XT.COM Review : Read This Before Signing Up!

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XT.COM crypto exchange is registered in Seychelles and has operation centers in different countries. It provides a safe and professional trading experience to users. This XT.COM review will talk about all the nitty-gritty of the platform and give you a brief understanding of it. 


  • XT.com is a crypto exchange platform and was founded in the year 2018. 
  • The platform has an interactive and beginner-friendly user interface.
  • The accepted payment gateways are Debit/ Credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. 
  • OTC trading is also offered by them, using which traders can execute large trades with a quick settlement.

What is XT.COM?

XT.COM is known as the world’s first social-infused exchange founded in Hong Kong with a register at BZ Limited in July 2018. With over 2 million registered users and 7 million users in the XT ecosystem. The XT.com platform has a global top-level domain name XT.com. It provides a wide variety of services such as Contract trading, OTC trading, Exchange trading, Margin trading, etc. The platform also has 100+ high-quality cryptocurrencies and approximately 300 trading pairs. XT.COM has operation centers in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, and other countries. 

Xt.com Review : Read This Before Signing Up!

How to get started with XT.COM?

  1. On the upper-left corner of the homepage, click the ‘Sign up’ button. 
  2. You can sign up with your email address or mobile number. Then, enter the required information.
  3. Lastly, tick ‘I have read and agree to User Agreement and Privacy Clause’, and click ‘Sign Up’. 
  4. Your registration process is now completed. 
Sign Up At Xt.com
Sign up at XT.COM

XT.COM Review: Trading Categories

XT.COM Exchange offers its traders diversified trading categories. It is the first exchange that provides interest-free margin trading and charges the lowest service fee.

Spot Trading

XT.com offers its traders a well-structured spot trading option on its platform. With this, traders have a high chance to trade lively in a volatile market.

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OTC Trading

It is a service created by XT.com for the OTC trading of digital assets. You can create sell/buy orders on the OTC trading page, make transactions with intended counterparties to meet the demand for the exchange of digital assets between users. All users must ensure that the source of OTC trading funds is legal and reliable.

Margin Trading

Margin trading lets you borrow funds using capital as collateral. Furthermore, you can also choose the amount to want to borrow using leverage. However, the risks involved are higher with higher leverage.

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Xt.com Trading Categories
XT.com Trading Categories

Contract Trading

When two parties purchase or sell contracts in exchange it is known as contract trading. Here buyers buy specific quantities at a price, time, and place in the future that is predetermined. 

ETF Trading

To fully meet the multiple trading needs of users, XT.COM has also launched an innovative financial product— ETF. An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a product that uses financial derivatives and debt to amplify the returns of an underlying token. For example, if the underlying token rises 1%, the corresponding 3x ETF increases 3%, while the -3x products fall 3% respectively. 

XT.COM Review: Features

  • The platform offers diversified trading categories such as OTC, Spot, Margin and Contract trading. 
  • The Group trading option enables easier access to crypto trading and faster tracking of the market.
  • It has a global coverage of business with operation centres in many countries. 
  • To provide traders with an extra level of security based on a three-private-key security structure, Bitcoin Vault is developed.
  • XT always has and will continue to prioritize the security of users’ assets and accounts.
  • XT Pool has super high-level DDoS attacks protection, with regular penetration testing to ensure fund safety.

XT.COM Supported Cryptocurrencies

There are over 100 cryptocurrencies and about 300 trading pairs on this platform. Moreover, XT.com increases the number of these cryptos offered around the globe for users. It supports popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tether, Chainlink, etc.  

XT.COM Review: Labs

XT Labs is an essential part of XT Exchange, the world’s first socialized digital asset trading platform since 2018, with over 200 professionals, seven offices across Asia to specialize in blockchain projects. They help blockchain startups grow by providing funding and using a combination of economic design, market position, community operation, partner outreach, social media operations, and exchange platform services to extend startups users in Asia markets. As a result, an end-to-end digital asset solution is provided for all investors and projects needs, from trading platforms to funding to community outreach.

Furthermore, XT Labs is teamed up with experienced professionals with backgrounds in trading, research, legal, and product development from some top crypto and traditional markets firms.

Xt.com Review: Labs
XT.COM Review: Labs


XT Pool is a mining pool that adopts the PPS+ model to provide income distribution according to the hashrate of the miners. It has a mining fee of 1%. Income distribution is open and transparent, and efficient mining pools can guarantee the leading income rate of the whole network. Payment is made at 15:30 every day, and the mining pool bears the handling fee required for the payment. Moreover, the 24*7 support provided by them will get your problems solved anytime. 

