Is DeFi Kingdoms a Scam Project?

Key Takeaways:

  • Twitter User Petrify has identified DeFi Kingdoms as a Scam Project in his Twitter thread.

Below is a quick overview of this project.

DeFi Kingdoms has described itself as a DeFi game built on the blockchain, designed with useable NFTs.

Twitter User Petrify was confused that from where did the address 0x6333dd17adb9171bbdf7604292490d9b75847561 got the JEWEL token. After looking at the DFK tracker:,

he was not able to see anywhere how they got JEWEL, but they spent 2 million JEWEL on minting LP when the pool opened,

Is Defi Kingdoms A Scam Project?

One other interesting thing about this account is that it was initially called Liquidity.

They have since managed to rename their account to LiquidLuck, which according to mods, is something that you can’t do. The first screenshot, which we can see above, was taken on 11/03/2021. The second, which we can see below, is them having a new name.

Is Defi Kingdoms A Scam Project?

Also, this is not a dev account as it is not listed by any of the dev accounts anywhere and has been dumping millions of dollars in JEWEL since DFK’s inception. We can also see here it minted the LP tokens before the DFK team announced the website as being live.

Here is the Harmony transaction where the LP tokens were created:

All the above claims were made by Twitter User Petrify, which are valid according to facts and figures.

So, According to the Twitter user Shima Tatsuya, 2 million was allocated for initial liquidity. This matches the fact that this account was to create initial liquidity. Hence the name was liquidity.

Preminting Schedule

But according to their official docs, as our readers can see in the screenshot above, it cannot be withdrawn or sold. But here, the initial liquidity pair was staked and then used to sell and mine millions of dollars and win a land. Also, the DFK team has provided a fake address for the initial liquidity in their official docs.

Is Defi Kingdoms A Scam Project?

After people started asking these questions on their official discord, the team has said to everyone that Twitter user Petrify was creating a FUD campaign. Below is the screenshot of the discord chat.

Is Defi Kingdoms A Scam Project?

Given below is the DFK’s response to all the allegations. Many people want to remove Frisky Fox from the team so that project can stay alive.

DFK’s response

According to Twitter User Jean Paul, Frisky Fox is a scammer from LootSwap Project. In the screenshot below, Frisky Fox claims that the lootswap dev is a connection.

Also, the guy who was developing lootswap’s gaming side went under a pseudonym that used the word Fox.

Also, In the last seven days, JEWEL has seen a price drop from $3.70 to $1.25.

Is Defi Kingdoms A Scam Project?
Jewel Prices Drop

As crypto scams are increasing nowadays, our readers should stay alert.

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