Baidu Announces a Metaverse to Connect 100,000 People

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Key takeaways:

  • Baidu, the Chinese search engine behemoth, has announced the launch of its metaverse product “Xirang” on December 27, along with the first Baidu AI Developer Conference. 
  • More than 100,000 people will be connecting with each other at the same time during the event.
Baidu Announces A Metaverse To Connect 100,000 People
Baidu Announces a Metaverse to Connect 100,000 People

The new virtual world will be designed as a Mobius ring planet with Chinese urbanistic design characteristics, as well as some cultural components. Users will be able to build their own avatars, which they may use for personal meetings, purchasing, and communication.

Xirang also incorporates immersive audio and visual effects to further enhance the gaming experience. Any user in the virtual universe will be able to quickly join the global voice chat and speak with other avatars.

Baidu announced on December 10 in the morning on Sina science and technology news that its yuan universe products “Xirang” will be released on December 27 and that a Baidu AI developers conference will be held in the xirang APP. The “Xrang” app, according to the article, offers a persistent multi-person interaction area that spans virtual and real worlds.

The form of “Hyrang” is thought to be a mobius ring planet. Chinese environment, culture, and history will be interwoven into urban development and interactive experiences, and urban design will incorporate a great variety of Chinese components. Not only can you meet Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, but you can also visit the thousand-year-old Shaolin Temple, where sanbao monks train martial arts, and the Trisolaran Museum, where you can watch the Trisolaran fleet cruise overhead.

Users can establish an exclusive virtual picture and log in to xirang on personal computers, mobile phones, and wearable devices starting December 27 to listen to meetings, purchase, chat, and watch exhibitions. You may immediately experience the immersive sound visual effect of 100,000 people in the auditorium if you use headphones. When the microphone is turned on, it can be immediately connected, allowing for multi-person audio conversation.

The real-time high-brush immersive experience screen effect and multi-person interaction in the same place, in fact, necessitate tremendous computer power, algorithm support, and a significant investment in RESEARCH and development. As a result, technological prowess will become an increasingly important factor in future competitiveness. Ma Jie, Baidu’s vice president and Xichang’s CEO, said:

The metauniverse is still in its infancy as far as the industrial investigation goes. Its growth is gradual, and it will take a long time for the entire community to create and mature together.”

The conference, which will take place later this month in the Xirang metaverse, is one of Baidu’s largest technological conferences since 2017, and it is also the largest AI developer conference. Various companies, technological developers, and hobbyists will attend the event. Participants at the event will talk on modern internet technologies, artificial intelligence, and the future of metaverse technology.

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Chetna Prakash
Chetna Prakash

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