6 Best Legal AI Tools: For Lawyers Important

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In today’s era, lawyers thrive in the professional and technologically advanced arena of legal ai tools. These tools are AI for lawyers that help them by streamlining legal research, contract analysis, and governance and compliance monitoring, among other responsibilities. These instruments are essential to contemporary legal practice since they increase accuracy and efficiency simultaneously. In this article, we are going to explore the best legal AI tools out there.

What are legal AI tools?

Legal AI tools are software programs that help legal practitioners with a variety of activities by leveraging artificial intelligence techniques, including machine learning and natural language processing. These technologies are designed to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making of legal practice by carrying out tasks such as contract analysis, legal research, and document automation.

6 Top Legal AI Tools: For Lawyers

1. CoCounsel (Casetext)

Cocounsel (Casetext)

CoCounsel (Casetext) is an AI-powered legal research engine that assists attorneys in swiftly and effectively locating pertinent statutes, case law, and regulations. Since its founding in 2013, Casetext has applied state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) to the legal field to develop products that help lawyers represent more clients with greater quality, increase productivity and accuracy, and gain a competitive edge.

CoCounsel (Casetext): Features

  • CoCounsel will read your documents in their entirety and provide an answer to any questions you have, citing all relevant sources.
  • It helps you find anything quickly, from crucial testimony in lengthy transcripts to intricate contracts and conditions.
  • It lets you quickly obtain a comprehensive deposition outline. Give a brief description of the defendant and the issues raised in the case, and CoCounsel will suggest several important subjects to cover and create questions for each. 
  • It allows you to rapidly and accurately interpret and summarize crucial details from any kind of document, including lengthy opinions, intricate contracts, and dense agreements, without missing any important information.

CoCounsel (Casetext): Price

The pricing information for the platform is not available.

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2. Harvey AI

Harvey Ai

Harvey AI is a legal AI platform intended for legal practitioners. In addition to conducting legal research and identifying issues, this tool can assist lawyers in drafting, analyzing, and responding to queries.

Harvey AI: Features

  • Harvey uses natural language instructions to assist with the drafting, analysis, answering of queries, and more for any kind of legal document.
  • It helps you find solutions to challenging research problems in the legal, regulatory, and tax areas.
  • Like attorneys collaborating on complex situations, it coordinates hundreds of highly specialized models to accomplish entire workflows outside the purview of a single LLM.
  • Harvey offers previously unattainable insight into the output of your company. It allows you to monitor work products created on the platform according to practice area, client matter, lawyer, and other criteria.

Harvey AI: Price

The pricing information for the platform is not available.

3. Smith AI

Smith Ai

Smith AI provides legal answering services for law firms & attorneys. In order to free up your time for billable work, Smith.ai’s legal answering service takes care of calls and texts around-the-clock, filters fresh leads, schedules consultations, and collects money.

Smith AI: Features

  • The platform’s legal answering services can assist with logging facts promptly in your calendar and CRM, capturing and screening callers, obtaining new client information, and arranging appointments.
  • In order to free you up to concentrate on your legal practice, the receptionist service may help with client intake by answering calls, setting up appointments, and collecting payments. 
  • By using Smith.ai’s 24/7 live answering service and chat, you can convert website views into qualified consultations in a matter of seconds.

Smith AI: Price

The call pricing for the platforms starts at $285 for 30 calls per month.

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4. Capture Now

Capture Now

Capture Now is an AI-based platform that provides legal firms with interactive response solutions. Millions of dollars are spent by attorneys on marketing to get calls, particularly on the weekends and evenings. This platform makes sure that this is not a problem anymore.

Capture Now: Features

  • This platform makes sure that you completely remove chance, bias, subjectivity, inconsistency, wait time, ring time, long call times, excessive cost, mistaken or false statements, unpredictability, lack of transparency, and inefficiency.
  • The calls are answered 24/7/365.
  • It offers speech-to-text transcription.
  • The platform offers prioritized qualification call routing. dedicated website portal, case-specific email alerts, automatic call recording, and male & female voice options.

Capture Now: Price

The pricing information for the platform is not available.

5. Lex Machina

Lex Machina

Lex Machina has the most extensive legal analytics coverage of parties’ litigation histories that is currently available throughout the United States. It helps to craft successful strategies, land clients, and win cases. 

Lex Machina: Features

  • In just a few minutes, you can examine the background of the opposing counsel before particular judges and courts, the client list of your opponent attorney, and which legal practices have the greatest expertise in taking on opposing counsel.
  • You can look at damages awarded in comparable instances, determine the expected timing of important events in your jurisdiction, and examine a party’s prior experiences before particular judges and courts.
  • Select district court case pages by using AI-generated complaint summaries found on the Lex Machina platform. In order to save hours of research time, discover client impacts, and boost business growth potential, the summaries disclose the nature of the case, plaintiff and defendant information, alleged harm, and desired solutions.

Lex Machina: Price

The pricing information for the platform is not available.

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6. Spellbook


Spellbook is a very poular tool for transactional lawyers that reviews and recommends terms for your contracts directly within Microsoft Word, utilizing GPT4 and other large language models. It instantly recommends excellent wording and enhancements for your contracts.

Spellbook: Features

  • Spellbook comprehends more than just contracts. It can refer to global facts because it has been schooled on Wikipedia, literature, and the Internet.
  • The tool is equipped with OpenAI’s GPT-4o language model, which is highly efficient and optimized for contracting. It is the only GPT-4 powered tool that is integrated with Word.
  • It generates draft comments and rapidly evaluates the entire document.
  • Automatically draw attention to non-market terms and hazards. On the basis of your prompts, it also automatically recommends exact modifications and remarks.

Spellbook: Price

The pricing information about the platform is not currently available.

Best Legal AI Tools: For Lawyers- Conclusion

Legal AI technologies can greatly benefit attorneys by improving productivity, accuracy, and client care. These tools reduce human error, automate repetitive processes, and streamline research, from document analysis to predictive analytics. Legal practitioners can concentrate more on strategic and client-focused areas by embracing AI, which completely changes the way that law is practiced.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Look for in Legal AI Tools?

Checking if a tool is the right fit for you requires careful consideration of a few important factors. This involves considering data safety, whether the tool meets the needs of your company, usability, and connections to the existing tools you use.

Will AI replace IP lawyers?

With its incredible powers, artificial intelligence (AI) is not coming to replace lawyers; rather, it will complement their knowledge, relieve them of tedious, repetitive work, and free them up to concentrate on more intricate, strategic areas of patent law.

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