Where and How to Buy Captain Inu?

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There is a new hero in the crypto market. A hero who is soaring very highly due to its high gains. Captain Inu is the coin you must keep your eye on if you want to boost your crypto portfolio. So what is Captain Inu? How to Buy Captain Inu? Why is it trading highly? We will be answering all of your questions in this article. So without further ado, let’s get started. 


  • Captain Inu is a meme token based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • It is an ERC-20 token.
  • You can buy it from Uniswap

What is Captain Inu?  

Captain Inu is a new emerging meme token based on the Ethereum blockchain. As the name suggests, it is here to be the leader of the meme token community. Their sole purpose is to save users from the fraud tokens of the metaverse by providing them quality and innovative tokens. If you are new to the crypto market, then Captain Inu might be the project for you. 

Buy Captain Inu
Buy Captain Inu

What makes Captain Inu unique? 

Here are some of the features you must have a look at before you start investing in it. 

  • It has a 10 percent tax on every transaction. This fee is used for marketing to make this token more desirable. 
  • The token holders will have early access to the games. 
  • The users will have access to rare NFTs.
  • There is a shill app in the metaverse. If you join in, you will get a chance to win rewards if you become a verified Inu defender. 

Captain Inu tokenomics:

  • Token symbol: $CPTINU
  • Amount of tokens: 1,000,000,000,000,000
  • Burn: 40%
  • Liquidity: Will be locked for a year.
  • Marketing tax: 4%
  • Development tax: 5%
  • Rewards: 1%

Where to Buy Captain Inu?

Captain Inu is a new token, so it is not available in every exchange. However, you can buy it from Uniswap.

Also, read our guide to Uniswap to know more.

How to Buy Captain Inu?

Before buying Captain Inu, you must set up a Metamask wallet and have ETH in your wallet as well. We will be purchasing the token from Uniswap.

Go To Uniswap
Go to Uniswap
  • On the top right corner, you’ll find ‘ Connect wallet.’ Click on it.
Connect Wallet
Connect wallet
Select Metamask
Select Metamask
Copy The Address
Copy the address
  • Paste the contract address in the ‘Select token’ section of Uniswap. 
Paste The Address
Paste the address
  • Select ETH. 
Select Eth
Select ETH
  • Enter your desired amount and click on the Swap button. 
Click Swap
Click swap
  • Your wallet balance will be updated with Captain Inu soon. 

Captain Inu Price

 The price of Captain Inu fluctuates from time to time. However, you can always keep yourself updated about the price from Coinmarketcap.

Captain Inu Price
Captain Inu Price

How safe is Captain Inu?

It is an ERC-20 token, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is one of the most secure blockchains. Please do your own research about the project before making any financial investments.


Captain Inu aims to be the saviour of the crypto market and is currently on the right path. However, even superheroes can have a bad day, and the price may go down a bit. Therefore, we suggest you do your own research as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total supply of Captain Inu? 

The total supply of Captain Inu is 1,000,000,000,000,000

What is the symbol of Captain Inu?


Where can you buy Captain Inu?

You can buy Captain Inu from Uniswap. 

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