Developers In Crypto #2

We started the “Developers in Crypto” series to acknowledge the developers’ contribution in crypto space. In the last part, we have mentioned some awesome developers in Crypto space. Let’s get introduced to some more ninja developers this week. 

Matt Corallo (bluematt) — Bitcoin

Matt joined Bitcoin development in 2011 and contributing to the Bitcoin protocol since then. He also cofounded Blocksteam where he remained involved with Blockstream as a technical adviser until January 2017.

Matt also worked for Chaincode Labs- a New York City-based research and development group exploring cryptocurrencies and other P2P decentralized systems. Matt recently hired by Square Crypto.

Corallo spent four months as a software engineer intern at Google and holds a BS in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We reached out to Matt on Twitter, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions, In matt words  :

” My background is…..Bitcoin. I started contributing to Bitcoin core (before it was called Bitcoin core) in high school and been doing it ever since. I’ve done a number of other things, including building state-of-the-art fast-block-relay networks (the current version of which is, and is also used by the Blockstream satellite), done a lot of work on Bitcoin core, at various levels in the codebase, helped co-found Blockstream, where I wrote most of the initial sidechain peg logic, I run one of the Bitcoin core dnsseeds, I built the very first implementation of payment channels (in Bitcoinj), and now maintain a lightning library in rust designed to allow existing wallets to integrate lightning more tightly, and designed and am still working on a replacement for various mining protocols to re-decentralize mining.” — Matt

You can follow Matt on Twitter and check out his blog

Developers In Crypto #2

Michael Ford (fanquake) — Bitcoin

Michael recently named the newest maintainer of the Bitcoin core project. Michael discovered bitcoin in 2010 and started contributing to the Bitcoin Core project in 2012. Michael also builds tools for precision agriculture. You can follow his Twitter.

Developers In Crypto #2

Péter Szilágyi (karalabe) — Ethereum

Peter is the lead developer on Ethereum go-client (Geth). Geth is one of the most popular open-source Ethereum client. He joined Ethereum in 2015 to work on Whisper, but then he switched to the go-ethereum client.

Before joining Ethereum, Peter worked on a decentralize cloud messaging project Iris. Peter is from Romania. He has a Ph.D. from Babes-Bolyai University in cloud computing.

You can follow him on Twitter and his blog on Medium.

Developers In Crypto #2

Egor Grishechko (egorikas)

Egor is one of the top contributors on Insolar project. Insolar is the best solution to streamline interactions between companies. The platform’s key features are scalability, security, simplified development, interoperability, user protection, and regulatory compliance. Insolar has the highest number of Github commits last year.

We reached out to Egor and asked a few questions: Before joining Insolar, Egor had over five years of experience in building distributed systems, backends, and APIs.He started working for Insolar in September of 2018.

His main contribution to Insolar project is developing the first version of a Pulsar node, help setup testing framework for Insolar. He also developed a base for distributed linked-lists of objects that are called filaments, and this helps Insolar to track object states at different points in time. Currently, he spends a lot of time profiling Insolar network and searching for performance issues.

You can follow Egor on Twitter and also check out his blog.

Developers In Crypto #2

Wrapping up

This is, for now, we will introduce some more awesome developers next week. If you have any feedback or comments, let us know in the comment section.

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