Best 10 Chatbot Builders to Boost Your Sales

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Excellent customer support service, a seamless booking process, and instant problem resolution are a must for every business that strives for success. Today, customer support agents need help to handle company reps. That’s why business owners call for technology solutions, including chatbot builders. Companies incorporate chatbots for different reasons since they can serve as multipurpose solutions. These AI-powered tools help with customer service, 24/7 assistance, lead generation and qualification, instant responses and solutions, appointment scheduling, data collection, personalized offers, and many more. In turn, all these aspects have an impact on sales.

The process of creating a chatbot is simple and fast when using an intuitive chatbot builder. Drag and drop editors ensure seamless building of chatbots for any purpose without programming skills. You simply need to drag and drop the necessary elements when developing the logic of your bot. 

If you are considering implementing a chatbot into your business, our list of the best 10 chatbot builders will come in handy. Check out the list below to find a suitable solution with perfect pricing, functionality, and a set of features for your company. Once you identify your perfect match, you’ll be able to improve your sales by using technology.


SendPulse is an excellent multi-channel marketing solution suitable for businesses of all sizes that has an intuitive chatbot builder. With the platform’s help, you can build auto-reply flows for several communication channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. After designing your chatbot, you can add a multi-channel subscription widget that will turn your site visitors into clients. As a result, your conversions will rise. SendPulse allows you to reduce the workload on your sales and marketing teams, provide around-the-clock assistance, and close deals faster.


With SendPulse, you can streamline the process of receiving payments from customers through the chatbot. Since the service supports payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoin, Flutterwave, and others, you’ll seamlessly and securely accept payments. By adding payment buttons to your flow, you’ll be able to ensure online payments.

If you want more human and natural language, SendPulse allows integration with ChatGPT. It will make your communication with users look and sound even more natural and provide customers with relevant answers.

Pricing: The platform offers you a free plan with an opportunity to use basic features and send 10,000 messages through your existing bots monthly. If you need bigger limits, it’s better to take a paid plan that starts at $8 per month (billed yearly). The plan covers unlimited chatbots, messages, and triggers.


Tidio will help you create a custom chatbot by combining AI and human support. The platform focuses on ensuring excellent customer service for your clients. By building a chatbot with Tidio, you can solve more customers’ issues, reply faster, and ensure hands-on support through live chat and helpdesk. It will result in happy customers and more repeat purchases for your business. Lyro AI is a conversational AI that will help you provide answers in seconds while sounding human and relevant. 


You can add a live chat widget to your website and engage with visitors. The platform allows you to keep an eye on their browsing history and provide personalized offers based on their preferences. This way, you increase the chances of conversion. Tidio helps with lead generation as well. You can choose one of the pre-built templates to develop your chatbot in minutes and reduce cart abandonment. 

Pricing: Depending on the tools and features you want to have, the price for paid plans ranges from $24.17 to $32.50 (if billed annually). If you need only a live chat, ticketing, and 50 conversations, you can use Tidio’s free plan.


Chatfuel is a great solution for businesses that want to incorporate a chatbot for lead generation and qualification. With the platform, you can build a bot for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, improving various areas of your business. When you use Chatfuel for your company, it helps seamlessly lead potential customers down the sales funnel. The chatbot enables you to provide business updates, ensure 24/7 support, and send personalized promos and recommendations instantly after contact with customers.

Source: Chatfuel

Chatfuel specializes in WhatsApp chatbots and ensures you have all the necessary features to reach your business goals. The platform allows unlimited agents on the same business number, provides you with a verified green badge, and boosts your potential on WhatsApp with the help of ChatGPT. ChatGPT allows you to sell on WhatsApp fast by providing personalized recommendations that match customer needs and complete transactions right through a single chat.

Pricing: The price of the plan for Chatfuel depends on the channel you want to take. If you aim to create WhatsApp chatbots, you’ll need a special plan that will cost you $35.39 for 1,000 conversations. For Instagram and Facebook, the price ranges from $10.79 for 500 conversations monthly.


Landbot is one more no-coding chatbot builder that empowers you to convert site visitors into clients and make them stay loyal to your brand. Landbot’s AI Chatbot Generator will bring you towards the objectives you strive for, by turning manual work into automatic and standardizing all processes inside your company. With the platform’s help, you can attract more customers through WhatsApp, the web, and Facebook Messenger. You’ll be able to generate more leads, improve appointment booking, and provide 24/7 assistance.


Building a chatbot with Landbot is easy and flexible. A few clicks separate you from excellent AI chatbots. Besides, you can always use a bot-to-human hand-off when customers have some complex issues and need your help. This feature is very helpful once clients require the attention and support of your specialists.

Pricing: Landbot chatbots are available for your website and WhatsApp. If you want to add a chatbot to your site, you can use a free plan (100 chats) or purchase a paid one. It will cost you €32 monthly (if paid annually). For WhatsApp chatbots, the price starts at €200 per month (billed annually).

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Intercom is a versatile solution that includes an AI chatbot, help desk, and proactive support. The platform provides your team members with one workspace to manage customers’ chats from multiple channels in a single place. Shared inbox allows seamless collaboration between departments which results in prompt and relevant solutions to customer problems. The service allows you to connect your knowledge base to the chatbot so that users can find answers to their FAQs by themselves. 

Source: Intercom

Intercom has a solution for complex customer issues that require human intervention. The “human handoff” feature is available within the service. It means that once your chatbot can’t solve a problem because of its complexity, your customer can click a specific button to connect with your specialist. The process is simple so customer experience with your company will be seamless.