Xt.com Pool

XT.COM Review: Listing

XT.COM adheres to all the benefits of customers and puts the interests of its traders first. With Listing, it looks for quality projects to express gratitude for customers’ long-term support. So you need to select XT if you want to start listing quality currency and buying value currency. 

The application process of Listing is simple and requires a few steps as follows:

  1. Firstly, you need to submit a listing application.
  2. Second, the information presented should be relevant according to the confirmation email you are going to receive. 
  3. Lastly, the application result might vary as the time of token Listing depends on the quality of the video submitted. 
Xt.com Review : Read This Before Signing Up!
XT.COM Listing

XT.COM Fee Structure 

Trading Fees

On crypto exchanges, trading fees are naturally significant. XT.COM charges you a trading fee every time you place an order. It charges takers a trading fee of 0.20%. However, makers trade with a much-discounted trading fee that is only 0.05% per completed order. 

Trading Fees
XT.COM Trading Fees

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

XT.COM charges their traders no deposit fees. However, the platform charges a withdrawal fee of 0.0006 BTC per withdrawal for BTC. For every other cryptocurrency, the withdrawal fee per withdrawal is different. 

Deposit And Withdrawal Fees
XT.COM Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

XT.COM Review: Referral Program 

In the XT referral program, users can invite new users to register at XT by generating their invitation links. Each transaction fee will cause a corresponding promotion of commission just after friends have accepted the invitation. The commission will get increased with the increase in the number of invited users. For example, when the valid number of users is greater than and equal to 1 but smaller than 11, the trading fee discount will be 20%, and the commission ratio is 20%. Similarly, when there are levels from P0 to P6, and the valid number of users varies in each level, the trading fee discount and commission ratio are granted.  

Xt.com Referral Program 
XT.com Referral Program 

Is XT.COM Safe?

  1. High-Performance Matching Engine: It has a self-developed transaction matching engine that adopts micro-service development methods and advanced distributed cluster architecture. Moreover, it also supports more than 3 million transactions per second concurrently.
  2. Financial Security: It has unbiased zero-knowledge proof privacy and confidentiality technology that protects user privacy. It uses mature hot and cold wallet separation technologies based on security designs such as multiple signatures, offline signatures, and layered architecture.
  3. Community Trading Model: It builds communities, makes traditional business management more open, directly connects customers, and achieve a broader range of business connections.
Xt.com Security
XT.COM Security

XT.COM Mobile App

An application allows traders to purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies through their mobiles. They make trading remote and free you from the hustle and bustle of carrying the laptop everywhere. Using a mobile app, you can trade on the go. 

You can directly log in to the XT official website and enter the App download page. After that, scan the QR code and choose “iPhone version” or “Android version” according to your mobile phone to complete the download as it is available for both Android and iOS

Xt.com Mobile App
XT.com Mobile App

XT.COM Review: Customer Support

Customer service assists users make correct and cost-effective use of a product. Customer service representatives help assist customers over email, live chats, phone, etc. XT.COM also helps their traders through excellent customer service. There is a separate FAQ section that has all the frequent questions that traders ask. Moreover, the platform provides a live chat option and a support forum to raise your ticket related to the issue and get answered. Furthermore, you can also email the support team at [email protected]

Xt.com Customer Support
XT.com Customer Support

XT.COM Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Consists of 300 trading pairs and 100+ cryptocurrencies.There are no study guides are training programs. 
The platform offers diversified trading categories. 
There is no deposit fee. 
There is a live chat option along with the FAQ and support forum. 


The XT exchange platform has many features and includes various trading categories. The security provided by them keeps it safe from any intruder who unwillingly tries to enter the system. Moreover, there are a large number of tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies present on the exchange. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to withdraw from XT.COM?

1. Log in to your XT account and click Asset-> Wallet Account. Here, take BTC, for example: click BTC-Withdraw. 
2. Click the Withdraw Address-> Add Address, enter the required information and then finally click ‘Submit’.

What is SXC?

SXC stands for Stable XT Cash, is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum ERC-20 smart contract and an independent cryptocurrency issued by XT foundation. Here, 1 SXC = 1 CNY

What are the similarities and differences between ETF products and leveraged spot trading?

Compared with leveraged spot trading, ETF products also do not require margin; there is no risk of liquidation. However, when compared to leveraged spot trading funds, the holding rate of ETF products is lower.

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