Is Andre Cronje Back to Crypto Again?

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Andre Cronje, the founder of Yearn, launched six stablecoin pools on Curve yesterday. These stablecoins are from AC’s Fixed Forex, which was released in July and is compatible with Yearn, Curve, and Convex. The contract address is


Andre Cronje is deploying and funding several new fixed forex pools using Curve v2.

There are several Tweets regarding the six stablecoins he has launched yesterday. People are guessing if he is back or he never left crypto. However, there is no information about these stablecoins in his Twitter account or anywhere except the contract address.

Soon after the news of Andre Cronje leaving crypto made shocking accusations about Fantom Opera. Soon after the accusations by a statement was released by Fantom Foundation on March 11. The statement was released regarding alleged “factual inaccuracies,” “debunked claims” and “misinformation” from the piece.

The statement said “Andre and Anton did not ‘terminate’ 25 projects. Instead, any involvement (such as user interface) in these projects was to be handed over to the existing teams, many of whom had been developing and running independently.”

A few days earlier Anton Nell and Andre Cronje said goodbye to Crypto. Not much after saying goodbye Andre Cronje launched six stablecoin pools on Curve. Did this mean he is back to Crypto again or did this mean the accusations made by Rekt were true?

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Chaahat Girdhar
Chaahat Girdhar

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