital Marketing
Similarweb- Digital Marketing

Similarweb – Ecommerce

This section deals with studying the behavior of the buyers online to improve your marketing strategies and attract more people online. This is essential to optimize your performance in order to hold your market share up. It works on improving your marketplace SEO and paid campaigns to make sure you stand out conveniently. It provides a better insight into consumer behavior, unique and accurate methodology, and a clear picture of the digital landscape.

Similarweb- Ecommerce
Similarweb- Ecommerce

Similarweb – Investing

This provides the most insightful digital alternative data, which is very important for investing. This platform is trusted by hundreds of funds for the most appropriate investments. It provides its users with traffic data of websites, industries, and apps. It also tracks data of about 210 companies across 190 countries for a better understanding. It also provides daily, weekly, and monthly granularity. 

Similarweb- Investing
Similarweb- Investing

Similarweb – Sales

This section provides the best insights on eCommerce, publishers, and advertiser prospects to increase your company’s sales. This has unique traffic and engagement metrics that are essential for sales. It works with big sale targets and makes your website the most approachable for viable prospects. It enhances the audience demographics and technology used to achieve good sales. 

Similarweb- Sales
Similarweb- Sales

Similarweb – Pros and Cons

Great insights on analyzing and segmenting your website as per the audience’s demands.No mobile app is available. It can only work on your desktop.
Provides information on the number of visitors at a given time at your website.It has costly enterprise plans. 
Provides better marketing strategies and helps in growing at eCommerce. The trending topics and contents are difficult to find here.

Moz: 4th Best Alternatives to Alexa.com

Moz is a web analytics company that was founded in the year 2004. It started off as a small consulting firm with excellent knowledge of SEO and now is an excellent platform with its own SEO tools to help its users in a better manner. It focuses on using the power of SEO for enhancing its marketing strategies. 

This platform is very trusted when it comes to SEO and is also used by many famous companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. There are some great free tools on this platform as well that helps a lot with reach and rankings.


Moz – Keyword Explorer

This tool on Moz helps you leverage the most exact keywords that are important for your reach. This has a vast keyword database that helps find the best possible keywords based on your industry. It performs a detailed keyword research and Search Engine Result Page (SERP) analysis that suits your website. In addition, it checks the keyword difficulty and keeps track of the other competitive keyword analysis.

Moz- Keyword Explorer
Moz- Keyword Explorer

Moz – Link Explorer

This feature provides a better link-building understanding by considering the links of your competitors. It also provides specific content and other link-building opportunities to strengthen your digital presence. This platform provides the link for any website, including Domain Authority and Page Authority. It also looks into your website’s broken or dissolved links and replaces them with efficient ones. 

Moz- Link Explorer
Moz- Link Explorer

Moz – MozBar

This tool helps analyze and examine important search, social, and page metrics of any website online. This is one of the leading SEO tools many people use for a detailed study on any of the sites on search engines. You can also compare and access any of the link metrics across pages while viewing them. You can also search based on a country, content, city, etc. 

Moz- Mozbar
Moz- MozBar

Moz – Online Presence

This tool is used highly to check the location of your website on local search engines and directories. It also improves your online presence by helping you push your rankings up and make your content more accurate. This prevents you from losing out on a larger audience and other opportunities as it enhances your data and other aspects of your website. This also has the visibility index and profile completeness feature that works well on building a more substantial website. 

Moz- Online Presence
Moz- Online Presence

Moz – Domain Analysis

This feature allows you to enter any site and check the SEO metrics like top pages, competitive analysis, ranking keywords, essential links, etc. This also provides you with advanced links essential for your website, replacing the older and useless links of over 60 days. It also helps predict the ranking potential based on the links used. 

Moz- Domain Analysis
Moz- Domain Analysis

Moz – Mozcast

This tool keeps the Google patterns in check, which helps in enhancing your website according to the lasted algorithms. It allows you to track day-to-day changes and be updated with your data. They track a set of 10,000 keywords on one day, analyze the first page of Google for organic results, and then compare it to the previous day. Its readings are based on the “weather”, which means the hotter the result more the change observed in the Google rankings. 

