Unizen x GEC to Launch the DOGE-1 Space Mission with SpaceX

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  • Unizen Collaborates with GEC for the DOGE-1 Lunar Mission SpaceX to Launch the First CubeSat to Lunar Orbit, the first crypto-funded lunar mission.
  • The spacecraft, a 40kg CubeSat, will go to a stable lunar orbit and collect lunar-spatial data with its onboard sensor and camera array.
  • If released in the first quarter of 2022, DOGE-1 might establish a new record. More than 1,600 CubeSats have been launched into LEO, which orbits between 100 and 1,200 miles above the Earth’s surface.
Unizen X Gec To Launch The Doge-1
Unizen x GEC to Launch the DOGE-1

Unizen is the first CeDeFi exchange to bring together the features of first-party and third-party CEXs and DEXs to fulfill the demands of both retail and institutional traders. As a result, Unizen Exchange can discover the most cost-effective transactions across various exchange modules, including Binance.

According to the Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), the DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon, the first-ever commercial lunar payload in history, launched the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in May 2021, according to Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC).

Geometric Space Corporation (GSC) mission management collaborated with SpaceX to launch a 40kg CubeSat as rideshare on a Falcon 9 lunar payload mission in Q1 2022 as part of Geometric Energy Corporation’s DOGE-1 mission to the Moon. Sensors and cameras onboard provided lunar-spatial information to the payload, combined with integrated communications and computing systems.

Unizen, ZenX, the CeDeFi incubator and ecosystem, and Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) announced their agreement to design and launch DOGE-1, the first crypto-funded journey to the Moon.

ZenX Labs is a crypto asset compliance, decentralized finance, and CeDeFi incubator that helps perpetuate and accelerate some of the most promising and upcoming blockchain startups.

The spacecraft, a 40kg Cubesat, will fly to a stable lunar orbit and use its onboard sensor and camera array to collect lunar-spatial data. This information will be gathered and transmitted to GEC through the onboard communications module.

Geometric Energy Corporation is an innovative and ambitious team with an excellent vision for the future and a profound conviction in constantly increasing use cases, as per Sean Noga, CEO of Unizen and the ZenX Incubator. The XI Protocol is a game-changing advancement in how space infrastructure and distributed ledger technologies are linked. This system would first enable satellite-based space display panels (powered by tokenized claims), and the unexplored realm of Web3 linked data reporting incentives on SATCOM communication networks.”

Mr. Noga added, “Unizen is thrilled to both incubate and onboard GEC’s XI Protocol to our strategic partners.” Mr. Noga commented.

The XI Protocol uses Cascade Computing for Eventually Correct Metaoracles to create a Decentralized Supercomputer. The architecture outsources multi-agent distributed consensus by implementing sequential anti-Sybil and computation phases with XI staking and oracle commit-reveal schema.

DOGE-1 has the potential to create history:

DOGE-1 may set a new record if it is launched in the first quarter of 2022. So far, more than 1,600 CubeSats have been thrown into Low Earth Orbit (LEO), which orbits between 100 and 1,200 miles above Earth’s surface. A launch to the Moon is an order of magnitude more difficult due to the distance of over 250,000 miles. CAPSTONE, a NASA CubeSat, was supposed to be the first to reach the Moon, but it has been postponed many times and now has a launch date of late March 2022. Thus, DOGE-1 might be the first CubeSat to reach the Moon, a massive breakthrough for global spaceflight.

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