Chaahat Girdhar

Chaahat Girdhar

Ola Finance Exploited

Ola Finance Exploited, Around $3.6M Lost

Key Takeaways: The exploit took place on Fuse Network. About $3.6 million lost in the incident. The funds are still with the hacker. Funds were funneled out via Tornado Cash. Today Ola Finance Tweeted and informed their community that they…

Wechat Bans Nft Accounts

Chinese Giant WeChat Bans Numerous NFT Accounts

Key Takeaways: WeChat, a Chinese messaging app owned by Tencent has banned accounts that promote non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and conduct secondary transactions with them. Sina, a Chinese news outlet, has spread the word about Tencent’s current policy regarding accounts that…

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