Moz- Mozcast
Moz- Mozcast

Moz – Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
It is excellent at keyword research since it helps find the most appropriate ones. The plans available on this platform are expensive. 
The link building feature is also very essential to gain more traffic.Poor navigation of various tools makes it complex to use
It helps you track your rankings daily.Not advisable for beginners.

Ubersuggest: 5th Best Alternatives to Alexa.com

Ubersuggest is a free SEO platform that is mainly known for providing new keyword ideas to make your content more approachable and advanced. This platform has been formed recently, considering all the modern techniques to achieve a larger audience and increase organic traffic. 

This platform was formed by Neil Patel and has many useful tools such as keyword suggestions, domain overview, top SEO pages, content ideas, and backlink data.


Ubersuggest – Domain Overview

This tool allows you to get an insight into the latest strategies used in the market that provides a more extensive reach and help you adapt them and an edge. It covers sections like content creation, social media marketing strategies, backlinks used, etc. In addition, it gives accurate data on the traffic achieved by your website, organic keywords used, and the ads that help your site. 

Ubersuggest – Top SEO Pages

This feature helps its users understand the appropriate content required to increase your digital presence. With the algorithms changing so frequently, it is vital to keep track of your content and make sure that it remains fresh and precise. This helps in increasing and maintaining a good rank on all search engines. In addition, it helps you use organic keywords and ensures your work is the audience’s top-most preference. 

Ubersuggest- Top Seo Pages
Ubersuggest- Top SEO Pages

Ubersuggest – Keyword Suggestions

This feature provides you with great keyword suggestions to make sure you are not wasting your content. This looks after the head terms and the long-tail phrases and keeps them updated. This way, your rank is increased, and your content gets shared on a larger scale. In addition, this feature provides you with information like keyword volume, competition, difficulty, and seasonal trends. 

Ubersuggest- Keyword Suggestions
Ubersuggest- Keyword Suggestions

Ubersuggest – Content Ideas

This feature of Ubersuggest allows you to find out which content pieces are the most viral and highly liked by the audience based on your industry. In addition, this feature allows you to alter your content so that it makes the most shared piece on many social media platforms. Choosing the correct sort of content for any website is a must when it comes to reaching and traffic, so it makes much you select an appropriate one. 

Ubersuggest- Content Ideas
Ubersuggest- Content Ideas

Ubersuggest – Backlink Data

One of the essential parts of the Google algorithm is forming backlinks for your page. It is often tricky to find suitable backlinks for your website, but this feature helps you find out which sites are the most suitable for your kind of content and then ask them to link to you. Understanding which link is the most suited for your page and making a solid link profile. 

Ubersuggest – Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Since it’s a new platform, it is incredibly beginner-friendly. There are limitations on the target market. It gets difficult to find results of the specific niche. 
It has a clean and straightforward user interface.There is no mobile app available for this platform; hence is only used on your desktop. 
Most of the essential tools are available on the accessible version of this platform, so it is affordable. The backlink history provided is minimal. 


When it comes to digital marketing, you need to have a good platform that helps you with the traffic your site gets and also the number of people you can attract. To do so, you need to make sure the platform you choose has all the essential tools that would help you build a strong foundation for your website. 

The essential tools needed may be about keyword research, content creation, backlink selection, competitor analysis, etc. Alexa.com has all the required features and so does its five alternatives: Semrush, Ahrefs, Similarweb Moz, and Ubersuggest. You can choose from these five platforms based on your requirements and demands. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any similar applications like Alexa.com?

Yes, there are great platforms available that helps you the same way as Alexa.com has. 

Why is Amazon ending the services of Alexa.com?

Amazon has decided to end the services of this platform as they seem to not be making enough revenue from their services as compared to their expenses.

What is a good Alexa rank?

With the intense competition online, generally, people consider a rank of 1 million or below to be good for their website. 

Which platform should one use now that alexa.com has decided to stop its services?

There are many excellent platforms available that can be of great help for your website like Semrush, Ubersuggest, Moz, Ahrefs, Similarweb, etc. 

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