Hunter Global Rug Pulled, Around $1.2M Stolen

Key Takeaways

  • Hunter Global is rug pulled now as they have closed their official discord and telegram accounts. Also, their website has stopped working, and its native token, i.e., HOUND, has seen a sharp price drop.
Token Price Crash
Token Price Crash

Here is the contract address:

Below is a quick overview of this project.

Hunter Global has described itself as a bot service platform based on the Swap decentralized exchange for trading created by a community of decentralized autonomous organizations.

According to information provided by Certik team, a centralized wallet of this project with address 0xcAA51c5C8F6E6fD82e99eAa1606afF3f91E56626 rugpulled their HOUND token on May 8th 2022 at 11:53 AM +UTC. In the Hound token contract, foundationWalletAddress & liquidityReceiveAddress both point to the same team wallet.

The team wallet address receives a small portion from adding liquidity, selling, and removing liquidity. Also, The team wallet address removed liquidity in 4 transactions, which approximately equals 305,479,711 HOUND. Here are links to transactions which were involved removing liquidity:


The team wallet address then swaps over 3 minutes for 1,100,039,000 Hound. i.e., around ~$1.2M worth of assets. Here are the links to swap transactions:


Most of the BNB has been transferred to this address: 0xEb290E70bE7eD7F42DE77fb099dADe2384364f81. The rest remains in the original wallet address: 0xcAA51c5C8F6E6fD82e99eAa1606afF3f91E56626. Certik Team has also pointed out these major centralization issues in their sceurity audit.

Here is the token address: It has a supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens. Currently, 34,336 addresses are holding it.

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