Where and How to Buy DogeMoon?

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In this article, we are going to talk about the meme token DogeMoon and will further discuss all the steps to buy DogeMoon. We will be guiding you through everything you need to know about DogeMoon. Among the thousands of meme coins, it is hard to choose one to invest in. While coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are flying high, there are some underrated coins as well and investing in them totally makes sense.


  • Dogemoon is a charity token.
  • It aims towards charity work from the profit.
  • It is based on Binance smartchain.
  • You can buy it via trustwallet or Metamask. 

What is DogeMoon?

Dogemoon is one of the first passive yield charity tokens on the Binance smart chain. They work actively to support charities all around the world. The coin is very well known for its clarity and work ethic.


Why should you invest in Dogemoon? 

Besides being some of the most promising meme coins out there are certain reasons that make Dogemoon special.

  • It is a charity token so it’s earnings are targeted towards welfare and charity causes.
  • It has auto farming mechanics (2%) and auto burns to lock liquidity(2%)
  • To prevent a major sell off 6% transaction towards this wallets turns to BNB automatically.

Where to buy Dogemoon?

DogeMoon is available for sale in various exchanges although using Metamask or Trustwallet are the most reliable sources to buy these. 

How to buy Dogemoon?

We will be guiding you on how to buy dogecoin via Pancakeswap.

Open Pancakeswap
Open PancakeSwap
  • Now in the ‘To’ section select Dogemoon by pasting this Contract: 0x18359CF655A444204e46F286eDC445C9D30fFc54
Select Dogemoon
Select Dogemoon
Paste The Code
Paste the Code
  • Now go to settings and set the slippage around 11-12 percent. Make sure you have selected BNB on the ‘From” section.
Where And How To Buy Dogemoon?
Select the option
  • Finally enter your desired value and click swap. 
Buy Dogemoon
buy DogeMoon

Dogemoon Price Prediction

The price of Dogemoon recently saw a surge with a pretty high volume. If the current bitcoin bull run continues and we see continuous bullish sentiment in the market, it is highly likely that we might see some new all-time highs in its price.

Dogemoon Price
Dogemoon Price

Conclusion: How to Buy DOGEMOON

Dogemoon can be a great place for you to start investing in Memecoins. It is fast, easy, and reliable. If you are willing to do some charity work via investments, it can be a great place to start. Although we suggest you do your own research before investing and consult your investment consultant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total supply of Dogemoon?

  • The total supply of Dogemoon is 10,000,000,000.
  • How much slippage should be used while buying Dogemoon?

  • The slippage should be between 10% to 13%.
  • What is the symbol of Dogemoon?

  • The symbol of dogemoon is $DGMOON. 
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