Yash Kamal Chaturvedi

Yash Kamal Chaturvedi

Mm.finance Hacked

MM.Finance Hacked, Around $2M Stolen

Key Takeaways: MM.Finance was hacked on May 5th, where the hacker managed to inject a malicious contract address into the frontend code, and approximately $2M USD+ worth of digital assets has been compromised and bridged over to the ethereum network…

Nodegrid Shutting Operations

Is NodeGrid a Scam Project?

Key Takeaways NodeGrid Team has announced that they’re shutting down their operations on their social media accounts. Below is a quick overview of this project. NodeGrid has described itself as a community-driven project powered by the Binance Smart Chain, which plans…

Defi Kingdoms

Is DeFi Kingdoms a Scam Project?

Key Takeaways: Twitter User Petrify has identified DeFi Kingdoms as a Scam Project in his Twitter thread. Below is a quick overview of this project. DeFi Kingdoms has described itself as a DeFi game built on the blockchain, designed with useable NFTs. Twitter User Petrify was confused…

Saddle Finance Hacked

Saddle Finance Hacked, Around $10M Stolen

Key Takeaways: PeckShield has detected that Saddle Finance is hacked, with a loss of more than $10M. Below is a quick overview of this project. Saddle Finance has described itself as a decentralized automated market maker on the Ethereum blockchain, optimized for…

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