Automata Network Breaking out! ATA Crypto Price Analysis

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ATA Crypto is another breakout candidate, which can deliver good returns in the short-term trade.

In this article, we will cover ATA Crypto price analysis, weekly price analysis along with the news roundup.

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ATA Crypto Price Analysis

ATA Crypto is currently trading at $0.244 , marking a significant moment for the token.

Let’s have a look at the chart:

Ata Crypto Price Analysis

We can expect another bullish ride of ATA.

Weekly Price Analysis

Over the past week, ATA has seen a range of activity. The price has experienced a volatility of 7.56%, indicating a somewhat stable week for the token with a bullish sentiment.

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The current Fear & Greed Index shows a score of 79 (Extreme Greed), suggesting that investor sentiment is currently very positive towards ATA.

News Roundup

In recent news, predictions for ATA’s future are looking optimistic. ATA is expected to rise by 223.88% and reach $0.710698 USD by May 4, 2024. This bullish outlook is supported by 25 technical analysis indicators signaling bullish signals, with only 2 indicating bearish signals.

Looking further ahead, the long-term forecast for ATA is also positive. By 2025, the price is predicted to gain 435.38% if it reaches the upper price target of $1.021924 . The price prediction for 2030 suggests that ATA could gain 356.01%, reaching as high as $0.870437 .


The Automata Network (ATA) shows promising signs of growth, both in the short and long term. With a current price of $0.244 USD and a positive market sentiment, ATA could be a valuable asset for investors looking for potential gains. As always, it’s important to conduct thorough research and consider professional financial advice before making any investment decisions.

This analysis aims to provide a snapshot of ATA’s current market status and potential future performance based on available data and market indicators. For the most up-to-date information, always refer to real-time data and consult with a financial advisor.

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