3Commas vs Mudrex vs eToro

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3Commas, Mudrex, and eToro are some of the prominent crypto trading bots. In this 3Commas vs Mudrex vs eToro article, we will explore the various benefits, disadvantages, and many more things of all three trading platforms.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • 3Commas provides various automated trading bots like DCA, GRID bot, smart trading terminal, etc.
  • Furthermore, 3Commas provides crypto trading signals and preset crypto trading bots through its Marketplace.
  • Mudrex Invest allows you to copy the trading strategies of professional traders by paying a percentage of your profits.
  • Mudrex Build allows you to create your own trading bots using the drag and drop feature. Furthermore, you can also publish your strategies and earn a part of the trader’s profits.
  • eToro is a FinTech company running since 2007 that facilitates buying and selling of stocks, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • Furthermore, eToro allows various social trading features such as CopyTrader and CopyPortfolio.

What is 3Commas?

3Commas is one of the cloud-based crypto trading bots that suit both beginner and professional traders. Furthermore, 3Commas has various trading bots for its users with customizable choices to combine and match strategies. Besides, it offers trading bots such as DCA, GRID, etc. To learn more, read the 3Commas review.


What is Mudrex?

Mudrex brings some exceptional automatic crypto strategies for everybody. Moreover, Mudrex strategy builder is one of the best in the market. You just have to perform a simple drag and drop for building your strategies. Apart from this, you can easily copy professional traders and copy their trading bots or strategies. To learn more, read the Mudrex Strategy Builder review .

What is eToro?

eToro is among the world’s top social trading platforms and provides various investment strategies. eToro conjointly provides a service known as Copy Top investors, a social trading strategy that allows you to observe professional trader’s strategies and directly copy them.


3Commas vs Mudrex vs eToro: Features

3Commas Features

  • Portfolio tracking, where all the users can track their assets efficiently.
  • An integrated trading terminal, known as “Smart trade,” allows a user to manage multiple trades at once.
  • Grid bot facility, which requires the trader to set the minimum and maximum price of the assets, and then everything is done by the bot.
  • The Marketplace at 3Commas comes with third party crypto trading signals.

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Mudrex Features

Asset Management, Bank Reconciliation, Online Payments, Investor Management, copying professional traders, etc., are some of the highlighted features offered by Mudrex.

Mudrex also offers a Vault which is similar to a cryptocurrency savings account that pays you for storing stablecoins. Furthermore, you can also make use of the Mudrex Coin sets. These are a theme-based set of cryptocurrencies managed by experts which helps in diversifying your investment portfolios, thus minimizing the risks involved.

eToro Features

eToro provides various features, including social trading, management options, charting tools, CFD trading, eToro Demo trading, and an educational guide.

 Furthermore, you can also use the CopyPortfolio feature of the platform and automatically copy multiple traders or markets in a pre-determined strategy.

Mudrex vs 3Commas vs EToro: Trading bots 

3Commas helps traders by offering some of the best trading strategies. The platform provides DCA bots, GRID bot, Options bot. etc. However, the 3Commas Options bot is only available with a Deribit account. In case you are a beginner, you can go with the platform’s third-party Marketplace that provides crypto trading signals and preset crypto trading bots.

3Commas Dca Bot
3Commas DCA bot

The Mudrex dashboard contains all essential details from the commerce bots, like the cryptocurrency the larva trades in, the total period returns, etc. Besides this, it has a set of unique trading strategies for everyone. 

eToro specializes in copy trading and social trading. You can easily copy other professional traders using the eToro social trading platform. Furthermore, it can work as an amazing alternative to Mudrex, as it also provides various other features.

eToro vs 3Commas vs Mudrex: Mobile App

3Commas mobile app is known for its primary program interface and a unique user experience keeping in mind the needs of a beginner. Furthermore, it is available on both Android and iOS.

3Commas Mobile App
3Commas Mobile App

With keenly focusing on providing an easy-to-use platform to its users, Mudrex offers an intuitive interface. However, the platform isn’t available on mobile devices as of now. The desktop version makes up for that, with its accessibility and easy use.

eToro is far easier to use when compared to the other two platforms. However, the eToro mobile app is not too fascinating but is a better option for a beginner. Furthermore, the platform offers its app on both Android and iOS.

Etoro Mobile App
eToro Mobile App

3Commas vs Mudrex vs EToro: Dashboard

At the 3Commas dashboard, you can go through portfolio details, 24-hour modification, connected exchanges, etc. Furthermore, you can access the 3Commas marketplace to get preset trading bots.

Mudrex’s dashboard is particularly divided into two parts, Invest and Build. Mudrex invest allows you to copy Algos depending on your analysis. Further, the Mudrex Build allows you to create your own trading bot from scratch using the visual editor or external signals.

