AltFINS Review: Best Technical Tools Provider

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altFINS is a platform developed to make your trading easy and safe with exciting and modern technical tools. With altFINS, you can avail trading chart patterns and cryptocurrency patterns to generate ideas for free. Furthermore, in this altFINS review, we’d discuss the ways a beginner can benefit from the platform.


Altfins Review: Best Technical Tools Provider

What is altFINS?

It is a platform where investors can analyze and look at altcoin trading strategies through technically advanced tools. The platform offers several tools to help investors generate ideas, suggestions, alerts and monitor their investment portfolio. Anyone new to cryptocurrency trading can make use of such a medium to generate revenue easily.

Likewise, experts run the forum in the field of finance and technology. Team members like Richard Fetyko, Tomas Fecko, Daniela Hajnikova, Marek Urban, and Jozef Korcak use their best capabilities in giving out the best platform for better suggestions in finance, development, and technical aspects in the cryptocurrency market, helping you further. 

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Features of altFINS

altFINS Review: Dashboard

altFINS dashboard helps in providing the user with a comprehensive summary of their investment. Moreover, the position in which the investor is currently in and other trading opportunities that he can use to improve.

As known, altFINS is a free platform, the investor does not have to register themselves for using. However, if the user registers themselves, the platform allows extensions to its registered users on dashboards. The extended features include:

  • Customization of settings as per your requirements.
  • Quick representation of the investor’s portfolio and other trading suggestions is useful.
  • The user can create alerts, watchlists, new, in addition to tracking the performances.
  • The user gets an exclusive newsletter talking about your portfolio and the market in general

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Altfins Dashboard
altFINS dashboard

AltFINS Review: Chart Patterns

This feature allows the investor to understand the trading pattern in the market every 15 minutes. Furthermore, the platform has 16 such trading patterns indicating the market scenes

Types of trading chart patterns

Different types of trading chart patterns include

  • Ascending/descending triangle patterns indicate an uptrend (bullish triangle) and downtrend (bearish triangle).
  • A symmetrical triangle indicates an unclear direction, thus showing a period of indecision.
  • Head and shoulders (from bullish to bearish), Inverse head and shoulder (from bearish to bullish) indicate an uptrend and downtrend. This pattern is supposedly the most trusted indicator.
  • Channel down and channel up indicates the chances of reversal in the current market trend.
  • Bullish (ascending flags) and bearish (descending flags) signal changes and trends that are here to stay in a brief period though. Investors often trust this signal as it helps in entering the direction.
  • Falling wedge and rising wedge both can appear in either uptrend or downtrend. However, the Falling wedge is a more reliable one. 
  • Double bottom/ double top indicates minor short-term changes in the market. Either they suggest the market will go uptrend from a downtrend or downtrend from an uptrend.
  • Triple bottom/ triple top indicates minor short-term changes similar to double bottom and double top. Though they may initially look like double bottom and double top, they later represent the failure to enter an area of support and resistance. 
  • Bullish and bearish pennant is a short-term pattern that follows advanced bullish and bearish triangles for minor changes and forms a pennant, narrowing down the process further. 
  • Further, rectangle indicates a price consolidation for a short period.

Note: The platform offers created trading pattern cheat sheets to help users and investors remember these chart patterns. 

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Altfins Chart Patterns
altFINS chart patterns

Portfolio Balance

The portfolio allows you to have a summarised look at your position. By adding a filter to your portfolio, you can check your balance for specific coins and exchanges. While on the other hand, there is a summary view of your position, which shows your complete balances of currencies. You can use the feature of the filter with a credit of less than $1. It also shows your top 10 coin positions for a better understanding. 

AltFINS Review: Curated Charts

The platform offers a curated chart of the top 30 cryptocurrencies. The chart is straightforward to understand as it follows the concepts of Technical Analysis. The curated chart shows the downward and upward trend charts. These are also known as bullish(upward) and bearish(downward) chart patterns. In addition to this momentum, volume, patterns, support, and resistance chart is also available. Furthermore, users will see the support and resistance indicators as well.

So now the question comes down to how to find support and resistance levels? 

The answer to this is that the platform automatically identifies the resistance or support area every time there is a minimum touching point at a specific price level the system recognizes. Thus, the more touching moments, the more significant the level.  These concepts help the user understand the principles of technical analysis. This, in turn, helps them in improving their trading. 

Altfins Curated Charts
altFINS curated charts

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Signals and Summary

This feature helps in learning about the opportunities for better trading. It shows all the cryptocurrencies and their pairs that can be utilized at different patterns. They are nothing but technical indicators. If the registered users create screeners, the created screeners appear on top of the signals summary. 

