Crypto Expert Ambushed, Shot 5 Times At NYC Hotel

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Key Takeaways:

  • A robber tried to steal a $450,000 Richard Mille watch from a crypto expert at point-blank range in Manhattan.
  • Pierrick Jamaux was the victim and was ambushed outside of his Manhattan hotel.

The Incident

A robber attempted to steal a $450,000 Richard Mille watch. The robber shot a 33-year-old French cryptocurrency expert at point-blank range in Manhattan. According to our sources, the victim said that he was followed “for hours or days” before the attack. According to our sources, the man was Pierrick Jamaux. He was the victim and was ambushed outside of his Manhattan hotel.

Victim’s Statement

He was visiting from Hong Kong and was getting out of an Uber at the Fifty Hotel and Suites in Midtown when the incident occurred. He said that “Given the fact he was waiting there when we arrived and also the violence of the crime, I believe he followed me. I believe they found me somewhere, then they tracked me for a few hours or days to figure out what I do, where I go. I think it was organized.”

He further said, “It cannot be a coincidence because it happened between the Uber and the door of the hotel – there is two meters of distance. The guy was waiting for me there is no doubt about it. He started shooting me even before I understood he wanted my watch and from then I was just pushing the gun down and he kept shooting my legs, it was crazy. I know he shot five times but I think some of them went through both legs. Three of them are point-blank shooting. I have a lot of bullet holes.”

Jamaux was helped when a female friend and his wife. They both jumped on the robber’s back and began to choke him. Janaux said that “She is one of my really good friends, she is fiery. She jumped on his back and she did a triangle-like choke like in MMA”.

According to sources, Jamaux quickly passed out after being shot and began to bleed out on the street. Meanwhile, the robber was unable to remove his watch due to a “bracelet security mechanism” on it. The robber drove away in a black four-door BMW. 

Jamaux concluded by saying that “They hit my femoral artery – it’s something where you usually die in 5 minutes – it was a major surgery to save my life. I was surprised when I talked to one of the doctors here. I said ‘does it happen often?’ and he was like ‘yes’ without hesitation. If I knew New York had changed like that, I would never have come here. I probably would have diverted my business trip and stayed in Europe. You don’t need to be a genius to realize New York is very very dangerous right now. I don’t think it’s safe for anyone. There are too many people who have nothing to lose.”

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