8 Best New Relic Alternatives

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Today, as technology progresses, applications become more complex and distributed. As a result, monitoring an application’s performance is necessary to provide greater satisfaction to the end user. As a result, in this post, we will look at the top ten best Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools. Here, in this article we’ll going to discuss about some of the best New Relic alternatives.

What is New Relic?

New Relic is a well-known name in the online observability and analytics space. They’ve carved out a niche for themselves in a very competitive surveillance market, attracting thousands of customers and hundreds of millions of dollars in income.

New Relic is well-known for its Infrastructure Monitoring capabilities, but it also offers a variety of additional products that are equally popular. However, New Relic is not popular with everyone. In reality, it is commonly known that New Relic caters mostly to huge enterprises with deep funds.

This has driven many people to hunt for New Relic alternatives, which is most likely why you are reading this right now.

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Best New Relic Alternatives

1. Datadog

8 Best New Relic Alternatives

When comparing Datadog and New Relic, you’ll notice that their functionality is fairly similar, making it a good addition to our list of New Relic alternatives. Unfortunately, they are both costly solutions, so if you are looking to transition away from New Relic in order to save money, Datadog may not be the best option.

Datadog presently provides 21 different solutions, each with its own set of features and pricing. There are numerous solutions available, including cloud infrastructure, application, container, network, logs, and serverless monitoring. Datadog is extremely flexible to most organizations and very effective at providing users with detailed observability throughout their whole application stack.

2. Site24x7

8 Best New Relic Alternatives

Site24x7 is a cloud monitoring tool developed by Zoho Corporation. Site24x7 was established on the expertise of Zoho, a SaaS leader in business and productivity products, and Manage Engine, a world-class IT management software solution.

With over 10,000 clients worldwide, Site24x7 helps IT teams and DevOps of all sizes to easily handle issues in their apps and infrastructure. Site24x7 APM Insight is an application performance monitoring tool that enables you to optimise your application’s performance in real time.

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3. AppDynamics

8 Best New Relic Alternatives

AppDynamics is a full-stack monitoring solution centered on APM and infrastructure monitoring. However, it is well-known for its Synthetic and Real User Monitoring capabilities, making it a viable New Relic competitor. Please remember that this solution is still very expensive, so if you are considering leaving New Relic due to the cost, this may not be the best option for you.

Having stated that, AppDynamic provides essentially identical capabilities as New Relic, with the exception of Application Security Monitoring. It, like New Relic, focuses on large-scale technology organizations with large expenditures.

4. Dynatrace

8 Best New Relic Alternatives

Dynatrace is an excellent alternative to New Relic because it focuses heavily on Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and covers nearly everything New Relic does.

Dynatrace provides Security Analytics for what they refer to as advanced threat protection. They also provide Security Protection, which enables users to find, analyze, and protect themselves against undiscovered vulnerabilities.

Dynatrace is ideal for large organizations looking for enterprise-level monitoring. It’s wonderful for giving important company metrics across multiple digital platforms, and it even uses casual AI to help automate complex procedures.

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5. LogicMonitor

8 Best New Relic Alternatives

LogicMonitor is an optimal performance monitoring solution for your production servers, providing you with the data you need to analyze bottlenecks, faults, and errors in your present infrastructure.

Their Auto-Discover tool examines your systems and converts data and information into easy-to-read graphs and data points to help you manage and monitor problem areas. LogicMonitor enables you to be more proactive in monitoring mission important systems and analyze previous data to plan for future development and capacity planning.

6. Stackify Retrace

New Relic Alternatives

Stackify is a cloud-based platform offering  APM solutions to software developers, operations teams, and support managers. It is among the top New Relic competitors since it enables cloud-based application monitoring and attempting to debug while also providing DevOps visibility.

During development and QA, you may quickly solve production issues and identify errors. It is designed for developers and operates as a SaaS platform. Stackify Retrace provides monitoring and server templates, as well as CPU, RAM, and disk status.

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7. Loupe

8 Best New Relic Alternatives

Loupe has been developed mainly for enterprise customers and IT specialists, but its ease of use and quick setup make it an attractive option for small enterprises as well.

While Loupe does not cover as many applications as some other APM tools, it does provide all of the essential features of an APM package. Furthermore, it differentiates itself from the competition by incorporating several novel features.

One of the most important tools is automatic grouping of log events, which saves you time hunting for the source of an issue. There is also an amazing web client, allowing you to access your information from any computer or device.

8. Scout

8 Best New Relic Alternatives

Scout is a highly effective APM tool for diagnosing IT infrastructure. It can identify and resolve performance issues before they affect the end user. It provides an APM-only solution for analyzing application performance in Ruby, Elixir, and Python. This allows you to identify commonalities among slow requests, track bottlenecks back to their source code, and monitor overall backend performance.

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In conclusion, while New Relic has been a popular choice for application performance monitoring and observability, there are other alternatives on the market that provide equal functionality and, in some cases, even better performance. There are choices to meet your individual requirements, whether you want a more cost-effective solution, deeper insights, or increased flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I migrate my existing data from New Relic to an alternative solution?

Many alternative monitoring platforms provide migration tools or APIs to help with the transition of data from New Relic. However, the simplicity of migrating may differ based on the systems involved.

How do commercial alternatives like Datadog and Dynatrace compare to New Relic?

Commercial solutions frequently provide more extensive feature sets, integrations, and support choices than New Relic. However, they may come at a larger cost, therefore it’s vital to consider whether the additional features warrant the expenditure.

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