Developers In Crypto/blockchain #3

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We started the “Developers in Crypto” series to acknowledge the developers’ contribution to crypto/blockchain space.

In the last part, we have mentioned some awesome developers in blockchain space. Let’s get introduced to some more ninja developers this week. 

Chriseth (Christian Reitwießner) — Ethereum

Christian is a theoretical computer scientist and completed his Ph.D. from The Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg. Chris mainly works on Solidity Langauge, zk-snarks, cpp-ethereum and in his free time, he also works on scaling solutions like true bit and Plasma. 

Chris got involved in Ethereum in 2015 and since then he is working on Solidity language. He continuously hunts for C++ developers to contribute on Solidity projects, so if you are a C++ developer, get in touch with Chris on LinkedIn or Gitter. You can also follow Chris on Medium and Twitter.  

Developers In Crypto/Blockchain #3

cryptozoidberg(Andrey Sabelnikov) — Zano

We listed Zano this week on CoinCodeCap. Zano is a privacy coin, designed to use in p2p transactions and eCommerce. Zano combines the well-known anonymous qualities of cryptonote with a wide range of market-oriented features. Read more here

Andrey has been involved in the crypto space since 2012 before that he was working for companies related to internet security and antimalware. His background was mostly focused on networking technologies, as well as general architecture engineering.

In 2012, Andrey was involved in a blockchain startup as a lead developer, and later this startup became known as CryptoNote(the one from which Monero was derived).

Andrey quits CryptoNote in 2014 to start his own project Boolberry. In 2018, his team announced their new project Zano (which took on board most Boolberry holders via coin swap).

Andrey implemented the first PoW/PoS hybrid model on top of CryptoNote, it’s a new consensus algorithm.

You can follow Andrey on Twitter and Medium. 

Developers In Crypto/Blockchain #3

jonasschnelli (Jonas Schnelli) — Bitcoin

Jonas Schnelli is a Bitcoin Core developer, maintainer, and co-founder of Bitbox based out of Switzerland. He also develops and created libbtc, an open-source Bitcoin library written in C

Schnelli got involved in Bitcoin 2011 and started contributing code to Bitcoin Core in 2013. Jonas mostly worked on Bitcoin pruning and SPV clients. From the last 3 years, Jonas is mainly focused on p2p encryption.

You can follow him on Twitter and Medium.

Developers In Crypto/Blockchain #3

Wrapping up

This is, for now, we will introduce some more awesome developers next week. If you have any feedback or comments, let us know in the comment section.

About CoinCodeCap

CoinCodeCap analyzes the codebase of various cryptocurrencies. Anyone can showcase development activity on their platform using our APIs. We also help in development audit reports for Cryptocurrencies. You can reach us at [email protected].

Special Thanks to the Zano project for supporting our work.

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