NFT platform giants BAYC and Doodles Hacked, source of the hack seems to be Ticket Tool

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A Twitter user, Serpent claimed that the official Captcha Bot has been hacked, and subsequently, the discord channels of NFT platforms BAYC and Doodles have also been hacked. 

BAYC confirmed the news on its Twitter page and asked its users to stay safe and be wary of texts in their discord channel. The news of this BAYC and Doodles Hacked first seemed like a huge April Fool’s joke, but it took a serious turn when the news of the theft also came to light. 

The BAYC team acknowledged the breach of their Discord server in a tweet, and the hackers even managed to take a prized Mutant ApeYacht Club (MAYC) NFT during the time it was hijacked.

In a similar incident today itself, another NFT platform’s discord channel, that of Doodles, also experienced a breach. Over 1,000 spambots invaded the server’s ‘General chat’ channel, flooding it with messages instructing users on how to mint NFTs.

This wasn’t the first time Doodles had to make a compromise. A compromised bot broke into the collection’s Discord server not long ago, on February 27. However, the team immediately regained control and secured the server.

Serpent, the Twitter user claims Ticket Tool to be at the bottom of this attack. Furthermore, he claimed that the source code of the Captcha bot was stolen which led to this series of events. 

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Vidhi Narula
Vidhi Narula

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