Pricing: The platform has only paid plans. The cheapest plan will cost you $39 per seat monthly. It covers shared inboxes, inbox views, basic chatbots, and automation.


ChatBot allows you to resolve the majority of customer inquiries related to your product or service. The platform’s AI-driven chatbot scans your site searching for relevant and accurate answers to customer questions. The replies look natural and human-like making users unable to differentiate them from human agents. With ChatBot, you can build and launch your bot in minutes by using your knowledge base and other resources like site and text documents as sources of information. 


The platform allows you to have full control over the resources your chatbot is using. You can switch on/off certain sources of information when you need to. The control over the bot responses is yours. You can handle the FAQs and answers to them.

ChatBot allows you to leverage the platform’s quick responses and personalized greetings to start communication with users. These responses are generated based on your company data.

Pricing: The platform has four paid plans that depend on the size of your business. The cheapest plan for small companies will cost you $52 monthly (billed annually) for one active chatbot and 1,000 chats.


Botsify is a platform that empowers your sales with a feature-rich AI chatbot. With its bot, you’ll be able to automate sales, ensure consistent customer support around the clock, increase your revenue, and streamline seamless customer journeys. The platform allows you to create chatbots for websites, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Botsify will be perfect for businesses with international audiences since it helps build a multilingual chatbot. The service allows you to utilize its lead generation conversational forms to interact with users, collect information from prospects, and qualify them. 

Source: Botsify

With Botsify, you don’t need to worry about managing all the chats across multiple channels. The platform ensures smooth cross-channel communication. The service’s live chat has an agent handoff feature. It means the chat can be handed to your human agent immediately when customers need it.

Pricing: The service costs from $49 monthly for two chatbots, 5,000 users monthly, and unlimited conversation, forms, and media for Messenger, website, Instagram, and Telegram.

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Aivo is a chatbot builder suitable for enterprises. The platform allows you to set up a no-code chatbot and provide a great service experience with your brand. With its help, you can ensure an excellent shopping experience by assisting customers through the most popular communication channels like sites, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Aivo helps you send relevant responses to users after analyzing their browsing history, behavior, and user activity. 

Source: Aivo

With specialized CX analytics and training capabilities, you can create an excellent chatbot and analyze its performance. Advanced analytics allows you to identify issues and eliminate them, improving the overall customer experience with your brand. 

Pricing: Aivo’s pricing starts at $90 monthly. For this price, you’ll get access to build a chatbot for all messaging channels and unlimited WhatsApp numbers. 


Chatbase is designed to assist you with creating a custom GPT for your company site. By adding it to your website, you’ll be able to manage customer support, lead generation, and interaction with site visitors on autopilot. 


The chatbot is easily customizable, meaning that you can change color, font, and style to make it match your company branding and site. If you want your chatbot to provide relevant and accurate answers, you’ll need to add all the necessary source items to the platform. You’ll need to add a chat widget to your website with a simple embed code.

Pricing: The platform has a free plan covering 20 message credits/month, one chatbot, and 400,000 characters (chatbot). You’ll need to spend $19 monthly to enjoy the features available within a paid plan. It includes 2,000 message credits monthly, two chatbots, and 11,000,000 characters (chatbot).

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ManyChat helps you boost sales by providing support via Instagram, WhatsApp, and  Messenger automatically. The service allows you to drive engagement and launch effective lead generation without human involvement. Its chatbot will serve you as a powerful tool for engaging with each message, reaction, and mention on social media or messengers. The service is affordable and user-friendly. You don’t need coding skills or programming knowledge to start using its chatbot builder.


With a chatbot, you’ll be able to provide answers to every customer question on Instagram DM, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The platform will help you build your sales funnel for multiple channels and successfully sell your products. Since ManyChat is a multichannel marketing solution, you can combine your chatbots with SMS and email marketing automation. Personalized conversations will help you encourage prospects to become your clients and make buying decisions faster. 

Pricing: ManyChat has a free plan with 1,000 contacts and 10 customer tags. Paid plans range from $15 monthly for unlimited contacts and expanded customer reach.

The choice of the perfect platform depends on your key goals, budget, and needed features. So when selecting a solution keep these aspects in mind to find the right one. Hope that our list will help you identify a suitable service in terms of its usability, functionality, and price. 

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In conclusion, the selection of the right chatbot builder is a crucial decision that hinges on your specific goals, budget constraints, and the desired features for your business. The highlighted list of the best 10 chatbot builders serves as a valuable guide, offering a diverse range of options tailored to various needs, from seamless customer support to lead generation and sales optimization.

Each platform, including SendPulse, Tidio, Chatfuel, Landbot, Intercom, ChatBot, Botsify, Aivo, Chatbase, and ManyChat, brings its unique set of features, pricing models, and functionalities. The ability to streamline customer interactions, automate sales processes, and enhance overall user experience makes these chatbot builders indispensable tools in the modern business landscape.

Whether you prioritize multi-channel marketing, no-coding simplicity, or advanced analytics, the right solution is contingent on aligning your preferences with the offerings of the chatbot builder. By considering factors such as pricing, usability, and functionality, you can make an informed decision that caters to your business’s specific needs.

Ultimately, the hope is that this curated list provides valuable insights, making it easier for businesses to identify and implement a chatbot solution that seamlessly integrates into their operations, enhances customer engagement, and contributes to the growth and success of the enterprise.

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