Commit Rank is now Activity Rank

Our goal is to convey development sentiment as accurately as possible. Last week, we have tweaked CoinCodeCap ranking, this week we have added one more metrics in our Ranking.

Commit Rank Is Now Activity Rank

CoinCodeCap has two types of Ranking

  • Commit rank
  • Overall project rank

Commit Rank

Commit Rank ranks cryptocurrencies based on their commits and active authors, this week we are adding the number of releases also in this metrics and from now on we will call it Activity ranking

Major changes :

  • Commits have less weight 
  • Active authors and releases will have the same weight

Overall Rank

We also added releases metrics in Overall Rank. 

Major changes :

  • We also reduced Commits weight from 5 to 1 in Overall ranking
  • Added releases metrics

About CoinCodeCap

CoinCodeCap analyzes codebase of various cryptocurrencies. Anyone can showcase development activity on their platform using our APIs. We also help in development audit reports for Cryptocurrencies. You can reach us at [email protected].

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