Altfins Signal And Summary
altFINS Signal and Summary

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Screener and Alerts

This feature helps you in watching the predefined alerts. The users can also set up their coin screener and alerts by combining several indicators like SMA, EMA, RSI, MACD, and many more. They can also make use of variables like traded volume, price performance, and market cap. If the investor has registered themselves, they can also save their filters and alerts as per their choice.

AltFINS Review: Watchlist

This feature allows you to create a watchlist for yourself. This helps you when you wish to monitor certain specific coins, assets, or pairs. It will enable you to have a column of your custom coins and investments so that you can analyze them separately. The user can directly add their preferences to the watchlist from the screen results or simply click on the watchlist tab. By clicking on the star icon, the user can remove the coins from their watchlist.

Twitter News

The team of altFINS keeps a close eye on all the Twitter news regarding the crypto projects. The user can filter these news releases by content, coins, date, and time. Likewise, the investors can make these decisions based on their wishlist. This step enables the users to receive updates through emails.

Altfins News And Events
altFINS News and events

Is altFINS Safe?

What are Crypto Options?

The platform offers two-factor authentication to its users. Indeed, the most secure your account can ever be. The second factor-authentication requires a code that is given on the user’s phone via special security applications. To protect your account, you must do the following:

  • As a first step, you must download the “Google Authenticator” app on your phone.
  • The next step is to go to the profile tab on the app and then select MFA and get it enabled.
  • Once the MFA is enabled, click on the “+” symbol and follow the instructions given on the app. 
  • Scan the barcode and enter the code.
  • Always write the recovery codes somewhere and never share them with anyone. 

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AltFINS Review: Fees

The platform has the most advanced technical tools, which is beneficial to its users. In addition, it has plans for its free users and registered users. Registration is free of cost. Other than these plans, the platform offers basic, essential, and premium subscription plans. 

AltFINS Review: Affiliate

Anyone can become an affiliate at altFINS by simply generating their referral link by signing up. Moreover, you don’t even need to be a user at altFINS. All you have to do is start sharing your referral link on your blogs, sites, and social media. Every time someone follows your referral and makes a payment, you receive a 20% recurring commission, likewise. The amount remains recurring for as long as the user continues to be a subscriber.  For joining this affiliate, you don’t have to pay any fees. It is free of cost. The payment is made through PayPal.

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Crypto Trading Analytics Web App

An application has been officially launched by altFINS on its web app for crypto technical analysis. This would further help the users get ideas on trading the altcoins by understanding what to buy and sell. Furthermore, they cover almost 5000 digital assets and calculate over one billion performances. The conclusion of these data is then translated for the users to help them in generating ideas and suggestions. 

Customer support at altFINS

The platform offers a live chat box to help its customers. The user can add the free live chat on their site and avail its services anytime they want. The reply to any queries is responded to in a few minutes.

Altfins Customer Support

AltFINS Review: Conclusion

The platform is perfect for beginners as the features of the product are easy to understand. The site even offers sections like blogs and reviews, to further ease the process. The platform provides a dashboard, curated charts, patterns, screens, signals, and a portfolio of the user’s account.

The best part is it is free of cost and does offer monthly subscription plans for the users to purchase. With the help of altFINS, you can get ideas on trading altcoins, receive alerts, and likewise get reminders through tools that analyze the market for you. The web app is run under the hands of experts in the field of finance and marketing. Hence, making it a safe choice. We hope that we have successfully provided you with all the necessary information in this review to help you analyze this product.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is Bull power?

Bull power calculates the difference between the highest power and 13-period EMA. Bull power has a zero base, and when the Bull power indicator is above zero, it is a positive sign. This means the buyers had successfully maintained the price above the EMA. On the other hand, when the indicator is below zero, it is a negative sign. This means the buyers failed to maintain the price above the EMA, which went below the EMA.

2. What is Market vs. Limit order?

Market and limit are the two market order executions. Market orders indicate the highest market price for the buyers and sellers. The order must be responded to immediately as this will help make the most out of order. Limit orders allow you to set a minimum and maximum selling price. This helps in saving the trader from abrupt exchanges.

3. What is EMA 12?

EMA stands for exponential moving averages, which helps identify price trends and support and resistance levels to the traders. When this identification occurs in twelve(12) days, it is known as short-term EMA or EMA 12.

4. How are support and resistance zones drawn?

Support and resistance are drawn by drawing a horizontal line through significant support and resistance points. Finally, these horizontal lines are drawn through closing prices as nearly all the investors look for the closing prices.

5. What is the difference between SMA and EMA?

There are two types of moving averages: EMA (exponential moving averages) and SMA(simple moving averages). Simple moving averages are more reliable for understanding price trends and support and resistance levels as it calculates the average of closing prices of 5 to 10 periods. At the same time, EMA’s are more towards the recent costs and react quickly to those prices.

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