The portfolio tab at the eToro dashboard is pretty comprehensive and offers all essential details in a single click. The portfolio tab provides a pie chart to comprehensively understand manage your investment portfolio. Furthermore, you can discover many more features such as Copy People or CopyPortfolios.

Etoro Dashboard
eToro Dashboard

Mudrex vs 3Commas vs eToro: Exchanges supported

3Commas supports over twenty-three crypto exchanges, including Binance, FTX, Bybit, BitMEX, Deribit, Bittrex, and Coinbase Pro.

Mudrex allows you to connect Coinbase Pro, Binance, Bybit, Deribit, OKEx, and BitMEX.

 eToro offers its own trading platform where you can buy cryptocurrency directly with debit/ credit cards and then transfer them to your eToro Wallet.

Even Pionex works in similar ways and provides various Free crypto trading bots. To learn more, read Pionex review.

eToro vs 3Commas vs Mudrex: Pricing

Users at 3Commas and Mudrex have a choice to choose between the plans, as 3Commas comes up with four subscription plans and Mudrex with two.

3Commas$0$14.5/ month$24.5/ month$49.5/ month
Mudrex$0$19/ month

Moreover, eToro is a free platform. It earns money through market spreads. Furthermore, the platform charges no hidden fees on CopyTrader, and also there are no management fees on CopyPortfolios.

3Commas vs Mudrex vs eToro: Platform reliability

3Commas is an automated trading platform primarily based in Russia launched in 2017. Since its launch, the platform has seen steady growth and has currently concentrated over 33,000 active users. Furthermore, 3Commas connects to your trading account using API keys and is a reliable crypto trading bot provider.

Mudrex came up in 2019 and is backed by Y-Combinator. It has some definitive security measures like 2FA, lightning-fast support, and marginal withdrawal permissions.

eToro came into the game in 2007 to revolutionize Fintech. eToro currently offers comprehensive trading solutions in multiple markets, like stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrency, indices, commodities, and currencies. It is moreover a decent and secure trading bot to deploy. Furthermore, most of your funds are securely stored in the eToro cold storage.

eToro HODL (starring HODO)

eToro vs 3Commas vs Mudrex: Referral bonus

The 3Commas partnership program provides a commission on every occasion your referred user spends on the platform. However, the earnings are capped at up to four-hundredth for every referral’s pay.

Users at Mudrex will earn a $25 referral bonus for each valid referral. Moreover, regardless of the referred user spends on Mudrex, you get five hundredth commission, with no commission limits.

eToro provides a $50 bonus for each valid referral. However, the facility is only available to a couple of countries and is capped at $500, or most 10 referred users.

Mudrex vs 3Commas vs eToro: Customer Support

The live chat facility enables users to get quick answers to their queries at the 3Commas platform. Moreover, the platform has active communities on its Telegram and Discord channels.

At Mudrex, they provide their users with an FAQ section. Besides, the Mudrex email support is lightning-fast, complemented by a journal section where you refer for guides on using Mudrex.

eToro comes up with live chat support to its users on the platform and has an active social media presence across major social channels. Users may also raise tickets at the venue just in case they need some help. However, the ticketing system might not be fast, and the platform might take time to revert.

3Commas vs Mudrex vs eToro: Conclusion

All three platforms, 3Commas, Mudrex, and eToro, stand out in some aspects. For example, 3Commas offers various trading bots, including the GRID bot, DCA bot, Options bot for Deribit, etc. Furthermore, the platform provides a marketplace to buy preset trading bots or third-party crypto trading signals. Mudrex, on the other hand, is one of the best social trading platforms that even allows. Furthermore, it allows you to publish your trading strategies and take a part of the trader’s profit copying you. Finally, eToro is a FinTech company that is up and running since 2007. Furthermore, the platform provides various innovative services such as CopyTrader and CopyPortfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sell on eToro?

You can follow the below steps to sell on eToro:
Firstly, click log into your eToro account and click on the portfolio tab.
Thereafter, click on whichever item you wish to sell.
When you move across that particular asset, you’ll find a red cross.
Finally, hit that cross and then close the trade to sell on eToro.

What to buy on eToro?

eToro offers various assets to buy, sell, or trade, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, CFD trading, etc. At the moment, cryptocurrencies are outperforming various traditional investment products. Hence, it would be a nice choice to buy crypto assets on eToro. However, nothing in this article is a piece of financial advice, and you should do your research before making a financial decision.

Where can I find the best 3Commas review?

There are various platforms providing reviews of crypto products on the internet. However, we stand out by providing reviews of crypto products by using them ourselves. So when we say a product is good to use, it might actually be, so you can undoubtedly go for our 3Commas review.

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