CoinCodeCap Weekly Glance: 12 March – 18 March

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The week started with Laura Shin accusing Charles Hoskinson of lying about his educational qualifications. Supporters of Cardano are not happy with her generalizing them. Then the news came that US Treasury is planning to launch a campaign to increase awareness related to cryptocurrency investing, especially for investors. 

Soon after that Yuga Labs acquired the rights to two of the market’s most popular NFT collections. Yuga Labs announced that “We are pleased to announce that Yuga has acquired the Intellectual Property (IP) for the CryptoPunks and Meebits NFT collections from Larva Labs.”

Meebits' Stock Price Soared Before Yuga Labs Bought It, Followed By Insider Trading Accusations
Meebits’ Stock Price Soared Before Yuga Labs Bought it

As a piece of bad news for UK crypto users, UK’s Financial Conduct Authority released a letter that said bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATMs that allow individuals to purchase and trade crypto are banned in the UK. 

A good or a bad move by the hackers of the 2017 Parity wallet. The hacker moves $ETH again. The hackers started moving Ethereum into Tornado Cash. Hackers are taking advantage of the mixed protocols of the smart token contract. 

Here comes a piece of good news for undergraduate students, Visa is welcoming undergraduate students in the United States to apply for its Crypto Development Program. According to a hiring post by Visa, the Crypto Development Program is an 18-month rotational development experience.

MEPs voted against the Markets in Crypto Assets [MiCA] law, which allows for the mining of Bitcoin and Ether. A majority of MEPs from the “EPP, ECR, Renew & ID voted against it, while a minority from Greens, S&D, and GUE voted mostly in favor”. Soon after this MEPs agreed to set new rules to make cryptocurrencies more consumer and climate-friendly. The lead MEP said that these rules would bring innovation. 

The Graph Name Service (GNS—on-chain registration of subgraphs) will now mint an NFT whenever a dapp developer uploads a new subgraph. The subgraph can be controlled by whoever controls the NFT. 

Andre Cronje, the founder of Yearn, launched six stablecoin pools on Curve. These stablecoins are from AC’s Fixed Forex, which was released in July and is compatible with Yearn, Curve, and Convex. Does this mean he is back to crypto? The Sandbox joins hands with HSBC. This collaboration will bring in a series of exciting opportunities in the world of Metaverse and Web3. 

Hsbc To Enter Sandbox
HSBC to Enter Sandbox

A piece of good news for crypto users in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky had “signed the Law of Ukraine ‘On Virtual Assets,’ which was “adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on February 17.” The law “creates conditions for the launch of a legal market for virtual assets in Ukraine. The new market will be regulated by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission.”

The Clearing House, a well-known Ripple partner, is collaborating with Wells Fargo on a cross-border payments system. It is “particularly built to serve digital commerce” and may eventually replace SWIFT. Coinbase has been alleged to operate as an unregistered securities exchange. 79 tokens of Coinbase have been alleged as illegal. Coinbase has papers stating the firm is the original seller.

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