CoinCodeCap’s The Weekly: Issue 5

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This Week in Markets

This week the crypto space started witnessing wild fluctuations soon after the stablecoin, UST, lost its peg, leading LUNA into a ‘death spiral.’ The market is going through a massive collapse for the first time in the history of cryptocurrencies. Exchanges are consistently on the lookout for a quick recovery but it seems far-fetched.

The Luna Crash
The LUNA Crash

LUNA/USDT consolidating in between support and resistance.

Given below is the UST to USD Chart of the last 24 hours. We can see the decrease in the price of UST easily. The price of 1 UST was almost equal to 1 USD on 9th May 2022, but if we talk about the present situation, i.e., 10th May 2022, 1 UST is equivalent to 0.68 USD. UST has lost 32% of its value over the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap. 

Terra Usd Also Crashed.
Terra USD also crashed.

During $BTC volatile action over the past few days, we spotted the largest inflow into centralized exchanges. On Tuesday, Bitcoin dropped to the low’s $30,000, and a total of 49.76k BTC were deposited into exchanges, the majority going into Binance – IntoTheBlock Insights. 

Coincodecap'S The Weekly: Issue 5
Chart Pattern

In the graph below, we can see BTC making a bearish bat, now here we have to see the reaction of the market. Is it going to be long or short term bearish? 

The Luna Fiasco – From Among Top 10 Cryptocurrency to Delisting 

Up until May 7, UST was holding its peg but then lost it twice in 48 hours. The stablecoin is supposed to maintain its stability by maintaining a 1:1 mint and burn ratio with LUNA. For better understanding, we can say that in order to mint $1 UST, a trader will have to burn $1 LUNA. Now, let’s take a look at the graph below: 

Luna'S Journey Over Recent Past
LUNA’s Journey over Recent Past

The crash in the value of LUNA makes us question, ‘How unstable can an algod stablecoin tether be?’ 

But, what caused this scenario? The Luna Foundation Guard in order to save UST’s peg came up with a rescue plan. First, it loaned out $750 million of BTC to the market makers and then another $750 million of UST to buy back BTC. 

Consequently, UST depegged which led to the fall of LUNA. However, LUNA was still being minted and thus, its value started falling. On May 12, the value of the token plummeted by 99%. Several crypto-exchanges like Binance,, Bybit, and CoinDCX have currently delisted LUNA from their platform. 

Coincodecap'S The Weekly: Issue 5

The correction pattern above shows what we are anticipating to happen next in the market. 

The Happenings

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