Tech Giants Unite to Form ‘Metaverse Standards Forum’ 

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Key Takeaways

  • Meta launches ‘Metaverse Standards Forum’. 
  • Companies like Nvidia, Meta, Epic Games, Microsoft, Unity, and W3C has joined the forum. 

The metaverse is expanding and along with it, its vision is also evolving. Therefore, the Meta has decided that no single company will ‘own’ the metaverse space and will thus not have authority over the happenings in the virtual worlds. 

In a press release today, the Metaverse announces that though it will have major control over the space, yet to make it ‘inclusive’, ‘immersive’, and a ‘transformative experience’, in the true sense it has called out providers to tap and develop their elements in the space. 

For the same purpose, Meta has signed the Metaverse Standards Forum (MSF) today. It is currently managed by the Kronos Group but aims at bringing on board several leading organizations and companies to unitedly work on the interoperability standards required to build the open metaverse. The forum launches today with the biggest players in the 3D internet including Nvidia, Meta, Epic Games, Unity, Microsoft, and the World Wide Web Consortium. 

The goal of the group is to form new agreed protocols and standards for the metaverse connection which will act as a foundation of interoperability. It will enable the users to their avatars and own virtual objects along with them through spaces and experiences. 

Neil Trevett, Khronos President said, “No one really knows how it’s all going to come together. But that’s okay. For the purposes of the forum, we don’t really need to know. What we are concerned with is that there are clear, short-term interoperability problems to be solved.” 

Users may not find this new launch of much importance to them at the moment, however, it will eventually also facilitate the way they connect and engage in the digital space. 

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